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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

“BLACK on BLACK” CRIME: No More Excuses.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) A Caucasian police officer shoots an unarmed man – we can and should blame the officer, the police department, the policies in place and the society that allows a climate of racism. A Hispanic sociopath hunts down a teenager in a neighborhood and kills him – we should blame the sociopath, the home owner’s association and the jury that will not find him guilty. But when there are countless home invasions, robberies, car thefts, domestic violence cases and murders against African Americans by African Americans, that is about 75% OUR FAULT. Yet we will be held 100% accountable.

If you sell drugs (including weed) to our people, you are part of the problem. If you support criminals, hide criminals or knowingly buy from them (even your little cousin Mookie), you are part of the problem. If you do not know where your children are half the time or what they are doing, you are part of the problem. If you make excuses for our people committing crimes or find it exciting, you are part of the problem. If you buy video games for yourself or for your children that degrade women or promote the commission of crime (like Grand Theft Auto), you are part of the problem. If you set a bad example, refuse to make your sons pull their pants up, allow your daughters to dress like whores and promote “get money” above all else, you are part of the problem. Oh yes you are, yes YOU!

I recently read an article that stated that “black on black crime is a myth“. Sadly that is not true. As a former detective and now a family and relationship counselor and mediator, I know that is not true and those who promote such thinking are in denial. Look at the Bureau of Justice Statistics, The FBI UCR Reports, the FBI NIBRS Reports and even the CDC stats. No, everybody else is not wrong. And if you are an African American who commits a crime against another African American, you are the worse part of the problem because you have been programmed by the slave master to hurt your own people. That makes you a black-on-black-crime-2015-is-realdanger to all of us and yourself.

There is a huge problem with black on black crime, except to the extent that we are African American, not BLACK. Scientifically black is not even a color, did you know that? Furthermore, black is what our car tires are, not the color of our skin. Our skin is brown and that is a fact.

Denial of “black on black” crime does not resolve the problem at all. There are several reasons for the crime we speak of. One reason is because of embedded self hatred. Another reason is lack of identity or knowledge of self. Another reason is lack of insight or the ability to see a bright future. Another reason is the socioeconomic conditions that have been created by this system – just as Nino Brown spoke about in his trial in New Jack City or as confirmed by Bigger Thomas in the book Native Son. African Americans are not responsible for creating the socioeconomic conditions that cause our people to turn to crime, but we are responsible for the crime itself.

Look up the term “Black” in the dictionary and see how negative denotations have been accepted by our people. Many African Americans subconsciously act out that very denotative American definition of “BLACK” – dismal, gloomy, devoid of light, evil, mischievous. Behavior modification is real. I could go even deeper into mind control or frequency, but I won’t. But know that NLP, brainwashing (MK Ultra) and indoctrination are all very real.

Our young people are being programmed to degrade themselves like Nikki Minaj, devalue themselves and see no future. Our daughters are emulating whores and our sons are emulating thugs. This is done through frequency, subliminal messaging, poor role models, music, video, video games and peer pressure, to name a few. They thus live for today, want everything now and they are not afraid to steal or kill to get it. The gangster or thug boss lifestyle with the hoochies on the side is constantly eroding the few morals left in the African American community with trash like Empire which stereotypes our people and glorifies materialism, crime and ignorance.

What then are the solutions? You are the solution, at least a proactive you. Awareness is a solution. Stopping the negative programming of our children is a solution. Adults acting like mature adults and setting good examples or being good role models is a solution. Holding our children to a higher standard and expectation of themselves is a solution. Making education a focus and priority again is a solution. Writing about this topic, speaking about it on radio and social media is a solution. Conferences, seminars and open forum discussions are solutions. Blog sites like ThyBlackMan are a solution. Getting out of denial and attacking the real sources of the problem are solutions. Refusing to blame others for what we should be doing is a solution. As for how we implement all of these, that is another article for another time. But we can start by coming together, having honest discussions and adding to this list.

You have a choice to be part of the problem or part of the solution. And if we do not assign the maximum value possible to African American lives, we can neither complain nor get angry when police officers and society does not either. We have to lead the way by prioritizing AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES or nobody else will.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


2 Responses to ““BLACK on BLACK” CRIME: No More Excuses.”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    To Toomanygrandkids

    Unfortunately those white people who created the dictionaries used in schools, libraries etc would disagree with you. They attached a negative meaning to black and then attached BLACK to us, a people who are in FACT brown, not black.

    As for slave mentality, programming is not shaken off as easy as you would want to make it seem. Nor is behavior that keeps getting reinforced like getting money by any means necessary, the degradation of our women by Nikki Minaj and others.

  2. toomanygrandkids says:

    For so many years, black on black crime has been ignored by African Americans. And I’m going back as far as the days when civil rights leaders themselves referred to us as “black” or “black people.” The slogans that I constantly heard were “Black Is Beautiful,” and “Black Pride.” Muslims, such as Malcolm X, stated that we were really Negroes. Then, I remember the title Afro-American. And then before we were considered black, there was the title colored. Throughout the years, we’ve had so many different labels you’d think that whomever would stop making up new ones. Wonder what the next one will be.

    I get the sense that you don’t say “black” people because of its definition in the dictionary. Well, the word black isn’t the only word that has the same or similar meaning. Its not the definition that gives negativity to the word black. It’s when black people of all ages are called names like black bastard, ugly black whatever, black b**ch, and so on. These were come out of the mouths of moms, dads, and any other adult. And these words are said to their own children and/or other relatives. No REAL mother or father would say such filthy words, especially to their own children. Plus, if anyone looks up the one word black, they could study and read a whole lot more words and definitions. It’ll expand their vocabulary.

    Now, about this black on black crime. This subject has gotten swept under the rug for many, many, many years. The excuses are ALWAYS racism, slavery, and conspiracy. The slave master this, the slave master that. The slave master taught us how to hate and kill each other during slavery. But slavery ended many, many years ago. Racism and slavery have long since been convenient crutches for a large % of blacks to lean on whenever its convenient for them.

    If you consider yourself a slave for however many years and you’re not an actual slave, then you need to do away with your slave mentality. Nobody else can do that for you. Nobody.

    Black criminals are not innocent victims. When they commit crimes, they should be punished. There’s entirely too much sympathy for these criminals who commit crimes against their victims. And its only getting worse. The black community as a whole, it seems, doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. No so-called leader has really addressed the real issues plaguing the black race. Why would they when more than half of them are just like common, street criminals.

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