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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Biggest Phonies Within The Conscious Community.

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( It’s no secret that that I’ve been very critical of the conscious community since last year because I was very disgusted with what I saw coming from many of them.

Many of them are continuously perpetuating divisions amongst our people in very negative and destructive ways like colorism, different ideologies, sexism, discrimination against other groups of African people, etc. Many of them are also liars, fraudsters, and phonies.

Intro: Here are the biggest phonies within the conscious community.

  1. Dr.” Umar Johnson – I will admit for the record that I’m not particularly fond of this guy because not only is he a liar and a phony, but he’s also a opportunist. And he even claimed that he’s a descendant of Frederick Douglass and has a PhD, but people within our community did investigations into his claims and found no concrete evidence to actually support his claims of being a descendant to Frederick Douglass and having a PhD.

An actual example of his opportunistic activities is when I remember a few years ago, Umar asked people to “donate” money to a school he was supposedly buying to property educate our young men. But when many people within the community started to ask “Where was the money really going?”, Umar went on an angry tirade that was nasty and vicious against those who dared to even ask him a legitimate question of “Where was the money really going?” And that right there showed me just how greedy and opportunistic these phonies like Umar are.

  1. Irritated Genie – He is one of the biggest phonies within the conscious community and one of the most notorious enemies to the entire African community in America because this guy has said some of the most hateful, disgusting, and destructive type of rhetoric like in a video he did many years ago in which he openly called for violence and genocide against other groups of African people and that is one of the most neocolonial statements that I’ve ever heard coming from someone like him that blames us for his unemployment back in the day.

He is one of the biggest traitors to the African nation because of all the jobs that he chose, he chose instead to work for The System from 2009-2013 giving guns to The Massa so that he can continue to kill us in this country and to enforce his colonial rule over nonwhites.

  1. Brother Polight – This guy is also another one of the biggest phonies within the conscious community because he has made his wealth by engaging in opportunistic behavior by “preaching to the choir” just to get their money so that he can get out of the hood and away from other African people and he even said “Fuck The Hood” in a video he did last year in which he openly and blatantly disrespected African people and the video’s currently on YouTube.
  1. Pseudo-Hotep Dudes – These pseudo-hotep dudes claim to love “all African people“, but what I saw coming from many of them on social media and YouTube was completely the opposite because I noted that many of them displayed very sexist attitudes towards African women as well as encouraging and participating in the subjugation of other groups of African people. As well as the fact that many of them are bullies that basically force their views down others throats to force them to conform to their ideologies. Many of them that claim to “want peace”, but don’t truly practice what they preach.
  1. Undercover Feminists – There are plenty of sisters out there who claim to be “conscious“, but have openly and blatantly admitted on social media and YouTube that they despise the brothers mostly based on negative destructive feministic ideologies about the brothers that they psychologically inject from the mainstream media and caucasoid feminists.

The Conclusion – One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned over the years is that not every brother and sister is your brother and sister, especially those within the conscious community.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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2 Responses to “The Biggest Phonies Within The Conscious Community.”
  1. Keisha says:

    Great article all these guys are disgusting and there are more out there. We created a petition to expose “brother polight ” the Nigerian scammer please sign if you can.

  2. rasil says:

    I also oftentines wondered where the money went that was donated to Dr. Umar Johnson’s effort. He could very well be a descendant of Frederick Douglass, which none of us can prove. I am certain that we are all descendants of well known ancestors. I am very careful about making accussations about people that are negative. I suggest you do likewise as they can come back to bite you.

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