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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Five Quick Static-Fighting Hair Solutions.

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( Cold weather brings on static, which isn’t a great look for your hair. There is nothing like having that fresh wrap, and then you take your hat off and you look like you stuck your finger in an outlet. Try any of these five methods to zap away the static.

1. Dryer sheets

What if I told you a dryer sheet works just as good on your hair as it does on your laundry? They also double as a hair freshener. Keep one tucked away in your bag and grab it when necessary to smooth your hair down.

2. Hairspray

Hairspray works magic on static. Try spraying a brush or comb with hairspray and lightly run it over the hair. If you don’t have a combMulti-ethnic couple looking at hair product or brush, just spray it on your hand. A little pat down from your palm will do the trick!

3. Lotion

Keep hand lotion in your purse? Try moisturizing up your hands and then smoothing them over your static-crazed hair. Try working the lotion into your hands first before touching your hair, unless you are going for the greasy look.

4. 100% wool hat

It wouldn’t surprise me if the hat the you wear to weather the winter cold is made of acrylic or polyester. If you made a simple switch to 100% wool outerwear you might find that the amount of static you are exposed to is decreased significantly.

5. Lukewarm water rinse w/ air dry

Try rinsing your hair with lukewarm water and air drying versus blow drying. The idea here is to cut down on drying out your hair. Dry hair is a haven for static. If you want electricity-free strands, then try to lay off the styling tools and heated appliances.

Written by Naomi MacKenzie

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