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Hip Hop: The New Rock ‘N’ Roll (Thanks To Jay Z, P Diddy, and Eminem).

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( Hip Hop was labeled the “new Rock ‘n’ Roll” by critics and the mainstream media in the early 90’s. How far we have fallen.  Hip Hop has now become a cartoon, a joke, a caricature of itself- populated by untalented Whites ripping off Black people (Eminem), and Canadians (Justin Bieber/Drake) and Australians who can barely hum, let alone rap. How did we go from De La Soul, Grand Master Flash, Tupac, Eric B and Rakim  and the NWA to this charade? Jay Z, P Diddy, Eminem, and bad habit Blacks have of reacting to ownership the way Dracula reacts to the Cross.

Hip Hop now has another thing in common with Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blacks invented it.  We then we went out of our way to give it away. That’s right Rock ‘n’ Roll was invented by Black people, was all Black for years, and when Elvis joined in he was accused of, “bringing the White man down to the level of the NWORD” for singing it.  “Rock ‘n’ Roll” is a Southern Black term for sex.  The first Rock ‘n’ Roll song was “Rocket 88” by Ike Turner.  Little Richard is the founder and architect of Rock ‘n’ Roll as a music genre. He had a band that included James Brown and Jimi Hendrix.  The same is true of Techno, you have a bunch of Europeans and White Americans making tens of millions each from Techno, while the Black founders of Techno are starving. That’s right Techno is not a European or Japanese invention, it was invented in Detroit like Ford and the assembly line. The sad thing is even Detroiters don’t know this, a city 85% Black.
Why do I lay the blame squarely at the feet of Jay Z, P Diddy, and Eminem? Time for some “Ether.”
Jay Z is constantly publicized as the greatest rapper alive.  BS. The greatest plagiarist, the greatest two faced Black celebrity on Earth, but greatest rapper alive NEVER. He is a musical Bernie Madoff, having ripped off everything “great” about him from others with actual talent. Examine the laundry list of fraud:
-Rips off KRS-One by titling his album the Blue print 12 years after KRS-One released an album with the same title.
-Titles a song “99 Problems” after several other artists such as Ice-T and Trick Daddy already released tracks with that title years earlier.
-Sued for stealing the diamond hand gesture he is so famous for from wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.
-Sued by a former college classmate of mine for, get this folks-plagiarizing his own autobiography.
-He is currently in court accused of ripping of the musical hook in “Big Pimpin” from a musician from Egypt…all the way on the other side of the world.
Remove the plagiarism and blatant theft and Jay Z is the Black Britney Spears. The most disgusting part is his running around with Trayon Martin’s family, portraying himself as Hip Hop’s MLK, when he is really Hip Hop’s Al Sharpton.
As I warned the Martin family he was seeking publicity to make rock-n-roll-vs-rap-hip-hop-2015money with extra ticket and merchandise sales and to launch Tidal in an attempt to beat Dr. Dre and P Diddy to becoming Hip Hop’s first billionaire-this was his game. Only when he went off on Blacks over Tidal’s epic failure and when the photo of him and Beyonce popped up online with them surrounded by all the White people on Earth at Tidal headquarters did Black people get it. You got PLAYED.
Jay Z is known in Canada and the Caribbean for selling out Blacks to a racist government in a huge RACIAL PROFILING case-did you know that? He did opposite of what rappers and rockers did with the track “Sun City” when the same situation existed in South Africa. When Jay Z had the choice of siding with the Black kids that put millions into his pockets and racial profiling Barneys-he chose to side with Barneys. Jay Z more than anyone is responsible for taking the serious social message and credibility out of Hip Hop, opening the door to the talentless White invasion of rap. He cut a side deal to keep the money rolling in for HIM, and cost untold of numbers of  Black artists their careers and fair share of rightfully earned revenue that went to these invaders.
P Diddy is responsible for lowering the standards in Hip Hop by becoming a rapper, and the purposeful suppression of actual talent so he wouldn’t get exposed.  How people don’t see this is just bewildering. It is some of the worse stuff ever put out.  Bad enough his career was based on the endless sampling of actual talent from Motown, he turns around and “assassinates” the art in Hip Hop by putting out albums in which he is the star rapper. It is like Bill Belichick taking over QB from Tom Brady because he is the coach and makes the roster decisions-INSANE.  He too sold Blacks out to the racist government targeting Blacks, he did not so much as warn Blacks of the danger, This while he portrayed himself as the epitome of the Black male cultural icon. Sick.
Eminem, more than anyone is responsible for destroying the art and integrity of Hip Hop.  First of all he is NOT a Detroiter, he wasn’t born there, he didn’t grow up there. He grew up in one of the safest cities on Earth, where in 10 years it had fewer murders than Detroit had each month. Secondly, he sucks with, his cartoon, FAB (Fake A** Brotha) rapper act. Does what he is rapping about sound like it is in any way an accurate portrayal of America’s most dangerous city-the Murder Capital?  It’s like putting up 50 Cent as the standard and face of Country music. Would never happen-White people aren’t that weak minded about what they create.
This was a scheme to “white wash” Hip Hop, and along with it, control the music genre, and most importantly skate away with the billions of dollars it generates (see the PBS program “Merchants of Cool”).  Before anyone compares him to Elvis, he is not Elvis-Elvis actually had talent, and Elvis never lied about where he lived or grew up.  In Detroit we call “8 Mile” F8KE MILE. There are no trailer parks in Detroit folks-it is all a lie.  Eminem is the Lance Armstrong of Hip Hop.  He destroyed the element of street cred required of Hip Hop from day 1, all so he could have a career and rip off Blacks the way Lance Armstrong ripped off sports fans. I have had personal dealings, contact, and have insider knowledge of these three, and they are part of the problem-never part of the solution.
So now Hip Hop is populated by what Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders calls “sex workers” instead of artists. Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, the Jenner sisters, and Nicki Minaj.  We have Whiz Khalifa go to LAX and STAGE a police take down, no folks- this is a police take down James Blake style (That’s me on the ground, barely surviving the Glock barrage and K-9 unit.)  Art ALWAYS reflects society, except for now-Hip Hop the “ghetto CNN” as Chuck D once labeled it, is exactly opposite of the Black Lives Matter America Blacks suffer through on a daily basis.
Hip Hop is out of synch with reality, just listen to the song “Take Her On The Elevator” by the up and coming artist Lottyrerich, and then listen to Whiz Khalifa, Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, Jay Z, and Eminem, and you tell me who is more like Tupac, who is more like the NWA, who is reflective of the REAL WORLD Black life and who isn’t. It is what Prince is saying about the non-Black corporate heads manipulating music to be trash, as he is saying it’s slavery. Don’t be a slave, stop drinking the Kool-Aid, and do what the lovers of real music have done for a century in America- call out the posers.  Support the real artists that reflect the talent and quality of my favorites: The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Parliament-Funkadelic, the Clash, Bob Marley, Prince, etc.  Let’s hold artists to the same standard we hold NFL quarterbacks and then let’s see what your view of current Hip Hop talent is. Most importantly, listen to Prince and OWN your music, it is too easy to do in the digital age, anyone can place a song or album on iTunes or Amazon themselves and give the public the quality of music and loyalty to the community that James Brown, the Isley Brothers, and Earth, Wind, and Fire gave us.

