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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Baltimore: From Charm City to Deadly City.

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( Baltimore’s 40th murder in May set a new record for homicides in one month.

My friend wrote…


The American Legion National Convention is scheduled for late August through early September, 2015 in Baltimore City.

Sad to say, I have canceled my reservations as I do not think the Convention is worth the risk to my life as I was very much looking forward to the Convention. Many others of American Legion are canceling due to high risk of being shot and/or killed.

I would very much appreciate your thoughts as you grew up there. No doubt , is a terrible shame to see a great City, Baltimore, go down due to liberal Democrats being in charge for the past 4 decades

Keep the Faith, Brother”

My reply…

Hey Brother, You are wise for staying away from sin city (Baltimore). Baltimore police are reluctant to do their job for fear of being arrested. Clearly, the mayor is allowing the inmates to run the asylum. The only thing the vile local Democrat government cares about is protecting their liberal narrative. Baltimore’s mayor considers lives and businesses acceptable collateral damage. It is shameful and evil. God bless, Lloyd”

My wife Mary said perhaps Baltimore will come to it’s senses upon realizing the financial consequences (at least $20 million) of allowing the thugs to wreck havoc. I said to her, you are mistaken oh wise and beautiful one. The liberal zealots running Baltimore do not give a rat’s derriere about consequences financial or otherwise. All that matters is furthering their liberal socialist/progressive big government controlling everything and everyone agenda. If Leftists are nothing else, they are persistent, patient and unshakably focused on achieving their goals.

For crying out loud, the Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby is running around acting like an anti-police pit bull, giving speeches in churches to rally the black community against the police. Dear Lord what evil has overtaken my former home town? What has so emboldened Leftist Democrats to Hello Baltimoredismiss all pretense of fairness and legality, openly displaying their liberal bias and intentions?

Before I moved to Florida fifteen years ago, Baltimore was promoted as “Charm City”. I received a citation from former Mayor Kurt Schmoke for the song I wrote about my beloved city. A CD of my song “Hello Baltimore” was included in the city’s Bicentennial time capsule.

Visiting Baltimore five years after I moved, a black Baltimore cop friend told me crime had gotten much worse. He said metal detectors were installed in public schools and almost every black nightclub. This does not support the Left’s claim that cops are the problem.

My brother said his white girlfriend won tickets for a show at the famous Hippodrome theater. The riots made her afraid to venture to downtown Baltimore. My brother dropped her and a female friend off at the theater door and picked them up immediately after the show.

Folks, there is a pony hidden in the pile of excrement which is Baltimore politics. The dire consequences of full blown liberalism are exposed for all the world to see.

Here’s a music video of my song “Hello Baltimore” illustrating my hometown then and now.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.


7 Responses to “Baltimore: From Charm City to Deadly City.”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:

    It has been reported that Freddie Gray was a heroin dealer and his mom was a heroin addict for at least 20 years. So yeah, most likely Freddie Gray’s lifestyle may have eventually caught up with him.

  2. outragious says:

    No James Davis it makes absolutely no sense just like you.

  3. James Davis says:

    @ CD Smith:

    Sir, with all due respect being poor has nothing to do with bad policing. As a matter of fact, I would wager that the disposition or societal position of African Americans have nothing to do with them being overly policed. What made the Jews during WW II easier for Adolf Hitler to kill was that he first dehumanized them. And what makes African Americans an easy target for racist and rogue policemen and women is their dehumanization of African Americans. That why on occasion “so called upper or rich blacks get caught in the net of racist affronts.”(can’t this racist cop see how human I am because I am rich, they think?) Bad policing is not about blacks; its about bad policing, period. Get rid of rogue and racist policemen and the African American body count will fall. How do I know this to be a fact? No lesser than entire armies of the United States, France, Russia, England and a host of other nations believed if they hunted down and killed Adolf Hitler, they would reduce the Jewish body count. They did hunt down and and cause Hitler’s demise. Guess what, Jews stop dying at the alarming rate they were while Hitler was alive. It is what it is. Make sense?

  4. CD Smith says:

    The truth of the matter is that Freddy Gray would have eventually died at the hands of someone black in Baltimore considering the lifestyle he participated. Curtis Mayfield wrote a song about it called “Freddie’s Dead”

    James Davis
    There is the law of cause and effect and the law of attraction. If you live foul, you will find yourself in the company of foul people and foul circumstances. Let’s man up and take some personal responsibility. Being poor is never an excuse for poor behavior.

  5. toomanygrandkids says:

    Now, the hoodlum rioters are killing each other and innocent people. In Baltimore, since police presence isn’t wanted, thugs are freely walking around holding guns in the daytime. They are looking for someone to shoot, most likely kill, who’s the same color as them. Not the cops nor white cops fault that this is happening.

    I say, don’t call the police. Let these goo-for-nothing’s pick up the dead bodies, since they put ’em there, and cart ’em to the morgue. Better yet, drop ’em off the mayor’s office or house. Let’s see what she says/does about it.

  6. James Davis says:

    jdean is right…

    and I think many will agree with him. Black on black crime is admittedly a problem that needs to be address, however no reasonable thinking person thinks police misconduct is the answer. You are going to get an increase in crime with high unemployment rates. African American communities across the nation need relief from seven years of double digit black unemployment which is distorting and affecting the activities of our communities in the worst possible ways. Nevertheless, taking black lives under the pretense of policing cannot be tolerated. Rejecting the resolution of one evil (bad and dirty cops)because there are many other evils (black on black crime)is not the answer.

  7. jdean says:

    Mr Marcus, again you show your ugly Uncle Tom side. Police are part of the problem in Baltimore as evidenced by the charges and indictment of the officers as well as the “Western District Way” of policing that was even cited in the HBO show “The Wire”. Liberals dont think because there is black on black crime that we should ignore police brutality or vice versa. They are seperate issues yet relative because they affect black men. So who paid you, the GOP or the former mayor. Bitch Boy

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