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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I’m a Barbie Girl….in a Barbie World.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) So…this picture was emailed to me, and supposedly this is supposed to be the “new” Barbie Doll, though at this moment, I don’t think that has been confirmed by Mattel. At any rate, the message attached to the email was that, I was the “perfect person” to declare and express my outrage at the depiction of Black Women that is negatively represented by this doll.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am NOT outraged. A depiction is a “representation” and unfortunately this doll represents how some Black Women see themselves. I can name two public Black Women right off the top of my head; Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. In fact, Nicki calls her fans Barbz and she calls herself the “Black Barbie Doll” and has taken several pictures wearing a blond weave and blue eyes.

“I’m a barbie girl /in a barbie world/ life is plastic /its fantastic /you can brush my hair/ undress me /everywhere imagination/ life is your creation com’on barbie lets go—lyrics from Nicki Minaj “Barbie Girl”

Nicki Minaj also has a huge fan base that is not only limited to young girls, but grown women as well. So we have grown women calling themselves Barbz, and are imitating a woman that wants to be known as a plastic mold, hence the fake hair, fake eyes and things of
that nature.

I can also walk out of my house, into any store, mall or bank or wherever I go and see a Black Woman almost dressed identical to the doll, so why should I be outraged at what is a very accurate representation of some Black Women?

Whenever I write an article, the first and most consistent rebuttal of deflection is “well not all Black Women act like that“, and I keep telling you that is

irrelevant. There are ENOUGH Black Woman that don’t recognize their beauty of their skin, regardless of the tone, that don’t recognize the beauty of their hair, regardless of the texture, that don’t recognize the beauty, power and protection that comes with modesty, that don’t appreciate the beauty of their own eyes, so they get blue contacts, or contacts to make their eyes lighter, because we still are digesting the inferiority complex that has been fed to us, and we still suffer from self hatred, so the doll represents an accurate portrayal of the percentage of Black Women that still suffer from all of the above.

Do we not spend billions of dollars in the hair industry to buy every OTHER hair color? To buy every OTHER texture? Do we not see that our self hatred makes other people millionaires? Do we honestly wonder why our little girls hate themselves? When the majority of the women around them hate themselves? You turn on the TV, there is a Sister with blond hair, there are campaigns and ads where Beyonce has been made to look “lighter” than what she already is. How are our young girls going to learn self love, if those that are suppose to teach them are wallowing in self hate?

I was asked the question “who would allow their daughter to play with these dolls?” My answer was ; I’m guessing the same women who let their daughters be “baby nicki minaj“, the same  women who think its cute when their three year old daughters do the “Beyonce dance“, the same women who have their daughters all over youtube in wigs and makeup singing nicki songs, hell the same women who LOOK exactly like this doll would be the ones that think this doll is cute, therefore allowing their daughters to play with it.  However,  the issue really isn’t the doll  itself if they have an actual walking, talking, breathing, replica in their MOTHER. That’s more dangerous than any doll.

After I posted this on facebook, I received another email from the same person that sent me the picture, and she expressed her disappointment in my reaction, and said that I am “not the advocate for women” that she thought I was, and that she is very hurt that I am not appalled by this “ratchetness”. First of all, I am an advocate for TRUTH, and I am unable to deny the TRUTH that this doll represents in our community. Secondly, the word advocate is defined as:

A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

I am definitely an advocate for women, in the sense that I have been VERY public regarding the necessary reformation of the Black Woman that is vital to the restructuring of the Black Family. If you are appalled at the “ratchetness” of the doll, then you in turn, have no choice but to be appalled with the “ratchet” women who go out of their way to look just like that doll.

So if this image upsets you…then instead of looking at the Maker of the doll…..maybe you should look at the MUSE.

Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
To learn more about this talented sister, feel free to visit; Nojma Reflects.


21 Responses to “I’m a Barbie Girl….in a Barbie World.”
  1. Abraham says:

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  2. toomanygrandkids says:


    I’m pretty sure she’s in the Celebrity category.

  3. toomanygrandkids says:

    IDK if I posted this or not but there’s a pic of Nicki Minaj online wearing a penis! She’s a protege of Lil Wayne, right? Nothing she says or does shouldn’t be a surprise. Nicki craves attention and she’s got lots of it.

