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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hate Trumps All.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) For the first time in U.S. history America has a President Elect who has never held political office, or served in the military. Donald Trumps ascent to the Oval Office was orchestrated by using divisive tactics and offensive rhetoric from the beginning. The crowds got bigger and the divisiveness got worse, as the Republican primaries and general election campaigns continued.

Trump attacked, insulted, lied, and bullied his way to the Whitehouse. Along the way he picked up endorsements from foreign adversaries, hate groups, military generals, and career politicians. Trump also performed very poorly in, and lost three Presidential debates.

Donald Trump decided early on in his Presidential bid to shake donaldtrumpbarackobamathings up, say whatever he felt like saying, attack immigrants and be a divisive candidate. Donald Trump also managed to convince millions of voters that America isn’t a great country. Trumps tactics were disgraceful, and by the time election night arrived, most Americans had seen and heard enough from both Trump and Clinton.

Donald Trump is the first President Elect in 40 years who has refused to release his taxes. Who knows what the outcome of the election would have been if he had released them? Trump has gotten away with more rotten behavior than any Presidential candidate in my lifetime. Trump was given a pass by the media, certain Republican leaders, and a large number of the American people who usually demand more from their President.

During the 2016 election, Trump seemed to take the low road whenever he had the opportunity. Most of Trumps bad behavior was caught on video, and used by the Clinton campaign against him. Hillary Clinton’s decision to use a private email server when she was Secretary of State was likely her downfall, but no one can convince me that Trump is more qualified than Hillary to be President. Like many Americans, I had a hard time believing what I was seeing during Donald Trumps campaign. I am having a harder time now believing he will change.

Everyone clearly underestimated Donald Trump; some of his own staff members seemed to doubt his chances of becoming POTUS. Even Trump was complaining on election night about the lack of support he received from the Republican Party during his campaign, all of which is history now.

During my military career, I was trained to accept the outcomes of decisions once they were made. I would be lying if I told you I am not struggling with that now. As an optimist, I am hoping we never see another divisive election like the one we just witnessed. I am also hoping Donald Trump does a good job for America, because in January it all becomes real.

Americans must accept the results of this election even if we disagree with the outcome. We must also continue to vote, and do our part to keep this country great, and make it a better place for all Americans. I hope and pray that Donald Trump shows the American people, and the world someone different from the person we saw during his campaign. The American people deserve better.

Staff Writer; Matthew R. Drayton

Can also find this brother online over at; M. Drayton.


One Response to “Hate Trumps All.”
  1. CD Smith says:

    What counts as divisive today is if you disagree with liberals period. More specifically:

    1. open borders – You would think that black people of all people would oppose open borders since they would be hurt the most in the job market. Thanks to liberals, black people are the smallest ethnic group in the US.

    2. Gay Marriage – Not good for the black community. This should be evident.

    3. Reduced Business Taxes and Tax reform – Enterprise zones would help economically depressed black areas.

    4. Drug Legalization – Not good for the black community. This should be evident.

    5. Abortion On Demand – 1/3 of all abortions are black children. Again I
    would think all black people would oppose the government sanctioned genocide
    of black people. The CDC has a 2007 report that you can download as proof.

    6. Human caused climate change – We have only been keep weather records for 110 years. If the earth is billions of years old, how can we confirm what is normal temperature cycles? What about all the pre-industrial weather events?

    In regards to Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, who believes knows Hillary better than you, did not think she was qualified.

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