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2016 Poli-Tricks Time Again.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Donald Trump has taken America by storm with his ignorance, arrogance, and racism. What I find disturbing is the constant broadcasting of his racist rants and the racial tension that is surrounding his campaign events.

These acts of racism are highlighted in all major media outlets, both print and digital. These racist remarks come from both African and White Americans who wrongfully view themselves as enemies, when in reality they are both being oppressed by a corporate-run state.

Those attending rallies and defending the Democratic or Republican parties are unaware of their candidates’ true views on issues, their relationships to corporations, or the feasibility of what they propose 2016-politricksto do. These deceptive tactics have been used too long, focusing on everything else except the empty promises these poli-trick-cians will never deliver on.

Donald Trump says he’s going to add new jobs and the people at his rallies yell and cheer, while never asking how he will accomplish this. Is Trump going to force corporations to close factories abroad and manufacture their goods in America? He’s also promising to cut taxes while lowering the deficit.

How will this magic trick take place?

Hillary Clinton also promises to lower taxes for the middle class while increasing taxes for millionaires and billionaires. So I’m supposed to believe she and her husband are going to pay more taxes on their million-dollar investments along with her rich friends who are funding her campaign? Bernie Sanders went so far as to say he will make public colleges free.

Who the f*ck is supposed to believe this ? Instead of questioning their stance on the important issues that will affect the people, the news focus on ignorant citizens hurling racial slurs.

The sheep are so easily manipulated, I understand why people go into politics. You can tell the people anything and they will believe. Social engineering is a remarkable tool, the effectiveness of which is evident in the reaction of the citizens every four years as they forget the lies of the previous politicians, blindly hopeful that this time around things will change. I remember during Obama’s campaign he said he would lower the deficit while lowering taxes. I am not a mathematician or an economist but with common sense – which unfortunately is very uncommon – I was able to come to the conclusion that this was mathematically impossible, unless you cut funding for numerous programs that citizens need. Time has revealed that our charismatic brother who gives pounds to NBA stars and captivated the nation with his smooth edition of Al Green classics, is a politician.

These political figures may have good intentions initially but the system is so corrupt, good intentions turn into actions that benefit the corrupt system they believed were going to change. Please, people, be cognizant of the commitment and support you give to politicians because you may care about them, but they sure do not care about you. The government is not here to improve the lives of the people but only to control them, preventing anarchy and any other disturbance that will disrupt the society they have created for themselves and their subjects.

Despite what they have taught you in school, your vote does not matter. Once a politician acquires their position they get amnesia, forgetting all the promises they made to the wounded soldiers, elderly, sick, and poor and struggling citizens. Attention is drawn to the needs of corporations to increase profits and power.

This is the harsh reality of our political system that has let us down over and over again.

We must unite as a people, supporting each other, raising our voices, and using our economic power to demand changes that actually benefit the people.

For those who feel the political structure will benefit you, I wish for the best and hope that, one day, the empty promises politicians make will come true.

Staff Writer; Linton Hinds Jr.

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