  4. Papacool says:

    With the exception of the chain, I was reminded of where I had seen someone that looked like the depiction of the doll shown and it hit me. The REAL housewives of ATL and Love Hip Hop ATL came to mind. If a person really buys into the Minaj imagery so be it. For the life of me, I can not truly recall seeing a true sister born with blonde hair as blondes do have more fun. I still go back to choices as the foundation of what people become or make themselves out to be. I have seen females with multi-colored hair from other racial backgrounds that initially caught me by surprise. But underneath it all was a hint of sanity and humanity that made the tophat appearance unimportant. Until we get the hint that others enjoy seeing us exploit ourselves without a degree of dignity, the stereotypes will continue to find justification. Barbie is just a doll, but the hype that something that is not even living generates just blows me away, while someone alive and breathing is left to survive barely making ends meet. It seems to me to be a matter of priorities. I guess Ken will be next, as something else has to follow. Sisters please understand that you are beautiful just as you are and have always been. Now I see why Cleopatra was whitened up instead of remaining black and beautiful and why the noses of the statues of the pyramids were often times destroyed to alleviate the African American feature that was most prominent, only to have Bo Derek get braided up and the botoxification of the lips, breasts, and rear-ends. As much as we are hated, the more we are loved. Go figure, Peace out Papacool.

  5. Ramses says:

    On my facebook page, I saw a black chick who was married, who was one of the biggest hoes in college you could find. Tried to add me to her collection but the brawd was beneath me and i refused her request (see men do have standards). She actually screwed this girl’s boyfriend at a party. Much to my surprise (and horror) I saw on my friend’s page that she was married!!!! Lol…I was like this dude probably has no clue what he was marrying. Then I thought about it: he probably does. When you got dudes making songs about being in love with a stripper or Wiz Khalifa wifing up Amber Rose or Kanye West impregnating Kim, these dudes will be with anything. But it makes sense. Most black men come from single parent backgrounds where their mothers raised them (or not). And many of them see women who are as slutty as the aforementioned women above. So they literally pick women to be with that’s like their mom. Very sad indeed. A friend of mine was actually bragging to me about sleeping with this chick who had ten kids the other day!!!!! In my mind I was like “dude, wtf ar you doing?” But I didn’t want to rain on his parade, even though I really did want to. I just left it alone. Point being, like my ex said a few years back (a black woman), black men have no standards when it comes to women. Mind you, she was talking about other black women when she said this. This woman is constantly writing articles about the debased behavior about black women, yet gets so much flak for saying the things she has said. She has shown the ability to be self-reflective, a key ingredient in changing for the better as a person. Yet you got men and women who condemn her because they have no standard whatsoever. This dude on here actually condoned Nicki Minaj. LOL!!! loser indeed. Black men, as a collective, are garbage in terms of having good sense when it comes to choosing good women for themselves. I am dropping some of my closest male friends (black) because of this. I don’t want any weak men around me who can’t show me that they are in control when it comes to their women because I would not trust these men to go into battle with me on any level and most black men fit this category. Dudes I’ve known since elementary school I’ve dropped because of this. I detest weak men period. How can i respect a man who woman treats him like a chump? I’m pretty sure every black man on here has seen a friend of theirs get torn out the frame by some woman they’ve dealt with. I mean seeing women educe men to tears, yet these same men kept going back for more. I’m not saying men are not supposed to express emotions, but if you have a woman that continues to hurt you, then why keep dealing with her? You got cats who are scared to use their options and they have plenty. So many dudes are trying to revive dead flowers, something you can’t do. Throwing on the cape all the time, yet keep getting treated like Clark Kent. Good luck with that plan

  6. sankofa says:

    I am of the opinion that any knee-grow male that endorses knee-grow female rachetness should be dragged out in to the field and buried upside down. Real African men are dealing with enough shit from rachet females to bother having to deal with simp ass nukkas and pussy hounds who are either closeted homosexuals or weak minded, weak spirited, broken and empty husks who are taking up space. If more men take back their balls and learn to lead, actually lead, you will find less rachetness and females stepping up their game. However, while rachet is rachet, what incentives do many of these females have when they have no standard to meet? The problem sister has with these deflecting females is that they are controlled by their run-a-muck emotions and will ALWAYS refuse to take responsibility. So as men we should have sister holding it down by herself, because ultimately men have to become leaders again, as our approval is the one that will eventually trump their white daddy syndrome.

  7. Ramses says:

    I know right!!!!! @yeahIsaidit….they say black men don’t lead…yet when they attempt to lead, they say “you can’t tell me what to do” or “I’m independent.” LOL….4o year old women who want to be nicki minaj…boy women like Anita Baker and those queens of old who carried themselves with grace are as rare as Haley’s comet. It’s a shame that these type of black women are the exception instead of the norm. Anita Baker doesn’t even have to put out new music because her old music is of such quality it stands the test of time instead of this era where they put out records every six months…..even when fathers weren’t around in the 80’s and early 90s, many black women did not play you running up in their daughters on some whore tip. Some mothers back in the day were scary as hell and you knew not to mess around with their daughter unless you planeed on sticking around…now mothers are trying to screw their daughters men. I had an ex who mom wanted to give me some!!!!!! LOL…. my great grandmother was a matriarch of our family…these women used to teach daughters and granddaughters the old ways. 60 years of welfare has made these women totally dependent on the state (white man) as their daddy. It will not change. Destruction is here. When you hate your self destruction is what you seek

  8. Yeah_I_said_it! says:

    Some how I can see that eventually all of this will be blamed on black men.

