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Removing the Veil from Black History Month.

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( SANKOFA: A West African word meaning to retrieve the past in order to live in the future.

February, the nationally-recognized, officially-designated month to observe, celebrate, and praise much of Black America’s achievements and contributions to weaving the fabric of the American civilization has come and gone. It seems that beyond this 28-day stretch, though, the significance of black history is likened to a barely-visible flicker in the dark night, with it rarely being the topic of any on-going conversations and/or daily teachings to present full and balanced truths to the misinformed populous at large.

It further seems as though much of America—including Black America—has been pacified with only this month-long appeasement; however, those who value the black race and understand the significance in Black America’s past, current, and future contributions know too well the benefits all would experience if black history was integrally and fully incorporated into daily life, practices, and traditions at the onset of and throughout one’s life as are Euro-centric ideals. Many claim that Afro-centric ideals are loftily incorporated into daily teachings, but if this were the case, there wouldn’t be a need for Black History Month and Black studies in colleges and universities.   

Most black and non-black students alike from kindergarten through college are presented, if any at all, a distorted, slanted and fabricated view of history as it pertains to Black/African-Americans’ contributions to World andafricanandblackhistorymonth American history.   The video Black African History and BLACK Empires You Were Never Told About  addresses the existence of Black Empires that’s generally excluded from the pages of history.  

When it comes to an unbiased presentation of history, a monolithic truth problem exists. While unscrupulous White scholars, archeologists, anthropologists, and philosophers paint one picture, Black historian scholars along with the more circumspect White scholars paint another as shown in the above video and in Africa You Will Never See in HIS-STORY books (crucial info).

Black historians are generally discredited not just by White scholars but also by cloned White scholars with black skin. Black/African-American inventors, statesman, professionals, explorers, scientists, architects, artists, writers and musicians— despite their enormous contributions to society—are often times excluded from American history—albeit athletes, entertainers and musicians are generally acknowledged. Cerebral accomplishments, with the exception of a sprinkled few who cannot be denied, for the most part, are conveniently excluded.    

REAL Black history encompasses both World and American history, including pre- and post-American slavery days. As such, if blacks limit their perspective, knowledge, and acceptance of black history to the incidences that occurred in America, then the truth is that these blacks sadly do not share in the bounty of having a rich, thriving culture and history founded upon dignity, progressivism, and self-sustenance that existed in Africa prior to the American and European slave trade.

Aspects of American history revolving around Negro, Colored, and African Americans to all intents and purposes began after the Civil War and/or with the debarking of the first slave ship. The terms Negro, Colored, and African American bound and conveniently confine Blacks’ identity to that as descendants of slaves, thus, eternally disconnected from any other past history. They are left without a compass to navigate and return to any geographical ties in the mother land.  There is no such place as “African” America and the terms Negro, Colored do not relate to any land, history or culture other than that of subjugation, strife, inferiority and indignity.

Is there a cover up governed by archaeological, government and historical circles to hide true identities; and if so, why?

Black historian scholars along with some erudite White historians raise interesting and begging questions relative to Black Civilizations and its place in World history. Facts seem to suggest that there is a deliberate attempt to obliterate the contributions of Black Civilizations from the pages of history, but as historians and scholars continue to study past developments, there are factors that cannot be denied or erased that place Blacks on the grand stage of history: The African Moors in Spain and Return To Glory.

Along with many archeologists and anthropologists, notable figures such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Joseph Arthur Comte de Gobineau, Madison Grant, and, most recently, the authors of the book “Bell Curve” published in the mid 1990’s have all influenced minds and help paint a distorted picture of history in their advocating of White Supremacy. If White America does not feel threatened and knows without a shadow of a doubt that they are the most progressive and supreme form of being on this earth, why is there an overwhelming need to build a case for superiority of one group and the so-called inferiority of another? Why is there a need to fabricate and/or hide parts of history?   

