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Calling All Dads: Tips for Handling a Custody Battle.

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( Going through a custody battle with your ex is never an enjoyable experience. No father ever wants to lose quality time with his children, but a divorce and a custody battle are going to change your relationship with your child.

When you are going through a divorce, it’s important that you keep your child’s needs and best interests in mind, especially when it comes to child custody cases. If you are currently going through a custody battle, the following are a few tips to keep in mind.

Try to use a mediator first.

Sometimes your custody battle can be resolved without going to court. A mediator is a court-approved professional who works on behalf of your child in order to create an agreement between you and your ex regarding custody. A mediator will take into consideration a multitude of factors, such as income, housing, career, etc. in order to create the best possible agreement. Sometimes the 2015-brief-knowledge-on-custody-battles-mattersmediator will help you and your ex create a joint custody agreement in which you both get equal amount of time with your child. Other times the mediator may create a sole custody agreement. Either way, the option is less time consuming and less expensive than going to court, so if you and your ex can put your child’s best interest ahead of your own, a mediator can be a great asset.

Hire a great child custody lawyer.

If a mediator is out of the question and you and your ex are going to court, be sure to hire a good child custody lawyer to work on your behalf. This individual will be able to better assess your case and know what type of outcome you can be expecting. For example, if you’re a good citizen with a good job and a good relationship with your child, your attorney can help you get joint custody of your child with your ex. If you are the better parent and your ex has a history of abuse or violence, your attorney may be able to get you sole custody of your child. Again, your lawyer will need to review your case, but you’ll want to ensure you choose someone you know and trust.

Know the laws in your state.

Child custody laws vary by state, so it’s important to have a basic understanding of what you can expect. For example, some states use an income-based approach when considering child support payments. In this scenario, the income of both parents is examined, and the amount of child support due (if any) is determined on whether or not there is a significant difference between parental incomes. In some states, though, the noncustodial parent will pay a certain percentage of their net income in child support regardless of the other parent’s income.

The laws also vary on custody issues. For example, in some states, a child 14 or older can choose which parent he or she wants to live with, while in other states, a child has no say whatsoever. By researching the laws in your state, you’ll have a better understanding of what you can expect.

Staff Writer; Greg Hall


6 Responses to “Calling All Dads: Tips for Handling a Custody Battle.”
  1. Silas Knight says:

    You have some great tips here for dealing with the custody battle. I have a good friend who is struggling with child custody right now, and he is trying to do it all himself. I think your tip about hiring a good child custody lawyer is a great one, it would definitely help my friend in court.

  2. Meg Lund says:

    I definitely agree with your second point to hire a great child custody lawyer. You talk about how the lawyer will be able to better assess your case and know what outcome you can be expecting. This will definitely help to make the whole court process go more smoothly and be less stressful. Going through a divorce doesn’t mean that you should lose your custody with your children, so hiring a good custody lawyer will help you understand how all the processes work so that you can get the best outcome out of your divorce.

  3. Delores Lyon says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips on getting the child custody you need! I agree that a good lawyer will definitely help your chances of getting more time with your child. Plus, when you have a good attorney, they know the laws for the state you live in, and can use those laws to their advantage. That is something that not everyone can do!

  4. Marque-Anthony says:

    I am a writer on this site and I have created a Father’s Rights Fact Sheet that fathers can request free of charge by sending an email request to but please specify that you want this document.

    Did you know that many, many attorneys neither fully inform their clients nor practice everything they know to do? They also stand by and allow their clients to go to jail when they know that an UNEMPLOYED non-custodial parent, according to the laws in many states, should not be arrested.

    Email me at to get the Fact Sheet.

  5. Marque-Anthony says:

    People need to check on using Cordell and Cordell. They are specifically father’s rights attorneys.

  6. N.K. says:

    It is important and greatly beneficial if, during the separation proceedings, that the parents avoid the child support court as much as possible. There are often fees associated with child support collections and that money would better benefit the child or the parents. And the punishments for missing a child support payment(s) are harsh and can include prison. If there is no court ordered child support, the parents remain free from government control. Filing for child support is a very simple process. However, trying to terminate a child support order is quite difficult and often times, impossible. Thank you.

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