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The Systemic Criminalization Of Young Inner City Kids In America.

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( Just recently, racist lawmakers in Missouri passed a law that systemically criminalizes the adolescence of inner city kids by making schoolyard fights a Class E Felony in the state of Missouri.

One of the reasons why these bigoted lawmakers (the majority of whom are mentally poisoned by bigotry) are deliberately doing this to systemically continue the mass incarceration epidemic that is currently happening to our kids in America via school-to-prison pipeline.

The other reason why they are doing this to inner city kids specifically is because of this very toxic capitalist mindset of “Greed Is Good” and they only care about making money from the systemic criminalization and incarceration of our kids.

To the eyes of racist mainstream America, it’s keeping them safe from those young “scary superpredators“, but to inner city people like myself who has seen this personally up close, it’s the continuous systemic criminalization and incarceration of our kids, particularly our young men.

This is one of the main examples of the huge extraction of wealth from our community that happens each year from The NCAA to The Prison System because this racist system in America can’t survive without our compliance.

I remember watching a documentary a few years ago on YouTube called “Kids For Cash” where there was a major corruption scandal in Pennsylvania back in 2008 where these two corrupt and greedy money hungry judges named President Judge Mark Ciavarella and Senior Judge Michael Conahan had accepted $2.6 million in kickbacks from corrupt managers at The PA Child Care in Pittston Township, PA for locking up as many kids as they can (most of them are from poor inner city neighborhoods) so that they could make money off of them.

Then in 2011, Judge Civarella was convicted of 12 counts of corruption including conspiracy and racketeering. He was sentenced to 28 years in prison which is the longest sentence ever handed down to a judge in US History

The other main character in this corruption scandal is Judge Conahan was sentenced to 17 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of racketeering.

Civarella and Conahan are not the only judges that were making millions, there are many other judges like them that are making millions each year off of the systemic criminalization and incarceration of our kids.

Except from a previous article I wrote – Here are some disturbing facts about the school-to-prison pipeline:

40% of students that are expelled from The US Public School System each year are inner city kids.

70% of students involved in in-school arrests or referred to by law enforcement are young inner city males.

Inner city students are 3 & a half times more likely to be suspended than suburban ones.

Inner city students are 2x more likely not to graduate than suburban ones.

America spends $8 billion a year locking up mostly inner city kids.

When I look at The Public School System In America today, it’s ran similar to a prison in several ways in which the moves of inner city kids are constantly monitored and if they do something, even if it’s minor, the suburban female teacher calls on the guard to remove them from the classroom and straight to prison.

I also noticed even many public schools across the country including the ones here where I currently live have more security guards, medal detectors, and search dogs to basically criminalize our kids from the minute they step foot on school grounds.

America in my opinion is the most racist country in the world because of the fact that there are racially discriminative laws and practices that are in place designed to keep caucasoids at the top and us at the bottom and the school-to-prison pipeline is a huge example of this.

This country is also built on the demoralization, degradation, and devaluing of our lives as we are considered three-fifths of a human being in this country.

The Conclusion – This ongoing systemic criminalization of our kids is why I greatly advocate homeschooling so that your child won’t get systemically criminalized then end up in the prison system.

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