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Three Ways to Avoid Flab.

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( So you want to lose weight but you want to avoid the resulting flab? Flabby skin is a huge problem that usually happens when a person loses a tremendous amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time. This most often is the result of bariatric procedures and the like or when one chooses to make radical changes in one’s diet. The result – coupled with lagging muscle development – is loose skin or flab.

Here’s the rule: lagging muscle results in sagging skin. Overall, the best remedy is to take it slow; don’t try to lose too much too soon. Here are three ways to prevent flab as you elevate your fitness level.

Number One:

Do Cardio Responsibly

Doing cardio responsibly means a man or woman should not get fit by cardio alone. I’ve come across countless people whose workout regimen consists of one thing: cardio. Even more, a lot of people perform the high-intensity variety: stair master, elliptical or Zumba.

Obviously, high-intensity cardio is beneficial.

The problem is high-intensity cardio becomes counterproductive when it’s the only thing you do. That’s because the primary function of cardio is to train the heart and lungs; it’s not intended to build muscle (although certain types of high-intensity cardio do contribute to muscle tone i.e. jump roping). In fact, when only cardio is the primary component of an exercise program, it actually degrades muscle. The best thing for toning is resistance exercise (more on that in a minute).

So, when you make a radical change in your eating habits and you do nothing but cardio, you’re inviting flab onto your physique.

Number Two:

Eat Protein

The second way to avoid flab is to eat protein. Muscle has two best friends: protein and water. Protein should be consumed as part of a well-rounded nutrition program, which includes healthy carbs (low-glycemic) and nuts. I suggest proteins from natural meat sources such as fish, chicken, turkey and lean beef. Protein shakes are recommended, but I don’t suggest more than two shakes per day.

That’s because your body flushes out protein, but it doesn’t always get all of it. The excess protein that hangs around can be detrimental to internal organs in the long-term. The recommended amounts include 56 grams per day for the average sedentary man and 46 grams per day for the average sedentary woman. If you are active, you increase your protein intake relative to the intensity of exercise.

Number Three:

Lift Weights

Finally, lifting weights is a crucial component to preventing flab. The reason weights are so important is because it’s the primary method for toning muscle. As noted, cardio alone cannot accomplish this. Resistance exercise, along with cardio, does.

Lifting weights is not limited to dumbbells and barbells. In fact, lifting your own natural body weight promotes muscle toning just as effectively as dumbbells. Pushups, squats and planks are good exercises for accomplishing this. If you learn how to control your own bodyweight, you’ll more easily life standard weights.

If you do stick with standard weights, make sure you rotate muscle groups to prevent imbalances in the body. In other words, train the muscle groups in a scheduled manner and do not work the same muscle group back to back.

You can prevent flab by doing cardio responsibly, eating protein and lifting weights. Follow this and you’ll move from flab to fab!

Staff Writer; W. Eric Croomes

This talented brother is a holistic lifestyle exercise expert and founder and executive coach of Infinite Strategies LLC, a multi-level coaching firm that develops and executes strategies for fitness training, youth achievement and lifestyle management. Eric is an author, fitness professional, holistic life coach and motivational speaker.

In October 2015, Eric released Life’s A Gym: Seven Fitness Principles to Get the Best of Both, which shows readers how to use exercise to attract a feeling of wellness, success and freedom (Infinite Strategies Coaching LLC, 2015) –

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