If there is anything mentally inferior about today’s Black American people, it is their inability to rise to the statuesque of their forefathers ( Great Kings and Queens of Africa) by accepting a baser image of themselves conveyed through the use of the n-word and referring to self as a n**ga/n**ger.  A n**ger is a contrived image that was forced upon Blacks’ enslaved ancestors, browbeating them into acceptance which the naïve and paternalistic modern day descendants obediently and meekly embrace as an acceptance of their downfall from grace.   

Society is asked to believe that white people gratuitously developed Egypt and, as an after thought thousands of years later, decided to develop Europe; and while supposedly developing Egypt, they benevolently built a Sphinx with Afroid features, that millenniums later, at Napoleon first laying his bewildered eyes upon the momentous monument ordered his troops to shoot off its nose.  For what ever reason it has been a common practice to deface the Afroid features of Egyptian artifacts and statuettes then later deceivingly create drawings of these same artifacts with European facial features.  The defaced artifacts and statuettes are on display in Egyptian museums today, further contributing to the fabricated lies conceived to smother the existence of a people all in the name of honoring stolen legacies.

Just as clarity to clear up the aforementioned suggestion, the cold facts are such that: Western civilization (Greco-Roman culture) begins somewhere around the 8th century BC.  Alexander the Great invaded Egypt 332 BC leading to the eventual fall of Egypt. From 5th century AD (Dark Ages, Middle Ages, the Renaissance on into the 16th century AD), European culture was in developmental stages.  In contrast, Africa was experiencing its third Golden Age through the civilizations of Mali, Ghana and Songhay. The Great Pyramid and Sphinx were thousands of years old by this point in time. 

Eventually, after being invaded by foreigners, Egypt gradually transformed from being a Black Civilization to what it is today. To fully understand such a transformation, one must look no further than America’s own back yard to the Olmec Heads. Though the Olmec Heads are of Afroid features, people are expected to accept the hypothesis advanced by amoral white archeologists and anthropologists that such features, along with other clues, are meaningless and to ignore the obvious as to who the Olmecs truly were.

The reader is encouraged to view the following videos, and thereafter, undertake their own research and apply due diligence to learn how it is that the Mayans, Aztecs, Incans, Hispanics, and Native American Indians are possibly all descendants of the Olmecs: UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: “Blacks” were the 1st Americans !!!THE Undeniable Evidence  and Olmec Heads 1/5.

Three questions:  When Columbus first set foot on this land who all did he REALLY encounter? And second, would the Moorish American Treaty of Peace Friendship 1787 have anything to do with this encounter?  Third, if so, what were the implications, significance and need for a treaty with Morocco on the behalf of Moors?

The entire Black American population owes it to self and their forefathers to unearth the truth; Black America has been bamboozled and hoodwinked long enough. To determine a real future for Black America, the entire race of people must learn about and embrace their past far back across the water to use that as a foundation and a source of life for future progress. Black America must not wait to learn about Black history when it is convenient for the rest of America, but must remain owners of their own enlightenment, keepers of their own achievements, and missionaries of their own salvation.  

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. ( );  and author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word“.

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2 Responses to “Removing the Veil from Black History Month.”
  1. Great article and thank you for the videos you listed. But we need our own schools or after school programs to teach our people their history. We also need to support our historians in their search for the truth about our history and challenge any authority that disputes it. This is what the Jews do very well and they are a very small population. We can’t expect people who enslaved us to tell the truth about our greatness. It’s not in their best interest, which is why most Black people don’t have a clue about their contributions to the world. We must solve this problem ourselves, just like all the other problems in our community. This is why they still exist. For more information on how to do this, click on my name.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  2. Brother Smith has written an important informational essay. My problem is that this essay will not be read by most of the black people who need to read it. Nevertheless, I am inspired when I read this essay, because I know that Bro Smith is doing good work. In addition, I am asking Bro Smith to keep on writing because his writing is “out in the open” for those who are fortunate enough to read them.
    Keep writing my brother.

    Chris Bell

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