Staff Writer; Jerome Almon

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5 Responses to “Hip Hop: The New Rock ‘N’ Roll (Thanks To Jay Z, P Diddy, and Eminem).”
  1. Jerome Almon says:

    No it’s NOT in DETROIT, that’s why it’s called WARREN.

  2. Jay says:

    Warren is in Detroit, by any logical measurement.

  3. Jerome Almon says:

    Guillermo good stuff!

  4. Guillermo F Perez-Arguello says:

    Elvis Presley is the only man in history to have been banned in at least countries and territories for five reasons, four of them consisting of a couple of accusations which totally contradited the other two. LOL. In 1957, he was accused by white supremacists in the US South who could not stand his being liked by the African American community, of being a racist and a copycat. The year before, in 1956 when Presley was just 21 years old, he was accused by the US Catholic Church to be a degenerate with woman, which led to Cardinal Francis Spellman to accuse and confirm these allegations in a vivit to Rome with Pope Pious XII in late December of 1956. He in turn issued a non written order forbidding any female enrolled in any Catholic grammar, middle and high school worldwide to attend any of his concerts. As Presley only did 24 concerts in 1957, then was drafted and on his return from Germany only gave 3 concerts until 1969, this Vatican directive was short lived, although at least 5 students in Canada where he performed in 1957, were expelled for attending one of his conderts in Ottawa. Simultaneously, Presley was banned in Mexico as a homosexual and a Mexican hater, while 12,000 miles away, and also in 1957, the then pro Apartheid Governments of the Republic of South Africa, South West Africa (the current Namibia) and Rhodesia (the current Zimbwbwe) banned him for loving and interpreting the music of a race which they considered LEGALLY inferior. Then, in 1958, on his arrival in Germany, with the US Army, now aged 23, he was banned in every country member of the Warsaw Pact (nine), as well as in Communist China, Albania and North Korea. Because the only two countries in Europe who refused to let go of their African colonies were governed by right wing dictatorships whose only consolation was being in good standing with the Vatican, namely Spain and Portugal, Presley was banned there too, as well as in their African and far East colonies, namely Equatorial Guine (administered by Spain) and Sao Tome, the Cape Verde Islands, East Timor, Angola, Mozambique Guine Bissau, as well as Macao, all Portuguese colonies in both Africa and the Far East. Presley had it tougher than anyone….

  5. Guillermo F Perez-Arguello says:

    Elvis Presley is the only man in history to have been banned in at least 17 conuntries and territories for 5 reasons, four of them consisting of a couple of accusations which totally contradited each other. In 1957, he was accused by white suopremacists who could not srtand his being liked by the Afriocan American

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