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Are Police Officers The Real Terrorists?

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( In Minneapolis, MN several Black Lives Matter protesters were terrorized and shot by white racist supremacists recently as the BLM members protested the killing of yet another African American male. In Chicago the police department released a video of the murder of 17 year old Laquan McDonald by racist murderous police officer Jason Van Dyke. This Van Dyke piece of trash is the first Chicago police officer charged with murder for an act on duty in decades and that is sad.

As I write this article, I think about how I, as a former detective, have promoted peaceful solutions, lawful solutions that get results. But on one side of the coin our people should be ashamed of the lack of support given to real solutions that do not place us at risk. On the other side of the coin, the police overall have clearly made themselves the enemy. Are the police the new terrorists of this nation? Are African Americans the targets? The answer is found in the deaths of Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, Tamir Rice, Jamar Clark, Michael Brown, Samuel Dubose and so many other victims we have not even heard about. The local law enforcement agencies of this country have made it a war of them against us – a war we never wanted but nevertheless a war we have no choice but to fight.

Now it seems it is not a matter of if we fight, but how we fight for our right to survive. It seems the clock is going backwards to the 1960s then to the 1800s for African Americans. I encourage every African American in this country to read the Art of War by Tsun Tsu. Give a copy to family members as a Christmas gift.

I have looked at all sides of more cases than I care to remember. I have looked at what all sides did wrong or could have done better. I have worked with police departments, on tactical teams, on task forces and closely with the sheriff’s department. But now you do not need to be a detective to see that African Americans are being outright executed. And I find that I can no longer support the police departments of this country in any way, shape or form. Some policeofficers-2015officers are good people and law abiding police officers, but I have to ask – do the good officers stop the bad officers when they are shooting our people down? If not, the good officers are also part of the problem.

Am I inciting riots? No. Am In encouraging violence against any officer? No. Do I plan to arm you with the knowledge to stay alive and be lawfully victorious over those who have made themselves your enemy? Yes, I do, if you will listen and share this article with every African American you know. It’s time for boycotts, protests, class action lawsuits, rallies and for all African Americans who are able to arm themselves in conjunction with our constitutional right to bear arms.

We need to sign every petition we can, writer letters to every city council person, senator, mayor and congressman we can and show up at their meetings. We need to require the district attorneys to prosecute these murderous police officers. If they do not, we need to call for district attorneys to be removed from office for violation of oath of office. We need to use social media as lawful leverage and flood the news media until they do story after story exposing corrupt police departments and murderous police officers. We need to contribute financially and raise money for these causes just like many Caucasian people raise money to help killer police officers who have shot down unarmed African American boys and men. We spend money on whatever else we want to buy in the African American community. But now it’s time to invest in a cause – the survival of our people. Enough is enough. WAKE UP!

It’s time to speak about this. Write about this. Make our lives a priority and to show this country that we will not be shot down in the streets. It’s time for African Americans to shun and ostracize the “black” drug dealers, criminals and thugs of our community who are in fact doing the same thing to us that many of the police officers are. It’s time for our churches to wake up or stop pretending to be about God’s business. It’s time for our Muslims to do more than one march.

Where are the 100 Black Men? Where are the 100 Black Women? Where are our fraternities and sororities while we are being exterminated? And if you are a police officer, don’t think that you are respected for turning on your own people. You could just as easily be a target of the police when you are out of uniform. It’s time for African Americans to start shutting down “black on black” crime which is leading the way and providing others with the blueprint to our extermination. STOP PARTICIPATING IN OUR DEMISE! If you are not helping to stop it, you are standing by and allowing it to happen. But what if it happens to you?

If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. I speak the truth on this wise and you know it. And no matter what you drive, where you live, how much money you make, your education or where you work – YOU CAN BE A VICTIM OF A ROGUE POLICE OFFICER. Yes you, even if you are a law abiding citizen. All that has to happen is for you to run into a racist, mentally unstable, poorly trained or bully police officer and you can end up as a victim. Are there good officers out there? Yes, many. But there are a lot of bad officers out there, more than you think. Go to and see for yourself.

I have created a free Ebook on Police Brutality and you need to order it NOW! Send your email request to If you don’t order it, you must think you cannot be a victim or that you already know exactly what to do. But what if you are wrong?

