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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I’m Done Explaining White Privilege.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) White America expects too much from those that have to deal with racial tension , and injustice. They want us to explain why we are angry, but do it in a manner that pleases them. They want us to prove the system and institutions of this country are not equal, bit are unwilling to accept the fact presented in said explanation. I’m not talking about feelings and perspective, they tend to dismiss facts. The climate of this country has always been dangerous, on some level, for black people and we were wrong to forget it. With that being said I must admit I am done giving an explanation.

The issue of white privilege in this country is real, alive and well. I wash my hands of trying to explain white privilege to people that 2017white-privilege-2016may never understand nor accept the truth of this country. For as long as men like Richard Spencer roam about telling white America they built this country, it belongs to them, they did it without help, and need no one explaining is a waste of time. No, not all white people are racist, not all white people are oblivious, but too many are one of the two and we have more pressing matters.

I recently had a peaceful exchange of ideas with a white man that felt white privilege is “crap”. While discussing the unfortunate murder of Joe McKnight Jr. I spoke to the concern that his murderer was released from custody. It was obvious that if the gunman would have been black he would be in jail…sounds like white privilege. The gentleman felt that my position what tampered by the very mentioning of white privilege, and he doesn’t understand why no other race speaks of it but blacks. I quickly began to realize the issue is white people feel white privilege is personal so they get defensive. White privilege is embedded into the systems and institutions not this country. It is not an individual assessment on the character of individual white people, but they fight the very idea of it without taking into consideration the blatant facts in their face.

Regardless of the stance I refuse to explain the truth nor fact of the !after any further. If white people to truly understand the reality of this country’s foundation they will take the blinders off, open their eyes and do some research on white privilege and race in this country. We have enough to deal with trying to make sure we take care of ourselves communities. We are busy dealing with the possibility of facing the same degree of overt racism our elders saw…we don’t have time to explain.

I can be honest in saying I’m completely disenchanted by a lot of what I see, and not much surprises me because of what I know. I’m just no longer of those that will try to get white America to understand a pain, terror and injustice they’ve never had to live. Everyone goes through challenges and injustices in this country, but the plight of blacks is unfortunately unique. As we further come into yourself we may have to take the stance of…don’t explain. If they want to understand they can learn.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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4 Responses to “I’m Done Explaining White Privilege.”
  1. Michael says:

    People will not know how much “white privilege” doesn’t exist until they are actually white.. The statistics alone explain how it does not exist anymore. People being bias to any and every situation and being selective with which stories they follow will continue to push they mythological Privilege.. I done trying to show how it doesn’t..

  2. Tami says:

    The great majority of us (ie those of us who are not laywers, journalists, bloggers, etc) would not benifit in any way by trying to teach stuff to a person or people for the sole reason being they are of a particular race. That is not only a poor use of time, but silly at best and racist at worst.

  3. Marque Anthony says:


    Courts discourage it and attorneys won’t do it or tell you it cannot be done. ALL NOT TRUE! Click the link below, read it then share it with every you know.


    For more info, send an email to atlantacrimecommission@yahoo.com. POLICE BRUTALITY MUST BE STOPPED!

  4. Mike says:

    As we approach a time in the history of this country when whites are no longer the majority. We need to understand that they have determined that there is only one way to maintain supremacy. We should all become familiar with The King Alfred plan, and Rex 84.

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