  9. Ramses says:

    “I have even seen a video of a group of young girls dancing in a seductive manner while their MOTHERS make it “rain” on them, by throwing dollar bills at them. You know is behind the camera filming this madness? The MOTHERS.” WOW….yeah it’s pretty much over people…the fact that you have people that disagree with this article let’s you know the stupidity that exist in the black community….our great grandparents would cringe in their graves if they saw black people act like this…..a doll from germany that was used as a sex toy is what black women are teaching their daughters to be like….hmmm…ok keep playing with The Most High…Sodom was destroyed for the same behavior….keep thinking you can do just whatever you want….grown women calling themselves Barbz? Nicki Minaj is ugly as hell and fake…they have pics of her pre-surgery….yo it’s like that “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” stuff really came true. I swear this feels like a whole new portal of time!!!! lol….if they had ships to go colonize distant planets I would be the first to sign up because there is no intelligent life forms here!!!! lol…I would gldly leave this trash behind and start over like Noah….I’ve never seen a people who buy into self hate the way black people do (most notably the women) I mean people are literally eating off the self-hate and making billions off of it. Good luck in this new millenium….let’s see how long you’ll survive as a collective with that mentality…lol…good riddance

  10. dikwhole says:

    Nicki “Trainwreck” Minaj is a puppet, and so are the people who idolize her. In fact, pop-culture, in it’s entirety not just the black part, is full of lies. When you buy into the lies you want the product. After you’ve bought their products you have officially lost that battle for your SELF. These people are not your friends. Stop giving them so much attention.

  11. Yeah_I_said_it! says:

    Let’s keep it real, this is what a lot of black women like. So now all these strong black women can now buy this whored up doll and give it as a birthday gift to their daughters.

  12. Nojma says:

    While some of these comments are almost laughable, what they really do is showcase the gross denial of one of the ills that is effecting our community. Some of you might have had valid points, IF as I mentioned in my article there were not numerous youtube videos, where little girls have on wigs, lipstick, inappropriate clothing and are singing her songs, while their mothers call them “baby Nicki”. You would have a point if there were not numerous videos of little girls in wigs imitating Beyonce. You would have a valid point if there were not numerous videos of young girls gyrating as if they have been groomed for the stripper pole. I have even seen a video of a group of young girls dancing in a seductive manner while their MOTHERS make it “rain” on them, by throwing dollar bills at them. You know is behind the camera filming this madness? The MOTHERS.

    I work at a school, and there is a five year old that was on the playground twerking! I mean she was moving her body in a manner that NO child should, and guess who thought it was harmless? Her mother! Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim and many others have promoted this “barbie doll” ideology. Why attempt to be like a plastic mold when we have real deal powerful Black Women that we can look at as inspiration? I mean really what’s inspirational about a woman that walks across the stage with a dildo strapped to her?

    Our young girls don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality because their mothers are right beside them at a concert singing the lyrics with their daughters. As I stated, there are grown women walking around calling themselves “Barbz”! If the Mother idolizes this type of image, what choice will her children have? Are mothers not the first teachers?

    We grossly underestimate the power of influence i.e. advertising. Have you seen pictures of Lil Kim where her skin tone is drastically lighter? I mentioned the ads where Beyonce’s skin is lightened because that sends a subliminal message that “lighter” is better and beautiful.

    The media and music is one of the most effective way to lull people to sleep. Continue to let the Pied Piper have control of your children, then feign ignorance and wonder why YOU have no control over them.

  13. Ramses says:

    evan you’re stupid as hell and I see why some women are gay if they had to select men like you…..how can any man with any sense of manhood think nicki minaj is inspirational? oh the same type of dudes who allow their daughters to dress like her on halloween (see Kandi Burress from Xcape). But then be ont tv crying when your child has been molested and found strangles somewhere like Jon Benet Ramsey. But good luck people with the notion that Nicki Minaj is opinionated. Opinionated doesn’t mean you know what the hell you’re talking about. Just like most people who come on this site!!!! lol…damn dummies

  14. selina khan says:

    its amazing what someone so narrow minded can write…freedom of speech? nope…JUST STUPIDITY.

