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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Yes, Perhaps Black People Should Stop Expecting Equality.

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( If you’re black and heartily supported President Barack Obama’s bid for re-election, I have some news for you.  Barack Obama is NOT your president and you are not meant to get much of anything for your vote.  He’s not the president of black America, so the fact that you would expect your president to do anything to reciprocate his receiving more black votes than any president in history makes you clearly delusional.

From what I am gathering based on comments that defend the lack of action by the Obama Administration on the black unemployment and incarceration crises, the facts are plain:  Black people are not supposed to ask President Obama for anything.  Only whites, Jews, gays, women, labor groups and illegal immigrants are allowed to expect anything from the president.  Your job as an African American is to vote for him and shut up.

The bottom line that you people need to understand is a term called “accountability.”  If you were accountable for all of your babies’ mamas, lackEquality-human-rights of educational interest and wasting your money, you wouldn’t be in the mess you’re in today. Accountability needs to applied to all of you people, but that term must NEVER be used toward the president.  He’s not accountable to anyone and certainly not to you.
When you think about it, it all makes sense:  Black people built this nation with slave labor so that other people could benefit from our work.  We built homes in which we were not allowed to live, we built wealth that we were never allowed to possess, and we even allowed white men to use black women to give birth to their light-skinned babies.  So, it only seems logical that, in a nation with a 400-year tradition of using black people for the benefits of others, we are convinced to use our votes to push forward the gay and immigrant agendas, while expecting no attention to be paid to our own.

Some would say that President Obama could use the power of the pardon to help the tens of thousands of men and women who are incarcerated for petty drug possession, which he admitted was unfair years ago.  But that would be helping criminals, which is entirely different from helping fight for the rights of illegal aliens.  After all, being black and breaking arbitrary laws is not the same as being Hispanic and breaking arbitrary laws, we should all know that.

Oh yeah, whatever your pastor has been telling you about gay marriage for the last 20 years, you need to go ahead and erase all that.  There is no such thing as freedom of religion or expression and even saying that you disagree with gay marriage automatically makes you into a homophobe, the Obama Administration told me so.  In fact, gay is the new black and fighting for gay rights is far more interesting and beneficial than fighting for the rights of black people any day of the week.  Being black is no longer fashionable, so you might want to try becoming something else.

So, for those who are hoping that the Obama Administration will put forth even a mild mention of the black unemployment epidemic, you should realize the truth:  You people can’t get jobs because you’re lazy and don’t want to work.  When a white man can’t get a job, it’s not his fault, since he is clearly harder working and more qualified than you are.  That’s why the Obama Administration responds directly when whites complain about 7 percent unemployment, but ignores you lazy negroes when you complain about 14 percent unemployment.  If you would learn to work as hard as white men, you wouldn’t have this problem.

Here’s a final point and this one is important: When white kids in the suburbs get shot, this is different from black children being shot in urban neighborhoods.  In the first case, the kids are truly innocent, have bright futures and don’t deserve to die.  In the latter case, kids die because they were raised by single mothers who don’t love their children, and it’s not as if they are going to amount to much of anything anyway.  If inner city mothers didn’t want their kids to be killed, they wouldn’t have chosen to live next door to gang bangers.

So, I’m finally getting the point.  I was once naïve enough to believe that every American was worthy of respect from our politicians, without regard to race.  I also thought that since Obama could never have been elected without unprecedented black support, the administration might put us on the priority list along with other groups (not at the front of the list, of course, since that would imply that black people are as important as everyone else.  The good Lawud knows I would never ask for such a thing, I knows my place).  I even had the audacity to believe that when our children are shot, or when our fathers/mothers are given 30 year prison sentences for petty crimes, a black politician might at least act like he gives a d@mn.  But now I realize that I was wrong and I’ll probably gain a lot of friends because of it.

Perhaps it’s time to kill Dr. King’s dream of equality, he probably would have been a hater too.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  For more information, please visit



10 Responses to “Yes, Perhaps Black People Should Stop Expecting Equality.”
  1. Ramses says:

    And Steph your comment exhibits brainwashing at its fines because I never see any of you hold Africans accountable for selling your ancestors into slavery. Oh I get it, the poor Africans didn’t know any better because they were seduced with liquor. LOL….. There was a business arrangement with those Africans that exist up until this day

