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Five Habits You Can Start Today to Improve Your Quality of Life.

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( If you are like most people today, you’re bombarded with distractions from the time you start your day. Whether it is e-mail, television, interruptions or requests, something is constantly vying for your attention. What’s the result? You often start the day with good intentions, but end the day wondering where the time went. That’s fine every once and while – in life, some days are better than others. But when it becomes a way of life, it can cause you to be frustrated, scattered and ineffective. And if that’s the way you are feeling all the time, you’re dealing with a much bigger problem than just productivity. You’re dealing with chronic stress and a lack of fulfillment – both of which can impact your level of happiness or physical health.

I want to challenge you with a simple technique that can 2016-blackwoman-SMILINGmake you more productive and increase your energy when you have a lot on your plate. It’s all about what you choose to do first.  What you do the first 30 minutes you’re awake, the first 30 minutes at work, and with the first portion of your income ensure that no matter how overloaded you are, your most important priorities will not be lost in a sea of distractions.   When you do the things that are most important to you first, you free up energy for everything else on your list. Be intentional. Make it easy to accomplish “first things first.” Make them automatic. Here are five simple things that you can do “first” to enhance your quality of life starting this week – one in each of the five key areas of your life:

1. Tackle the looming project.

You know what it is. Whether it’s a report you need to finish, a meeting that needs to take place, or a project waiting for your attention, get started early in the day. Block out a window of time – whether it’s 15 minutes or four hours – and get it done. A short time from now, you’ll have more energy because the burden of the work you’ve been putting off will be lifted. Be aware of the tendency towards instant gratification. It will keep you tied to email and less important work that gives you immediate feedback, but isn’t nearly as important.

2.  Connect with loved ones.

Start the day with a kiss, a hug, a phone call to someone who matters to you. In the midst of a busy schedule, don’t let loving gestures diminish. If anything, increase them! Staying connected to others is one of the most important ingredients for well-being.

3.  Drink a bottle of water

First thing in the morning, before you even put your feet on the ground, drink a bottle of water. Sit it by your bed before you go to sleep. Drinking water first thing in the morning gets your system moving and your metabolism kicking.

4.  Meditate on what you are grateful for.

While you’re drinking that bottle of water, why not start thinking on the things that are good in your life. “Whatever things are good, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of a good report, think on these things,” the apostle Paul wrote. Research now shows that expressing gratitude has health benefits and meditation actually changes your brain chemistry for the better. So first thing in the morning, pray a prayer of gratitude.

5.  Save some money and give some away.

It’s hard to give and save money when you don’t do it first. No matter how hard you try, if giving and saving comes last, you’ll rarely have much left over. But somehow, when you give first and save first, your spending becomes aligned with your goals. That’s because you’ve made your goal – saving and giving – your top priority. Set up automatic debits from your paycheck or checking account so you don’t even have to think about it

My challenge to you this week:

Put first things first. For the next week, make these five intentions the first things you do .

Written by Valorie Burton

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