  15. Dorothy Goldsmith says:

    If these women are lot literate enough to understand the look the artist and the implications of euro look, is to the 2nd and third power. When Black women walk around looking like the live in Hollywood, or working out a video on the way to the washtub and Aldi,’s wearing clothes from the pink bag store not Victoria Secret. Image for Nicki and Beyonce is a part of what they do to entertain. what you do to entertain should be your choice but to ever think the weave the designer and or the tight stank fitting closes will give you the same persona and a euro image of this doll may be good for a certain age but not if you have bought in to the hype of becoming a video walkabout. Oh and while we are talking style Why would young ladies think its o k to walk about in their underwear, is there a word to identify this style, DAM. Maybe this doll comes with walkabout P.J’s also.

  16. Deborrah says:

    First of all, these are ENTERTAINERS. They are people that present a pretend image, a fantasy. They are NOT here to teach our children a damn thing. They are here to sing, dance, or make us laugh. That’s it! If someone’s child hates themselves because of an entertainer, then that parent has done a piss poor job of raising their child.

    Every child should be taught the difference between reality and fantasy – real people in your life and fake people on TV and in movies.

    And children should know not to model their dress, attitude, language or behavior around what entertainers do. They may as well model themselves after Fred Flintstone

  17. Ms. Clark says:

    Clearly, some missed the main idea of the writers message. SMH! Instead of idolizing celebrities some may need to idolize education, because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  18. evan says:

    This article is pure nonsense. That song she stated those r modonnas lyrics and nicki didnt do that song (idk where she got that from). And nicki is more than a gimmick she likes to b a lil cute yeah but shes sexy amd beautiful. SHes always reminding ppl of how rewarding hard work is and how she rose to the top. Hiw women nedd to break the barriers of men and become their own individuals. So the fact that ur assuming shit thats nor true is disgusting. This article is full of shit u got from idk what sources. Ask any nicki fan and they will tell u shes not about being fake she one of the most strongly opinionated, intellegent, witty, beautiful, realist person to dominate the female rap industry. And againthat song u mentioned….those r not the lyrics at all -.-

  19. amnobird says:

    I think Roman (lol, obviously a huge Minaj fan) is too blinded by stardom to see the point.

    Is Nicki really all of those things? Or is she someone who gets paid to portray all of those things? Who now has the money to finance such things? Who will clearly do anything she is asked to maintain her position of influence.

    Celebrities, as much as we know about them, are not our friends. They are people we are told about.

    The author is not saying that black women who add white attributes to themselves to feel more beautiful are not HUMAN. Nowhere does it say that they don’t eat and watch TV.

    She did not cry about Beyonce being biracial, even. She is saying magazines make her LIGHTER, but WHY if she is naturally a darker shade? Why would she have to be lighter to be more beautiful?

    Clearly Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are influential to women who have been listening to them for many years now–and are now parents! In my opinion, it is not okay to pass on the confusing ideal that in order to be more beautiful, one should take on Eurocentric characteristics. Which is what both Nicki and Beyonce preach, with their ACTIONS, not their words.

  20. ROMAN718 says:

    1. That song “Barbie Girl” from that “mixtape” is not NICKI MINAJ’s song. Never was on any of her mixtapes so that’s out of the picture. 2. Nicki the Harajuku Barbie accentuates the qualities of an imaginative, fun, coquettish girly girl-fashionista, that loves all things pink. This is also the muse who ignites the transformation of Nicki’s performances as an R&B/Pop singer and future Rock Star Icon. 3. She states that Harajuku-Barbie is a culture. She states that Harajuku’s are free spirited, girls just wanna have fun, kick ass pop/rock & roll/hip-hop is how she feels and that’s how her music sounds like. So she merges Harajuku-Barbie because all girls want to be Barbies, they love putting on make-up and lip stick and being and feeling like ICONS. That’s the message. She doesn’t say you have to complete change thy self to be a real barbie but it’s having the Barbie mentality of feeling beautiful, feeling care free feeling like a boss. Remember barbie has a mansion and a hot car so that’s the model. That’s just part of the influence she gives her fans. Are you really b*tching about Beyonce appearing lighter? Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are already light-skinned people so all they do is apply make-up and some foundations. And most of the lighting come from the flash in pictures and the lighting around their sets. At the end of the day they are just doing their jobs. They still go home and take all that make-up off and watch t.v and enjoy their millions while you sit at home writing essays about their jobs. Just so you know both Beyonce and Nicki Minaj have been seen without make-up and still looks lighter than they are with make-up. 4. At the end of the day Beyonce and Nicki Minaj don’t parent people’s kids. PARENTS are supposed to parent their kids. If you don’t like how parents parent their children: NOBODY CARES ! You’re not financing them nor are you feeding them.


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