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Yes, A Clear and Simple Reason Why Blacks Shun the Republican Party.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Paleo-conservatives – both Black and White – repeatedly make the racist and erroneous claim that the Black community is only loyal to the Democratic Party because they want a free ride. Ironically, that’s the very mind-set that makes the Black community look upon most conservatives – and especially Black conservatives – with such disdain. I mean, what kind of idiot does it take to make such a slanderous statement about his or her own people? But there’s another reason why the Black community shuns the GOP that trumps even that blatant slander – conservatives in general.
The problem among many White conservatives is that they tend not to recognize their condescending attitude of superior entitlement towards Black people, and the problem with Black conservatives is they tend to be oblivious to that flaw in conservative character . That’s what makes them such an embarrassment to the Black community. Thus, contrary to popular belief, theblackrepublicans Black community’s disdain for Black conservatives have nothing to do with the issues of Black entitlement, self-sufficiency, or any other political concept other than the dignity and self-respect of Black people.
The people in the Black community vary in their political attitudes and views just like in any other group – especially the more religious Black people – but in spite of that fact, very few Black people identify themselves as conservative. The reason for that is, most Blacks who do identify themselves as conservatives seem to also embrace the White conservative attitude that Black people should go out of their way to skin-and-grin and show their gratitude to White people for ALLOWING Black people to be free.
As a result, instead of assuming equality, most Black conservatives tend to act more like teachers’ pets with an overwhelming need to be accepted by their white superiors. As I’ve pointed out previously, a good example of that was reflected in Herman Cain’s statement that, “I’m a brother from another mother” – or in other words, “I ain’t like the rest of them Black heathens, boss. I loves you.” That’s what Black people find so distasteful when the GOP trot out people like Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson. The only thing that seems to be missing is their leash and the pooper scooper.
Yet, White conservatives are so filled with misguided hubris that they’re completely oblivious to the fact that when they trot these people out with such fanfare, and take such obvious pride in what they think is proof positive that they’re willing to accept Black people as almost human, that they’re actually demonstrating the exact opposite. And then, what makes it even worse, is the Black people that they find who are willing to take part in such a ridiculous spectacle are so happy to be in the limelight that they come out all but wagging their tails, and invariably, they’re so appreciative of being presented as part of the fold that they feel an obligation to run out on stage and start immediately attacking their own people – “See if you weren’t so dumb you’d be up here with me.”
That’s what’s being reflected in the attached photo. If you’ll notice, in the photo Bush looks like a master rewarding his favorite pet. No? Well ask yourself, how often do you think Bush had occasion to pat Dick Cheney on the head like that? It’s a clear sign of condescension, and what’s worse is how the Black conservative is lapping it up. Again, if he had a tail, it would certainly be wagging furiously.
So, for this and many other reasons, the GOP will never get through to the Black community. Because the bottom line is, White conservatives tend to have a matter-of-fact sense of arrogant superiority and hubris that flows so deep that they’re oblivious to it – and it’s killing their brand.

