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VH1 Sorority Sisters; Ain’t No Fun When Your Soror’s Holding The Ratchet Gun.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) You have to love the hypocrisy of Black Women that are upset with Sorority Sisters because it’s a “gross misrepresentation of their Sorority” but had nothing to say about all the other ratchet shows that we are on that isn’t a good look for Black Women in general!

I guess its ok for “other” Black Women to be seen any old kinda way. RHOA, Married to Medicine, Basketball Wives and all the Love and Hip Hop shows make for good TV huh?

Are you Greek first or a BLACK WOMAN first? How can you be so upset with the way your sorority is being portrayed, but say nothing about the way we as Black Women are portraying  OURSELVES?

Again, this is another example of our hypocrisy and how we are only upset when something personal to us is broadcasted in a way we don’t like. This is such a self serving agenda, which is typical of  Black WomenVH1-SororitySisters2014.

Now we want to boycott VH1 and sign petitions. I’m wondering how many of those that are complaining about Sorority Sisters, watched the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop New York(which aired before Sorority Sisters) without a single complaint. I wonder who  EAGERLY tuned in to see the latest drama with Peter Gunz, Erica Mena and the rest of the cast, then conveniently became outraged with Sorority Sisters. How many of those with grievances are avid watchers of reality shows in general?

I don’t understand how you can love Shonda Rhimes but hate Mona Scott Young. Both women are guilty of depicting Black Women in a negative light.

Mona Scott Young is a Madam being pimped by a higher power, and she LOVES  being a Madam and we LOVE  being her whores. She has a stable full of Black Women that are ready to”turn up” and be turned “out” in front of the camera.

Her Pimp/Madam hand is real strong; she’s got Black Women VYING  to be her Bottom Bitch.

Shonda Rhimes has uplifted the Side Chick/Mistress as if its a position that we should strive for. She tried to dress  Kerry Washington’s character up as “powerful” and “independent”, but underneath all that fluff, she’s still playing the role of a whore. But we live for Thursday nights right? #Scandal, #TeamFitz and #TeamJake should all say #TeamWhore, because that’s who you’re really rooting for.

While watching Roland Martin on NewsOne last week, I heard him say  that according to the Nieslen Black Consumer Report,  Black Women watch television more than any other group in the country.

We have to take ownership of that. We are promoting, producing and starring in a lot of foolishness, yet we complain  about how we are viewed and how the world sees us.

The people are just giving us what WE want. Black Women, you always like to point out that shows are just “entertainment” right? Weren’t you (we) entertained with Joseline’s antics? Doesn’t Mama Dee make us laugh? Don’t we love all the weave pulling, foul language and fights that takes place on these shows? What happened? It was all good “entertainment” then.

Oh I get it. Its no fun when YOUR Soror’s holding the ratchet gun.

Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
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10 Responses to “VH1 Sorority Sisters; Ain’t No Fun When Your Soror’s Holding The Ratchet Gun.”
  1. Realman2 says:

    @Dcarter910: I agree with your analysis about these black Sororities, the same can be said about black Fraternities except they don’t have any tv shows about them, at least so far. It’s sad that blacks in general can’t see how bad they’re making themselves to be by auditioning and watching such trash. Blacks have not even taken the time to notice that most of these shows feature them acting like apes, whores, thugs and pimps. From daytime shows like Maury Povich and Bill Cunningham to the latest horse manure show Preachers Daughters, which will probably showcase mainly black girls displaying ignorance and stupidity, Negroes still can’t get it.

  2. Dcarter910 says:

    It is so sad that the majority of responses to this opinion piece actually exemplifies everything the writers was saying. These responses portray;
    1) Apathy – Not all black women watch these shows
    2) Excuses – These sororities don’t represent all educated black women
    3) Deflection – “the writer” didn’t even pledge so how can you say anything
    4) Self Loathing – They are making us look bad
    etc. etc. …..

    1) For Apathy – No one cares if you are in a sorority or not, all they see is your skin color and people who are supposed to be “educated” acting like wild animals
    2) For Excuses – No one cares that these black women are supposed to be educated, they exemplify everything that white people and others racial groups believe about black people. With or without education they still act like bafoons, hence why “educated” blacks still have higher unemployment than white high school drop outs. Education does not equal self respect, manners and decency.
    3) For Deflection – Who cares if the writer is not pledged to a greek sorority. Greek sororities are down right stupid in the first place. Greeks enslaved blacks just like the romans and Persians. Why would you name yourself after a race of people that enslaved and looked down at your race? Black people trying to find their identity inside of white history. It was on the news last night that NIGERIANS make up 1% of black americans but they make up 25% of black professional graduates (doctors/ lawyers/ engineers/etc). They do this all without pledging to a greek sorority…they do it through hardwork, self respect, morals and a strong sense of personal dignity.
    4) For Self Loathing – No one can make you look bad. If it wasn’t so overwhelmingly easy to find this type of bafoonery inside the black community then this behavior would be the exception…not the norm. Stop blaming others for making “yourself” look bad.

