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The Clintons Long Notoriously Racist History Towards The African-American Community.

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( This year’s the presidential campaign is getting more and more nastier with Donald Trump recently calling Killary a bigot and I find it very funny that I actually agree with a guy that I’m not personally fond of.

Intro: Here are the reasons why Killary is a bigot:

The 1994 Violent Crime Bill – The mass incarceration reached its peak in the 1990s with The Violent Crimes Act aka Three Strikes Law that was specifically designed to target black men & he incarcerated hundreds & thousands of african-american men with that law.

Keep Inmates Uneducated While In Prison – One of the more BillandHillary-2017controversial provisions of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act overturned a section of the Higher Education Act Of 1965 permitting prison inmates to receive a Pell Grant for postsecondary education while incarcerated. The amendment is as follows “Section 401 of the Higher Education Act Of 1965 is amended to read as follows:

No basic grant shall be awarded under this subpart to any individual who is incarcerated in any Federal or State penal institution.”

Because of this, the VCCLEA effectively eliminated the ability of lower income prison inmates to receive college educations during their term of imprisonment, thus ensuring the education level of most inmates remains unimproved over the period of their incarceration.

Three Strikes Law – Mandatory life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for three or more convictions for serious violent felonies or drug trafficking crimes mostly affecting african-american men.

The “Superpredator” Comment That Led To The Creation Of The School-To-Prison Pipeline – Authorized the initiation of boot camps for deliquent inner city boys mostly and allocated a substantial amount of money to build new prisons.

The 1996 Telecom Act – After 1995, Bill Clinton in cahoots with The FCC passed and signed laws that allowed corporate entities like Clear Channel and Cox to deliberately come into the inner city communities and gobble up all the radio stations and only allow mindless and poisonous music to be forced down the minds of our youth, particularly our young boys while crippling independent urban media in the process.

The Clinton Foundation – I remember watching a documentary a few weeks ago on YouTube called “Clinton Cash” and basically it talks about the ways in which The Clinton Foundation would exploit certain African countries, especially the Hatians and the relief efforts that never really happened. Instead, they would use the money that they had exploited from African people to pay off their friends and chronies.

Crimes Against Africans In Africa – They even committed some of the most atrocious and egregious acts of violence in the name of “democracy” against thousands of African people in Africa like assassinating an ex-Libyan leader who decided that he was no longer gonna be their bought out puppet.

The Conclusion – To The Mentally Brainwashed African-Americans, if you truly care about your community’s interests, Don’t Vote For The This Notorious Bigot In Killary!!!

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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One Response to “The Clintons Long Notoriously Racist History Towards The African-American Community.”
  1. rasil says:

    I agree with you 100% and will NOT vote for her. I have not figured out what is wrong with Black people that they cannot see the forest for the trees. I have 3 grown educated sons, 1 brother, 4 grandsons, lots of nephews, and thank the Most High that none have faced jail etc. But this does not mean that it can’t happen. When a Black male can spend 25 years in prison for a non criminal act and a white can walk free for a heinous crime, I can only blame the both of them. She may not have drafted the Crime Bills etc., but she certainly stumped for her husband. She was also a Goldwater Girl, supported Henry Kissinger, treated President Obama like a dog when she ran against him, and so much more. Then she insults us further by attempting to do the Ne-Ne,, the hot sauce in her purse, lemonade, BBQ turkey thigh etc., etc. It also annoys me when she uses Maya Angelou’s lines. Just don’t understand our people and what they are thinking. I am defecting the Democratic Party bc in my opinion, they have done nothing for Black people ever and never will. Lesser of the two evils….see no difference. One we know what they will do, the other is silent. Again, thanks for speaking truth to power. We are really a lost people.

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