A Non-Debatable Reality

LIBERAL: Lib-er-al, noun
A political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual, parliamentary systems of government, nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor, and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties. = CHANGE – GOOD NEWS FOR BLACK PEOPLE.
CONSERVATIVE: Con-ser-va-tive, noun
Disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change. = MORE OF THE SAME – BAD NEWS FOR BLACK PEOPLE.
ASSET: As-set, noun
A useful and desirable thing or quality. = INTELLIGENCE.
LIABILITY: Li-a-bil-i-ty, noun
Something disadvantageous. = BLACK CONSERVATIVES.
So why do Black people actually shun the Republican Party? Because we’re not stupid.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree
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57 Responses to “Yes, A Clear and Simple Reason Why Blacks Shun the Republican Party.”
  1. Most Black people have very little use for Black conservatives. It’s not that we disagree with everything they say, but because we’re suspect of the reasons they’re saying it. With the possible exception of those who believe in talkin’ snakes, virtually without exception, every Black conservative I’ve ever known was a self-serving opportunist. Their conservatism tends not to be so much grounded in their actual philosophy, as it is an opportunity to gain exposure and wealth. They realize that conservatives are looking high and low for Black people willing to step forward to validate their views toward the Black community. So they gleefully allow themselves to be used in return for personal wealth, position, and notoriety.
    Clarence Thomas is a case in point. There is no way that a man of his renowned level of mediocrity should be sitting on the highest court in this land – in fact, he shouldn’t even be allowed to sit in traffic court. But due exclusively to his willingness to validate the conservative view of Black America, he’s been given one of this nation’s highest honors. Thus, Thomas’ very presence on the Supreme Court is a stain on American values, our fidelity to jurisprudence, and an unabashed affront to every Black person in America.
    Clarence Thomas is allowing himself to be used as a national monument to every negative stereotype of Black people ever put forward – grinnin’, subservient, lazy, White-woman-lustin’, treacherous, dishonest, and ignorant. Then every time there’s a State of the Union address, Black people are forced to sit and look at his lecherous ass.
    So the Black community looks upon Clarence Thomas in precisely the same way as White Americans look upon a man guilty of treason against the United States – and other Black conservatives are not far behind. Why? Because most of these people would have happily voted against the Civil Rights Act in order to promote their own personal interest if they’d had the chance. And to demonstrate how transparent they are, Thomas took the unprecedented action of lobbying his colleagues to except what has now clearly been demonstrated to be a meritless challenge to Barack Obama’s eligibility to become President of the United States, while he didn’t say a word as the Supreme Court casually APPOINTED George Bush president after he lost the 2000 election. And with respect to the challenge to Obama, it took his colleagues, some of the most conservative White men in the country, to tell Thomas that he was going too far – and Herman Cain says it is Black people who are brainwashed?
    People like Thomas and Cain tend to be self-serving accommdationists who are wholly lacking in character. Black people have suffered a long history of such people, going all the way back to slavery – in fact, it was probably a Clarence Thomas clone who sold us into slavery in the first place. These were the very same people who would informed on slaves who were trying to escape to freedom: “I don’t know what’s wrong wit him, boss. Ya jest can’t get him to appreciate nothin’ you do for us. What he needs is a real good beatin’. Want me to do it? I’ll do it real good for ya, boss.”
    So having Clarence Thomas sitting on the Supreme Court, with his happy, grinnin’ face, his eager to please attitude, and his quintessential ignorance, is a bad joke at the expense of the Black community. His presence is the equivalent of giving every Black person in America the finger. It wouldn’t be any more insulting to Black people if they chiseled a picture of Buckwheat on the Supreme Court seal.
    And now we have another ‘happy face,’ in the person of Herman Cain, saying that Black people won’t support him and his fascist overseers because we’re brainwashed? And worse, we get this from a Black man whose advice to Black people during the deepest recession since the Great Depression is to, “Get a job!” Please! This is an absolute idiot.
    Get out the whip, Rush – it sounds like Herman’s been into your stash.

  2. Renee Nal says:

    “Paleo-conservatives – both Black and White – repeatedly make the racist and erroneous claim that the Black community is only loyal to the Democratic Party because they want a free ride.”

    Your entire article is based on a false premise. If you want to make a clear argument, give examples. You mentioned Herman Cain’s quote (do you have a source for that, I would like to see it in context), but most of your diatribe is pure speculation based on your personal opinion without anything to back it up.

    Eg, “hell most Africans come to America believing they are better than us, even though they can’t even use their own resources on their own lands because they are nothing but puppets.” What the heck is that? Have you been to Africa? I have lived there (working in a hospital) and I can tell you, many people, (at least where I was) came to me telling me that they admire black Americans.

    Anyway, from my perspective, black Americans who are conservative are conservative because they believe in ‘true equality’. The left seems to focus obsessively on race, when it should have nothing to do with anything.

    Content of character. THAT is what is important, not the color of one’s skin.

    Now if you want to be real, I will give you some examples of how racism has infected the Democrat party, but it is really not about racism (Malcolm X figured this out, by the way – look up his ‘chump’ speech where he discusses the Dixiecrats) –

    The racism has always been about power. Always.

    “the first black president” Bill Clinton belonged to an all-white country club. Why didn’t anyone care about that? How about Joe Biden, isn’t there a level of racism apparent when he referred to Obama as ‘clean’ and ‘articulate’ and therefore a good candidate? How about Harry Reid, when he said that Obama was ‘electable because he is light skinned with no negro dialect”?

    That doesn’t offend you? It offends me.

    Speaking of black conservatives (who have to be the bravest people in America for standing up for their beliefs despite the constant hate being thrown their way), I can give you a ton of examples of how they have been hammered on – just for the color of their skin! But you see, it is really not about that, because party trumps race.

    As State Sen. Lisa A. Gladden, a black Baltimore Democrat, said, ”Party trumps race, especially on the national level. If you are bold enough to run, you have to take whatever the voters are going to give you. Its democracy, perhaps at its worse, but it is democracy.” She said that after Michael Steele was pelted with oreos during a campaign speech.

    The Democrats, who still hail racists Woodrow Wilson (who screened the first movie ever in the White House – it was a tribute to the KKK) and FDR (who spoke at the 1924 DNC a.k.a. the ‘Klanbake,’ snubbed Olympian Jesse Owens, appointed segregationist judges to the Supreme Court…), Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger (who wanted to eliminate the black population), etc. are race obsessed.

