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Drugs For Welfare Recipients.

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( Should people who receive government assistance in the form of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), WIC (Women Infants and Children nutritional program) via EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer Card) be drug tested? Should a positive drug test make them ineligible to receive their benefits?

At first my conclusion was a resounding yes. Why should people who are relying on government assistance be allowed to use it to buy drugs?

I’m not ashamed to admit that my opinion was formed by the very personal experience I have every time I pull into a gas station and someWelfare-State-2014 ashy lipped, foul smelling man or woman is there asking for money. All I want to do is get gas, and maybe a bottle of water, and then be on my way. But now, with all of these people swarming around me with their hands out, it makes a simple task very stressful. Admittedly it is those faces that I see in my mind’s eye when I initially think about whom is benefitting the most from my hard earned dollars.

It is no wiggle room Wednesday and that’s just me keeping it real.

The problem is that, in researching this topic, I have found that it’s not this group of people that benefits most from government assistance at all. In fact it is this group that benefits the least.

Marginalizing the poor and those people we consider “less than desirable” has become the “new cool” in the today’s political climate. But the facts surrounding who benefits from government assistance the most shows that these trending voices at best are misleading and at worst are simple minded and intentionally divisive.

Government assistance directly helps those segments of society that hold the most power more in the form of lower capital gains taxes, subsidies, charitable deductions, a tax code that benefits higher salary earners, and corporate tax laws that have shielded big business from its proportionate share of the tax burden. On the other hand government assistance, when applied to the “less than”, is always portrayed as being a drain on the economy. Furthermore this group is readily portrayed as being lazy and underserving, whereas the powerful segments of society are considered smart and entitled

According to the The Congressional Budget Office, government assistance to the wealthy and upper middle class accounts for a much bigger slice of the entitlement pie than it does for the poor.

I’m not saying that we turn the tables and give the poor EVERYTHING. That’s not my argument. What I’m saying on this no wiggle room Wednesday is that we rightly condemn those loud voices that seek to further demonize that segment of society more for receiving less government assistance than the wealthy and upper middle income receive.

The groups that are floating out the idea of mandatory drug testing for this segment of society know exactly what they’re doing. They hate the poor and the marginalized. They will do anything they can to create a social boogeyman who we can all blame for this country’s economic woes.

Here’s my solution. Attach mandatory drug testing to the tax code. Those in the top income tiers should have to submit a blood test along with a signed tax form. You’re a business owner? Guilty! Breathe into this tube. Making your income from investments? You’re probably loaded right now. Blood test, urine sample and hand over that phone. Your drug dealer’s probably on speed dial. Finally, once we clean out the corporate board rooms and high powered professionals spending $300 on lunch, then anyone receiving SNAP or WIC should be tested last being that they have benefitted the least.

Let’s hear the voices that agree with THIS policy! 

Staff Writer; Steven Robinson

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3 Responses to “Drugs For Welfare Recipients.”
  1. Steve says:

    Dcarter910, I feel your passion on this topic. Welfare recipients should be drug tested along with those who benefit most from social welfare programs. I agree with you wholeheartedly.
    I fear that we’ve reached a point, within our community, where there are two distinct classes of people. There are those who are passionate about not repeating the past and then there are those who seemingly have no historical context at all and are sprinting towards self-annihilation for the sake of “keeping it real”….whatever that means.

  2. Dcarter910 says:

    So the lack of responses to this article is once again indicative to the victim/excuse/apathetic attitude of black people ranging from all economic and education levels within the Black community. Should welfare precipitants be drug tested? There should be a resounding “YES” from the black community and we should be standing with whatever white politician that proposes the plan. There will be no black politicians that propose such a plan because we know that they (black politicians) gain power and stay in power by playing on the black communities victim mentality and apathy toward “ni@@er-ish” activity.

    There are blacks that say this is discriminatory and even the so-called educated or self ascribed intelligent blacks would “silently” agree. Hence no response to an article like this. Now tell me my educated or self-ascribe intelligent brothers and sisters…how can blacks on welfare get off welfare and find gainful employment if they cant pass a drug test?

    Being unable to pass a drug test while on welfare ensures that they remain on welfare and thus a growing number of black people living off the system and voting…wait for it….democrat! At this point it might be best to move all black welfare recipients to a large cotton plantation in Alabama where they smoke weed, have unprotected sex, eat fried chicken, have a bunch of unwanted pregnancies with a onsite (Planned Parenthood) abortion clinic. At least under the forced labor of picking cotton they would pay for most of it instead of taking more taxes out of my paycheck.

  3. toomanygrandkids says:

    Yes, welfare recipients should be drug tested. Before the mandatory work program, those receiving welfare spent most of or entire welfare checks on drugs and alcohol. Some of them still do. Drug addicts attend these classes high as hell or hung over from the night before that’s if they go to class. No employers wants to hire an illegal substance user. And drug testing is mandatory on any job. So yeah, they need to be drug tested every so often. That way they will have no choice but to clean up and get off the drugs.

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