We don’t have time to be concerned about who won the game, the freakin hip hop awards or what whores like Nikki Mirage and Kim Kartrashian are doing. We don’t have time for real housewives of anywhere, Bill Cosby, Patti Labelle pies or Steve Harvey pseudo-expertise relationship info. We don’t have time to be too busy to get involved, Playstation 4 or using a cell phone just for entertainments and social media any more. WAKE UP BEFORE WE ARE ALL EXTERMINATED.

Stop what you are doing and send your email request for our free Ebook on Police Brutality now. Send your request to Don’t get offended, wake up and get busy. Police brutality can happen to you and if you are not a part of the solution, you are definitely a part of the problem.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


3 Responses to “Are Police Officers The Real Terrorists?”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    For those of you who have posted your disdain with this article Facebook, do not think that I cannot nor will not answer you. I do not use Facebook because Facebook reports to DAARPA and DAARPA reports to the NSA. Facebook was created as a data gathering hub in order to build profiles on American citizens. Do your research and see for yourself.

    Fortunately over 300 realistic and intelligent people like this article. For those of you who do not, feel free to email your issues to me at and I will address them directly. But know this, my claims are based on factual and verifiable data, not just my opinion.

  2. Marque Anthony says:


    You are part of the problem, a police officer stuck on the Blue Code who refuses to realize there are many bad officers who should never have passed the psychological exam. As a former detective, training officer and now family and relationship counselor, I have to say people like you are dangerous because you are unbalanced in your thinking.

    You don’t like my article but you cannot disprove one thing in it. I suggest you look at and deal with the facts. I also suggest you search for balance instead of leaning to one side as if you have been brainwashed. I address ALL sides. I would debate you any time on this matter but it is apparent you are in denial of the facts. Twenty years of brainwashing can do that to you. Maybe you should take that unbalanced attitude and retire.

    There are many officers who are poorly trained. There are many officers coming out of the military who have PTSD and they are dangerous. There are many bully officers. There are many racist officers. If you don’t believe me, I can have several HONEST uniform officers, detectives, troopers, deputies and command staff attest to what I have just said.

    I have not had bad experiences with police and thus my comments are based on research and facts, not tainted bias views. On the other hand, your comments seem to be completely predictable. And if you are training other officers or spreading that warped thinking in your department, I feel sorry for the officers who have to sit and listen to it. Again, there are many, many good officers – but there are far too many bad ones. People like you are those who would hide evidence or stand with an officer who violates the law.

    I never turn the public against good officers. But you need to acknowledge that there are many bad ones.

  3. Marque Anthony says:

    Since I do not use Facebook because they report to DAARPA who in turn reports to the NSA, let me take a minute to answer some of the comments that have apparently been posted there.

    Hen Rhee says “I have no problem singling out the wrong doers, but, you compound the wrong when dare to create a generalization. What if the same rubric or measurement was applied to African Americans based on Black on black crime. As someone who was insensed to dis..”.

    Exposing the wrong is never the culprit in compounding the wrong. I don’t know where you got that backwards theory from. You should read a little more closely and you will see all of my writings are balanced. There are many good cops, as I have stated. There are many bad ones, as I have stated. These are facts, not generalizations. There are law abiding and peaceful African Americans and there are anarchists who don’t want to follow the rules. I have conveyed this but you just missed it. Don’t assume what I mean, read what I said.

    Greg Brooks The power is higher up and no one wants to go on shooting call where you have no back up I don’t understand why the Feds don’t. Put someone white in it to set someone up it may take a while but not doing shit is not going to cut it. Peace

    You might want to go on youtube and look at this video:

    Franklyn Techtonic Browne All cops are bad especially the white ones….deal with the system of white aggression and you solve black on black crime. Remember the police force in amerikkka was created to catch runaway slaves…if the roots are fucked up no way in hell the tree is righteous. Fuck the police and the meter maids too.

    All cops are not bad, but many more are than the public is aware of. We do need good officers for the protection of the public. But we must also use our second Amendment right to protect ourselves. I can tell you of many officers who risk their lives and do a great job. If you think all cops are bad, what message are you sending to the good ones?

    Be realistic. There is a lot wrong with the African American community and we have to be accountable to our own. Charity begins at home. Slavery, racism and oppression are very real, but if we let these things top us – they stop being reasons and start becoming excuses.

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