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Ok, Why Are Some Black People Forever Waiting For The Obama Bus That Will Never Come?

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( Many people forgot how it was in “certain slices” of the Black community when Barack Obama won the election after a grueling campaign to become the President of the United states back in 2008.

Oh how time flies and oh how attitudes have changed…….

What I am speaking on is the mood shift from extreme bliss to outright anger and disappointment that the downtrodden people of color have expressed in the last few months after not having their lives miraculously changed overnight once President Obama took over as Executive in Chief in 2008 and once again in 2012.

While I do have my issues with him, they were not as delusional as the people who I’ve witnessed in person who thought their savior has arrived!

Yes! They had this man damn near as the Second Coming of CHRIST!

Not only that, because he was the first Black president they felt as though his first concern would be to give everyone Black some kind of free pass and allowing them to jump to the head of the line in life.

I remember the day after he won, I was driving my bus and heard the comments that were so comical and bordered on the insane:Obama, January 2012

Hallelujah PRAISE JESUS! We have “OUR” first President and the hard times are over! My lights have been out for three months now and I am so glad that they are going to get cut back on now that he’s in office!”

“I never thought this day would come! My credit has been jacked up all my life but as soon as Obama gets sworn in I’m going straight to the Cadillac dealership and pick out the most expensive model and cruise the streets until the wheels fall off!”

“The devil is a liar! I’ve been struggling with paying out for these high priced medications for the last five years and now it’s such a good feeling to know that we have a “Brother” in office that will give me the hook up where I can now save all of my money!”

Now granted I must admit that these responses came from those in some very downtrodden neighborhoods here in Orlando Florida where many of the residents didn’t have a clue as to how the political process worked or had a basic understanding of what a president could or couldn’t do.

This is why education is so important, not only does it help to increase your chances at a better paying job as most see this as being the prime advantage of having a degree, but it also increases the quality of ones life because of a better understanding of the world around them.

If these folks who rode my bus were educated on the most basic rules of politics, then they wouldn’t have uttered those embarrassing statements so brazenly and would have hesitated from making themselves look so inept and foolish.

But as far as I am concerned this goes so much deeper than that. You have many uneducated Blacks that are still lost in that time bubble who carry on the mentality of the slaves before them that knew no better. Just because you and I may understand that we are living in the years 2013 and that the world has moved on to such an advanced level, there are those who are unaware of how far behind the learning curve they really are.

Since moving down to the south 12 years ago in 2001, I now realize that while I brought my New York habits with me it would sometimes appear to be the classic case of fitting a square peg in a round hole when I would try to communicate with those who even HAD a college degree in their possession.

But I found out the hard way that you can rubber stamp a piece of paper and call it a college degree but you can’t pass out common sense so easily.

Many Black people here in the south have the material trappings of success but almost just as many still move about the earth with a mindset that is directly connected to a way of thinking that was prevalent in the days of slavery where one waited to be taken care of by the slave master.

This is a trait that has been cultivated over time on a people who came to this country captured but still mighty before being broken down over many endless generations into the current watered down facsimile of  a formless container that has taken on the image of the garbage placed into it.

It’s so sad that many of us just don’t see how far down the tubes we’ve gone as a people but while some of us see the light, many will never. “Some” of us lost our greatness, we lost our ability to build great structures, to scribe great laws that coincide with the divine powers of the natural universe. We’ve lost that special something that has reduced us to waiting for a “hook-up” from the man we call President who may possess the same visage as us but quite possibly may be a Trojan horse of a puppet to whom the true unseen “powers that be” can bilk us of what’s left of the pie for us to grab.

The answer to our issues is NOT in a mere man who we’ve elected into an office as a politician, but it’s deep within ourselves. We have got to reconnect with that long buried connection to the hijacked way of thinking that has been replaced by a culture of buffoonery, entertainment and preoccupation with all things lust.

President Barack Obama, never forget, is a politician first, do not be so gullible as to be fooled into thinking that he arrived on the scene to pay anyone’s light bill, buy anyone a brand spanking new Caddy or cover the full cost of someones medication and health care. We have got to come out of that kind of thinking because it is never going to happen.

He is the President of the entire country and although his posturing in Alabama and other key areas in the deep south brought to mind a dream realized by Dr. Martin Luther King, he more than anyone else did this to ensure that the votes of a downtrodden people would be locked down because he knew all about the mental conditioning that we’re prone to after so many hundreds of years on these shores.

Sadly, the President Obama bus will NEVER come until we learn to do what Barack did with his life, and that was not to wait around for anyone to give him a handout or a ride on a bus that didn’t exist, but to start walking on his own two feet in the direction of his dreams to make them come true.

He waited for no hookups and he got what he put in, this is the only way to keep the lights on or to get that brand new Cadillac as well as coming up with the money to secure ones health care needs. We were once like this as history has documented our past greatness and the only way to refurbish and return ourselves into our lost majesty is to gain that precious knowledge that is very seldom taught in the schools of our captors…….

…….until then, we can wait on that imaginary bus to arrive chock full of the hookups that never really ever existed. The choice is yours, start walking or sit on your ass watching the time go by and the opportunities diminish.