    Based on the responses here, I know all or most of this is going to fall on deaf ears because its so much more comfortable to deflect and it is to look in the mirror and make changes.

    “If you want to determine how a man feels about himself, ask him to look in the mirror. A man that hate himself will refuse because he doesn’t like what he sees. A man that loves himself will look, even if what they see is dirty they will take the time to clean themselves up.”

  3. LaTanya says:

    why does one assume that ALL black women watch ratchet TV? I certainly don’t, and quite a few of my very well educated female friends, some of them who happen to be in a sorority like me, refuse to watch it too. So yes, the outrage is real, and I have a major problem with a show that presents a false picture of what our wonderful, reputable organizations are truly about.

  4. Stop Sorority Sisters says:

    This is article is do poorly written I don’t even know how you respond. I will simply ask that you learn some basic rules of grammar and vocabulary, before you pretend to be a journalist. For starters, the word “hypocrisy” is misused. Also, actors on the other shows represent themselves and their families. That’s who they embarrass. On Sorority Sisters they represent organizations and their members. This show does not represent me.

  5. jdgwisd says:

    I can speak authoritatively to the issue. If many of the Divine Nine had continued their historical roles a predator as Ms. Scott would not have even thought to cover the Greeks. BTW, I am a socially active member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. To sink to name calling is beneath your intellect Kaye. I don’t mess with that type of foolishness on the idiot tube anyway.

  6. Kaye says:

    To call out hypocrisy, mean the same to the people watching as the people who blog!! You in fact are not a journalist, just as they are not actresses. You get paid to post your opinion, at least I hope you do. But what is your opinion about??? Ratchetness??? Gtfoh. People are allowed to be upset by the fact that the few things that we hold sacred are behind made a mockery of. But for u to compare housewives with little or no education to real college graduates who actually without the spotlight do a lot for their own communities makes you no better than the people you are calling out!!! Did you pledge? Did you cross? If not sthu, calling people out for their beliefs. And millions of people have boycotted Vh1 for their one sided view point of black women. But in journalistic skills, one must be able to come up with a consise story from beginning to end, so where the hell is your pilot. Email me and let me know which program to view. Otherwise, read a book, or a newspaper and have a real opinion and stop trying to be salacious.

  7. Peerless Perception says:

    Speak on it Sister! The contradictions have been exposed.

  8. jdgwisd says:

    The Divine Nine has become part of the minstral show that is Social Black America. I watched some of the shows (Love and Hip Hop)before I had need to comment. Total garbage. Socially, it seems that we have no definition. I can’t blame anyone for their predatory behavior when we are such willing prey.

  9. choinita logan says:

    I have read several articles that echo this sentiment and I realize that as members of Black Greek Letter Organizations we have done a poor job of educating the comminity about our history and our projects. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. recently celebrated her 100th anniversary. Are Giulia aware that two months after her founding membrers participated in a women’s suffrage march and was the only black organization to do so. We were founded on the principles of scholarship.sisterhood and service and yes we take it personally when members behave in a way that is the antithesis of the ideals outran founders promoted. Do I think that shows like LHH portray women behaving badly? Yes. However these women represent noonday but themselves. I choose to align myself with positivity. I would prefer that we all did but unfortunately that is not the case.

  10. FreeTheLand says:

    REVOKE THE GREEK MEMBERSHIPS of every and any female or male who agrees to participate in this madness. If they are not bona-fide members of a sorority or fraternity they cannot use ANY sorority or fraternity trademarked symbols, sounds, gestures or paraphernalia on a nationally televised show for the purposes of financial gain. It’s that simple. By the time these ladies are tied up in court suing to get back into their greek chapters or BEING sued for defamation, hopefully the show will be cancelled and off the airwaves. Good riddens! These women and their ramped up ratchedness and bafoonery are destroying treasured legacies and distinguished histories of African American women of distinction. This VH1s Sorority Sisters is making a mockery of our mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins all of whom have made important contributions to this society past and present.

    Folks of other ethnicities love to finance and produce programs that showcase people of color acting like idiots 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And of course they always search for some handkerchief head negro (i.e. the Mona Scott Youngs of the world) to bring them ideas for shows which seem to ALWAYS be created with degrading themes that shine a negative light on ALL African Americans rich, middle class or poor. This is beyond DISGRACEFUL!!! If the conglomerate called “VH1” refuses to respect the dignity of our legacy we absolutely maintain the legal right to protect our legacies and our trademarks. See you in court VH1, playtime is over. Michelle Obama please join us as our sister soror in helping us protect our important history.

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