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Are Rap Fans Ruining Ole Hip-Hop?

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( Are Rap Fans Ruining Hip-Hop Music?

I’ve been listening to Hip-Hop/Rap music for almost 20 years.  That’s longer than the average “rap consumer” today has been alive.  In that time I’ve seen the music transition through various stages into something that is of more controversy than ever before.  Instead of the unknowing masses debating the music’s content, now its become the genre itself in constant struggle with its own legitimacy.

Compare the prominent years of Hip-Hop/rap music in the early 90’s today and you’ll be noticeably looking at a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde scenario.  What was once a promising young idealistic genre centered around social awareness and injustice has become a raging 123hiphopalbums-2015psychopath obsessed with feeding its own narcissistic needs and superficial hunger.  In that time the premiere idea of an “artist” whose specialty is that of the hip-hop/rap element has completely reversed in its perception.

We as fans have also transformed into something that is no longer reminiscent of our former selves.  I say this not individually but as a whole.  We used to thrive on music that stretched the boundaries of creativity and enlightenment.  We used to thrive on the empowerment we were given through the music.  Now its like we’re just junkies looking for a our next quick fix.  Its quite sad when you think about it.  Musical projects were once required months if not years of commercial validity before they were deemed classic or noteworthy.  Now they are relevant one day and forgotten before the next full moon.  What’s even more astounding is how we’ve all played a part in this pivotal role in the music.

Music thrives off its foundation, which for the most part is the fans.  Without fans to consume and share the music, it may as well have not been recorded at all, for music is meant to be heard.  Mainstream has always appealed to the masses. One single listen from a new “hot single” and one can argue, “its what the people want to hear” or “its what’s poppin’ right now.”

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