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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Yes, Is Hip Hop Destroying Black America?

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( Is Hip Hop Destroying Black America? To answer this question fairly, we must first discard the distorted image of Hip Hop that mainstream media has passed off for the past 20 years. Hip Hop is a movement consisting of 4 main artistic elements: DJ’ing, Rapping, Breaking and Graffiti. But at its core, it is a philosophy based on the idea that self expression is an integral part of the pursuit of peace, love and unity. It was created by young visionaries who tapped into their greatest potential and gave birth to one of the most important cultural phenomenon the world has ever seen.

Shaped by the spirit of Africa, The Carribean and Black America, it is a culture that binds us under the belief that we must strive for excellence through ourhiphop respective artforms, as well as within our souls. It’s a lifestyle that unites people from the U.S to Nigeria, France to Brazil, Japan to Mexico, often unable to speak each other’s language but fully capable of understanding all that makes us who we are. True Hip Hop is the MC who raps from the heart or enlightens the people. It is the DJ who speaks with his hands. It is the 6 year old B-girl who break dances like her life depends on it or a group of young dancers whose moves defy gravity effortlessly.

It is the graffiti artist whose shapes and colors breathe new life onto gritty city landscapes or the beatboxer who manipulates sounds like a one-man orchestra. It’s the aspiring politician who genuinely reflects the people she represents, the progressive educators who give voiceless youth a platform to express their deepest thoughts and the grassroots activists who launch campaigns against a corrupt music industry. For millions of people here and abroad, this is Hip Hop, the way it was meant to be…and it is NOT destroying Black America.

If this doesn’t sound like the kind of Hip Hop you’re familiar with, blame the music industry and mainstream media for bombarding you with a steady diet of rappers talking about drugs, sex and violence for over two decades.

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3 Responses to “Yes, Is Hip Hop Destroying Black America?”
  1. malcom johnson says:

    all hip hop is not lik that hopsin, common, lupe fiasco, immortal technique, k lamar?…view

  2. Papacool says:

    Hip hop in its earliest form was simple, pure, and thought provoking as the artist finally had an avenue to express his/her self. The studio was the Garden of Eden. As time went on, the seed of destruction was introduced, aka gangster and images of half naked women to apply visual effects. The chance of utilitizing this avenue to make a positive difference lost out to the flashy images and visions of cash flow going through ones head. We all look forward to being entertained, but at what cost? In this case the bar has been lowered as the abiiity to be original has also gave way to the copy cat technology that has crippled the ability of a live performance due to the fact that most artist can not produce the goods outside of the studio environment. If only the guy from Milli Vannili had waited to see that lip synching would be the norm, he would still be around today and have all of the awards that were taken from him restored. Thank God that artists like Stevie and Prince are around to provide the real deal in being able to play their music and actually perform and not fake it. Peace out, Papacool.

  3. DaTruth says:

    Hip hop has been twisted and perverted into pure trash by the lowest criminal elements in the black community. And the result of this is that many blacks see and think this culture is what being cool is all about.

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