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Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Value of a Black Life.

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( Gun violence has become such a hot topic with the recent shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.  But just like I’ve said in a recent Facebook status although I feel bad for those kids in Newtown I wonder if their parent’s broke down in tears for all of those innocent Black and Latino children that were murdered in New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago over the past year as well. The funny thing about tragedies that happen in small white towns is that evoke immediate action and policy.

President Barrack Obama said that now it’s time to stop these tragedies fromBlackLife happening. Although I voted and support our president I have to ask him one question: why now? Why when 20 people were murdered out in Detroit in one day there was no response. Why when 120 young Black and Latino men and woman under the age of 21 were gunned down in Chicago there was no response despite it going down in his home town.

 I’m saying all of this because I’m sick and tired of people wanting to make a change when lily white kids get murdered but when children that look like me get killed sensually it’s expected to happen due to their environment. That’s the sickening part of this country that I guess will never change but I feel that while the president shouldn’t be expected to fix all of the problems within the Black community he does have a responsibility to help those keep him and his family in the white house. It seems as if history repeats its self far too often when it comes to the question of is a black life more valuable than a white life?

The same thing could be said about missing persons as African-Americans make up 40% of them and get little to no national news coverage for disappearance. But when it comes to their white counterparts you’ll see billboards and milk cartons with their faces on them when they go missing which is another sad example of when the value of a person’s skin color can determine the outcome of their life.

The point that I’m trying to drive home is that it bothers me to known that unless I move into a white neighborhood or have a child that’s half white or become famous and my kid is in one of those schools then their life is not going to be valuable to America. We as a community do need to step up more and combat gun violence but we also have to show America that are lives and our children’s lives are just as valuable as our white counter parts as well and we do that by boycotting certain franchises and companies that do not value our lives.

Staff Writer; Shawn Hudson 

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7 Responses to “The Value of a Black Life.”
  1. shawn hudson says:

    @ Ramses I never said that we should depend on the government to do anything for us but I guess republicans think that that helping people that pay taxes and vote for them to get in office is being lazy. Also I should’ve known that a black republican wouldn’t be able to relate to a question to regarding our people. You made a good point about us valuing our lives which we need to do. The original question was why is it that every time brandon gets murdered our government wants to change things but when tyrone gets killed its okay because its expected. P.S. the reason why black republicans don’t get love in the black community is because they run with a group of racist bastards out to make everyones lives a living hell.

  2. @ Shawn and Ramses

    I think you’re both right. Racism has become institutionalized. People can be racist and don’t even know it. The examples are everywhere. From paying higher interest rates for loans with the same qualifications as whites, that is if you get the loan in the first place, to employment, where just recently, a Sister acted like she was white and submitted the same resume and received many more job offers, to the so called justice system, where an ounce of cocaine gives you less time then a tenth of that in crack. This is ridiculous when you consider, you can’t make crack without cocaine. Having said that, we can’t expect people outside our community to care more about us then we do about ourselves.

    Black people have become immune to the problems in our community unless it affects them. Unless something major happens, we will not come together, and even then, we don’t stay together long enough to solve the problem. As I’ve said in my book, we can no longer blame the white man for our problems. He created them and still capitalizes on them, but we as a people have continued these problems by not working together to solve them. Until we start working together to solve the problems in our community, we will continue to have them.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  3. Ramses says:

    Black people need government to get guns out there hands? Or better yet to stop killing each other? It’s not that the government don’t care about your lives it’s that you don’t care about your lives first. If black people showed that they cared first, and actually built with each other, then it would force people (including govt. officials) to pay attention. Remember, govt. is about constituencies and it’s hard to be respected as a poor constituency who is not organized. Our Latino brothers and sisters vote on basic things as a colective unit, but are not rich. But they unite under a common heritage. Blacks don’t which nullifies them from being taken seriously and which is why their gripes tend to fall on deaf ears. Also, all black people don’t have the same concerns. Me personally, I identify more with Romney than Obama in terms of tax policy. I have no problem with Romney not wanting lazy people to force the govt. to tax him because they are too lazy to get out there and do for themselves. His Mormon community has built over the years and seek to keep what they have in their families. I believe the same thing. I don’t want shaneks getting my money so she can have more babies out of wedlock so she can produce more criminals for society. If you had a lot of money, and lived in an affluent area, would you want section-8 people living there amongst you? Everytime there is an issue, you can’t expect govt. to bail you out. Black people poor, you want govt to help you out. Too many guns on the streets, you want govt. to intervene. Girls can’t take care of their kids born our-of-wedlock, you want govt. to intervene. But when George Bush wanted to intervene and tie welfare into marriage in terms of trying to get these females to marry their kids fathers’ black people rejected this notion saying it’s not the business of George Bush to force these mothers to marry their kids daddy. Well if you don’t want to marry them, then why you have babies with em? Our problems mainly stem from a lack of values, not lack of govt programs. If you can’t use section-8 effectively as a bridge to self sufficiency then maybe you are a loser and deserve the poor caste system you’re in. But if you want these kinds of people to get taxes from your paychecks, and make excuses for them, go ahead my brother. My money will be in offshore account collecting interest and protected against social miscreants. You pay for these bastards my brother. I’m sure they will gladly take your charity and your flat screen right out your house when you’re at work.

  4. Shawn Hudson says:

    @Ramses this article isn’t about depending on the white government to do anything it’s simply a question about why is it that after a majority of white children were murdered our government wants to do its damn job and try and stop illegal guns from entering communities and allowing them to fall into the wrong hands. Second its hard to hold each other accountable when everybody is out for themselves. #Checkmate!

  5. Ramses says:

    blacks people need to start valuing their lives first….black people spend too much time showing that they don’t you’ll need a white government program to make you’ll hold each other accountable? to many of you think the govt is your daddy…wrong thinking….stop making babies with undesirable miscreants and maybe these problems would not proliferate

  6. Shawn Hudson says:

    Number one I’m talking about how the media seems to value the loss of white lives over black lives. Number two just because it happens everyday in a big city doesn’t make it any easier to digest. So you mean to tell me if your kid gets murder in NYC, LA, Detroit or Chicago would it make it less hurtful because it was exptected due to the environment or because they were black? Yes I agree with you on fixing the culture but because of your last suggestion about moving somewhere else with other races in order to run away from the ills of the black community the issues plaguing us will never stop. #CHECKMATE!

  7. Ford says:

    ….The shooting made international news for several reasons which DO NOT INCLUDE the fact that the kids were white. There appeared to be black parents also in the crowd. You are comparing apples and oranges with the daily slaughter that goes on with gang fuck black and latinos and a mass school shooting by a psycho scumbag. It aint the guns that is the problem in crappy neighborhoods its the culture. Fix the shit culture and you have fixed the problem. You know what to do. Call the police every five seconds if you have to and get the shit gone. Or MOVE OUT to a better neighborhood. Try a mixed area where different colored people get along and wont put up with the bullshit.

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