  2. Ramses says:

    No doubt Ford…I am Republican in my thought process…and I used to identify with democrats just in 2008…but I have done a complete 180 on that. I will be the first to say I am about God and money. If it can’t get me closer to both I don’t want any parts of it and black people, as a collective, show they are not interested in neither concepts and display why they will remain in the position they’re in and further sink. I will marry me either a Indian woman or Latina because both show that they value marriage and education, while at the same time show the balance of not using their success as weapons against their men. My allegiance is not to this clave-minded group of people anymore. They clearly do not want to change and I’m not putting my life on the line for them at all. It is not worth it. At then end of the day, we are all adults at this point. So with that being said, you better figure it out. If you can’t, be at least humble enough to ask someone who you value as a success their incite on how to become successful as well. Outside of that, i am not wasting my time on these fools. You can take black people to the well of success and they still wouldn’t drink. And I do not kiss any group of people’s ass either. I value people with good sense, no matter who they are. I can’t value black people as a collective because they constantly display stupidity across the board. And my only problem with them is the fact that because we share physical characteristics with them, I can sometimes get branded for being apart of them and their tomfoolery. I refuse to let anyone, black or white or any other ethnicity put me in their box because I am my own Man and I refuse to be disrespected like that. I have seen Indian women give up their entire family to be with black men, while we kill ourselves over here trying to lead women who clearly have an affinity for Ray Ray and pookie, than for a man like Barack or Reginald Lewis. How can a woman in her forties say she has a “boyfriend?” Because she is a girl in her mentality. I will never call a woman I’m dealing with my “girlfriend.” That’s asinine but I’ve seen plenty of these females do it and expect to be taken seriously. I am a Man that values marriage first and foremost and I am not gonna waste my time trying to convince a woman that marriage is in her best interests. If you’re past 25 and don’t know that marriage is in your best interest, then you’ve already admitted to me that you have had too many men in your bed and I don’t even need to know the number because we all know virgins don’t exist in the 11-18 range let alone grown adult women. Abstinence is deemed “corny” by people nowadays. There are plenty of women in this world who are virgins and do not offer themselves to every man that smiles in their direction and those are the ones who I am holding out for. I’d be the first to admit it takes a certain level of discipline to not deal with these chicks out here especially when their flesh is all in your face but when I think of the repercussions of being with, let alone procreating with females who are ill-bred, I shutter.

  3. Ford says:

    Your right. Republicans have and do reach out to blacks and everyone else but are instantly branded by the likes of Steph as racists simply trying to get over. Republican blacks are excoriated for daring to have a thought of their own that strays from the plantation of hate. I stand in awe of them for their courage.

  4. Marcus Vessey says:

    I’ve always thought that equality was the wrong goal. It should have always been power!

  5. Steph says:

    Realman, you are really smart. You should educate our people financially. My first tongue is not English. Can you give concrete examples when you say that Blacks give their kids as collaterals to banks?

  6. realman says:

    Black people have no idea nor concept of what money, economics, finance and power actually means. It’s sooo sad to see Arabs, Hispanics, Asians, etc own basically every business in black neighborhoods. Just look at all these black churches collecting millions each Sunday and then depositing it all into white banks, same damn banks that wouldn’t make a business lone to a black man unless he gives up his kids as collateral. And just look at all these Negro churches, they could have long ago formed their own credit unions, insurance companies and other business ventures that would employ our own people. But the problem is that niggas are stuck on stupid, scared and some too crooked to deal with have sabotaged their own people.

  7. Steph says:

    White people don’t have to own the concept of “responsibility” because they exploit others, steal their ideas and benefit from White privilege!!!

  8. Ramses says:

    I wonder if blacks would have voted for Barack if he was a Republican? LOL!!!! Highly doubt it. I agree with Sean Hannity for real and I love how he allows black republicans to critique the irresponsible of blacks collectively….but when black people get criticized by republicans, they automatically brand it as “racist.” Not knowing the blacks used to be considered more conservative (in terms of values). And even though it sounded good when Kanye West said “George Bush hates black people”, the reality is George did try to make appeals to black people to join the republican party by questioning their faith in a party that never delivers anything for them. I’ve seen many Republicans reach out to black people and encourage them to become entrepreneurs yet black people show so much hatred towards republicans, republicans most of the time have just written off the vote of blacks in general. As a business owner, I definitely don’t believe in paying taxes to help feed or house irresponsible people. Black people are so lost that they think good values are only attributed to white people. White people don’t own the concept of “responsibility.” Many of them just practice it when it comes to economics

  9. ulo media says:

    I blame our plight for being dysfunctionally unorganized And that our selfish wealthy black people don’t create foundations for their people. We are reaching a point of no return where we will wallow in a poverty abyss with only a few of us entertain the wealthy class in sports and singing& dancing.

  10. Steph says:

    When I read this article last night:

    I said to myself I don’t believe in equality for Blacks and women anymore!

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