    There is no ‘tail wagging’ as you say, on the part of Black conservatives. Believe me, they would be much more popular if they were liberal. They are about principle. And I admire them.

  3. Rameses says:

    And Elijah Muhammad didn’t live around niggas….he stayed around white folks too…..so did he really hate them? Malcolm realized the Nation played him

  4. get real says:

    @Terrance Amen–Malcom X was taught hate that El Hajj Malik El Shabazz rejected.

  5. @ get real

    If it wasn’t for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, their would have never been a Malcolm X, or all the other Brothers and Sisters who turned their lives around because of his teachings. What leader do you know has a spotless record? His positives totally out weigh his negatives.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  6. Rameses says:

    exactly @ get real….and why was he assassinated? because he told Elijah Muhammad to stop running through the “sistas in the temple…..and he got shot for it…..my manhood is not based on whether black women act righteous or not. My manhood is based on my standards for myself as a man. The same goes for black women. Their notion of womanhood should not be based on whether black males have the ability to be men.

    They should have a standard for themselves regardless……and what black people fail to realize is that black people introduced this notion of light-skinned dark skin conflict when they ruled and were in power!!!! every hardship that black people experience is due to their own behavior when they were in power. Black people are the reason why Egypt fail. Their own iniquity caused it. It was defeated long before any outsiders took it over. So what white people make fun of you. So. Love yourselves and maybe you might can dig yourself out your hole. But you want people to love you, who you consistently say want to do you wrong. I don’t care what the source of niggas problems are because wtf does it matter when you don’t address them.

    Let’s say hypothetically, that Caucasians are solely responsible for all your ills. So what!!!! What is your response to losing on the battlefield? Will you man up and woman up and get your act together or will you hope you will guilt trip the US government into reparations? You lost and don’t deserve to write the terms of your defeat. You need to regroup if you are really are a “community.” I mean you’ll use the “black community” term so prove that you are a community. Gang members show more love to each other than negroes do in their own families. At least they will defend their brothers lives at the barrel of a gun while you cats got your heads stuck in the stand.

    I have seen countless black people who tried to save black people, using up all their good years fighting for them, only to realize in their 50s and 60s they were wrong in their analysis. I met a former Panther in one of my classes in college years ago and he said “the one thing our group lacked was a spiritual foundation.” Black people are trying to be political when they have not corrected their evil spirit first. And yes, collectively, you all know black people are an evil group of people. And white people didn’t make you that way because if you go by your histories, you all was waging war against each other in Africa. How do you think people were able to play both sides? Caucasians didn’t know the interior of Africa until you taught it to them.

    Slavery only became a problem in Africa when Kings and Queens started getting enslaved. Until then, slavery was a mutual business arrangement between African nations and European elites. So this notion of saving black people has always been a farce. Because you cats operate off the premise that Africans were victims….hell most Africans come to America believing they are better than us, even though they can’t even use their own resources on their own lands because they are nothing but puppets. How many African leaders we see that are corrupt? How much do they invest in other Africans? They talk about how bad the European has done them worng, but they damn sure cross that Atlantic and go to his schools and get his stamp of approval with his degree….then laugh at us for picking cotton……lol……I’d rather be an American than an African at this point because looking at what we have access to, we come out a whole lot better on this end.

    We actually live in a land that if we play our cards right, we can actually invest in Africa and start industries there, although we would probably have to pay off some bribes to the corrupt leaders over there……..Africans don’t love black people in America…..their bout as corrupt as you can get in terms of running government. Just like your kind in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, etc in the US. “I’m gonna start a program to save my people.” LOL….. white folks don’t even think like this. If you want to screw up your life smoking meth, Bill Gates is not wasting his time with you. He provides scholarships to students who want to accomplish something out of life.

    But negroes waste all their energy on the losers instead of investing in the potential winners. Leave Bigeer Thomas alone or you’re gonna be 60 years old, with no savings or investments and going to the food bank trying to get some food to eat because you invested your time in some hopeless people. Tupac in his teens felt hopeless looking at black people. Depression all in his music. For what? This idealistic notion to save the negro? God gave you your freedom and instead of you capitalizing on it and showing Him your gratitude, you turn into a prostitute/criminal minded culture. Yet you want favor?

    If Egypt can fall, what makes you niggas think you deserve to survive? At least Egypt had accomplishments and contributed to Civilization as a whole. What do you niggas contribute to civilization besides garbage rap music and Beyonce Knowles?

  7. get real says:

    Terrance Amen,

    There is nothing honorable about Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan sealing Malcom X fate.

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