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A letter to the lawless gangsters.

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( I know you ain’t been watching the debates or anything, but peep this. Hillary is most likely coming out of the Democratic Party. I mean, she has a LOT of dirty laundry and everything; but I think she is still gonna be the nominee. Why? Because she wants to make History. First woman President? That’s big! Susan B. Anthony, the face of the Woman’s Suffrage Movement, would be proud. Not that she gave a fuck about niggas, either; but, WE need to think about US right now!

So, Hillary will face-off with whoever emerges from the Republican Party. Why should you care? Because, right now Obama is about to go up in them prisons and break 6000 Niggas out of jail, even though he know like we know that about 3000 of them Niggas are gonna go right back, probably even before he leaves office. With a Republican in the White House, they’re gonna build more prisons, and hire more cops to recapture the 3000 hustlers who didn’t go back on their own.

And Hillary will also keep a Democratic Attorney General. Why should you care? You remember O.G. Damion “World” Hardy (Lil’ Kim’s beau)? Well, the ONLY reason he ain’t get the death penalty and murdered for murdering murderers is because of Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General.

In addition, Republicans seemed to be gung-ho when it comes to bombing or killing anyone of a darker hue, foreign or domestic. In fact, in two states, Washington and Delaware, public lynchings are still legal. In New Jersey, Governor Christie and his Jersey State Troopers act like they can’t sleep until they capture Assata Shakur, 2pac’s damn near seventy-year-old aunt/god-mother.

Have you heard of the Lords of Discipline? Well, this is a gang unit for-real. It’s a secret society of crooked cops who patrol the NJ Turnpike. These white boys are so bad; they intimidate the Black cops who work with them.police-violence-2015

In fact, since the 1990s, Black NJ Troopers have been whining, crying, and complaining in a discrimination law suit. They were griping about white NJ troopers treating them like they treat regular Black people. At the turn of the century, the lawsuit was settled. The racist white troopers promised the NAACP that they would no longer treat the Black troopers the same way that they treat Black civilians. And, I guess to prove to the NAACP that they were treating Black troopers better, they promoted a Black trooper to lead the 94% white posse/white lynch mob in a hunting expedition, in hopes of capturing, dead or alive, a poor Black seventy year old female senior citizen who calls herself Assata.

And, this Black man, Trooper Aaron Ford, has the nerve to be gung-ho and overzealous about his mission like he don’t know what kind of racist practices were being perpetrated on that camera-less turnpike back in 1973. In fact, in the sixties, there was only one Black and one Hispanic on the job. And, you know like I know, they weren’t saying shit. Truth be told, it wasn’t until the nineties, when thirteen of them Black troopers grouped together in their lawsuit to ask more powerful white men to tell less powerful white men to stop bothering their scary Black asses.

Now here goes this Black super cop with his chest poked out, poppin’ shit about a Black woman who survived an ambush by a bunch of white racist, gun-toting thugs masquerading as peace officers. And, if they weren’t some white racists hoodlums, why the hell did y’all sue them? How the hell am I going to tell my son to bury the N-word, and y’all Niggas keep doing this dumb shit?

If y’all weren’t all gung-ho when those white cops were bullying y’all Black asses, then leave that old lady alone. Why? Because that makes you a bully. Don’t dish out that you which can’t take!

So, gang-bangers, if you know like I know, you better put down them pistols and pick up them ballots. If you ain’t ever vote, you better vote. Cause them Nigga cops ain’t killing no white folks. But those white cops and Black cops will murder our Black asses……..EARLY!!!

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