I for one don’t have to even tell you what I decided once you see how swollen my feet are, I’ve been walking toward my goals without any expectation of a handout until my shoes fell off but I wouldn’t have it any other way because my personal finish line is in sight yet I see no one behind on that bus that the others told me that I was foolish for not waiting on.

The Obama Bus is just another deception to keep us where they want us. Sitting on a mentally dead bus stop waiting while life passes us by.

Staff Writer; Lance Scurvin
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8 Responses to “Ok, Why Are Some Black People Forever Waiting For The Obama Bus That Will Never Come?”
  1. Florida says:

    President Obama never said he wanted to be “only the black people President” From what I remembered he said he wanted to be the president of the United States (everybody). The majority of his work help all “women” not just black women, all people – gun control will affect everybody, immigration which affect different nationalities of race/cultures. The black race did not solely get him office… It took more than the Black vote….so stop waiting for President Obama, section 8, And society to rescue you out of poverty…educate yourself so you can have a better life for you and your family.

  2. Marcus Vessey says:

    Steph, not all sites are for all things. Providing information and thought are unique to providing a direct service, such as a ‘jobs board’. I encourage you that if that is on your heart then you take it on.

    James, I agree 100% with you. The President sets his political agenda and then seeks to use the wide ranging explicit and implicit powers to make this agenda a reality. The examples you gave in your original comment were very appropriate.

    Unlike you however, I have seen little dampening of enthusiasm by Black folks in their support of Obama. In fact, a recent poll showed that Blacks were overwhelmingly supportive of his performance. Talk about a disconnect from reality.

    The biggest argument that I hear is that “he is the president of all America” when critiques of his performance are made as it relates to our condition. To me this is shows our lack of understanding of how politics works, and also this argument negates our ability to legitimately get movement on our issues.

    So like you said, I have accepted that the bus will never come. Not because it couldn’t, but because we provide no incentive for it to come. We don’t demand it to come. We just look at Obama and say, “Wow he is so handsome and he is a great family man” and for most that is enough. While we struggle.

  3. James Davis says:

    Economics and politics are not the only two fronts on which we will do battle in the upcoming weeks. There is a 3rd, and that is religion. We as a people in the coming weeks and months will have do battle simultaneously on all three fronts. However the victory is ours, if we can align ourselves behind a plan of initiatives that will maximize our strengths. The most potent weapon of any movement is truth. It is a question of putting the truth as we understand it to be, into the ears and minds of enough people
    to call ourselves a movement. There are enough disgruntled brothers and sisters who are yearning to do battle. We, however have to align ourselves behind a plan which will affect all three fronts. Historically, blacks have always advanced as a group. However, we moved ahead because our movements in the past always advanced the greater good of this society. We are the heart and soul of this country. I suggest to you this movement will no different.

  4. The problem within our community is we’re focused on the wrong things. It’s economics we should be focused on, not politics. Those who control politics, control the wealth of this country. In this day and time, our success or failure is determined by what we do or don’t do. If we continue on this path of supporting every group but our own, then we continue to contribute to our own destruction.

    But if we change this mindset and start to support and build in our own community, we would have the money and clout to control a piece of this unjust political system like the wealthy does. We would also be able to weather the storm better when we didn’t get what we wanted, and our vote wouldn’t be taken for granted, like it is now. It’s past time we start supporting each other. For information on how to do this, click on my name.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  5. Steph says:

    I think one of our greatest handicaps is our refusal to share information. I see this on many levels. For instance, how come on this website (that pretend to worry so much about black unemployment) there is no job section! This question has been raised many times and the status quo still remains! When I was a teenager looking for a job nobody in the black community (my parents included) showed me how to make a CV. I had to learn everything by myself and I know I am not the only one in the Black community who was in this situation. This refusal to share information is an another form of poverty in itself!

  6. Steph says:

    I totally agree with you James. No groups beside us voted 95% for Obama and I am not convinced that if Oprah didn’t endorse him, he would be in the position he is today!

  7. James Davis says:

    I Have To Take Issue With Your Conclusion Regarding Mr. Obama And His Administration!

    What presidential Administrations do is set policies, and in in many instances write or endorse legislation to be adopted in either the Senate or the House of Representatives. These policies and legislative initiatives can be negative or positive for any given group. For instance Mr. Obama’s position regarding gay marriages proved to be positive for the homosexual community, monetarily and socially. Monetarily, in that the homosexual community in many states may be able to pass monetary assets to their partners. Socially, in that the image of homosexuals marrying each other was given a positive facelift. The same thing is true for Hispanics, as they will monetarily benefit from the passage of a comprehensive immigration bill. They will be able to openly compete for any jobs without the fear of being deported. Blacks legitimately, just as these other pressure groups, should have an expectation of some positive policies emanating from this White House also. It should not be because he is an African American President, but because we supported him. Thus far his policies in regard to black aspirations have been muted. However, we should continue to pressure this Administration for policies that will affect us monetarily in a positive way. Would you suggest we should not?

  8. MLK says:

    The dream was not to elect a man based on his skin color.

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