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Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce/Jay Z Black Features Really?

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( You would fully expect that in the year 2012, black people would not have a problem looking black.  But you would never guess that after seeing the reactions that many people had to seeing public pictures of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.  The photos of the little girl emerged, with the baby looking as beautiful and precious as one can imagine.

But of course, when you put your baby out into cyberspace, the haters are going to emerge in full force, like an army of Cavity Creeps in a Crest commercial, all looking for blood.

People began analyzing the baby’s face and noticing that she looks like (surprise!) her father, Jay-Z.  Jay-Z doesn’t have the same Eurocentric features that Beyonce is known for.  Actually, when Beyonce had her skin  lightened, I thought I was looking at her friend, Gwyneth Paltrow.  Jay-Z’s ancestors were born on the other side of Africa, and perhaps his great, great, great grandmother didn’t have the “honor” of getting that late night visit from “massa” to lighten up his gene pool.

In all seriousness, Jay-Z has those pre-Michael Jackson features that so many of us still seem to dread:  Big lips, the wide nose, and all the other things that make him look (gasp!) African American.

Writers at  Clutch Magazine took note of the matter by citing some of the remarks by readers in social media:

Beyoncé really screwed up, having a baby by Jay-Z. His nose and lips are never going to look right on a girl.

Let’s pray Beyoncé’s genes kick in as B.I.C. gets older. All the money and talent in the world won’t take away from having Jay-Z’s features.

Nappy-headed kid. Wish Beyoncé had married a nice-looking man instead of Jay-Z.

Writer Akiba Solomon wrote on Colorlines about the issue as well:

I knew if indulged in even a smidgen more about this little girl, I’d find myself walking among stunted souls who traffic in the idea that the full lips, large eyes, broad nose, and dark brown skin of a Jay-Z is inherently ugly […] I hope, in our media-saturated, appearance-obsessed society that is still so wounded by white supremacist aesthetics, baby Blue Ivy Carter will find peace and joy in the simple act of living, no matter what she looks like.

I think that most of us can agree that there are a lot of fools and idiots on the Internet.  The platform that has Democratized media for the masses allows us to hear from every hack, jerk, pervert and racist with access to a computer.   So, we have to be careful about extrapolating these remarks and somehow believing that the few comments we’ve grabbed on our Facebook page are accurately reflective of some systemic perception that exists all throughout America.

At the same time, these remarks show us that there are some deeply disturbed people in our community.  Even when I see 200 comments on my Facebook page, usually one out of every 10 remarks comes from a person that makes me want to send them to a priest and a good psychologist.   There are some scary people out there, and it’s sad that there are still some in our community who are convinced that white is right and black is whack.  But fortunately, I optimistically believe that this does not represent the majority.

The bottom line is that Blue Ivy Carter is a beautiful child.  She might be over-hyped and treated like she’s the black baby Jesus on steroids, but that doesn’t  mean that she isn’t blessed with two parents who love her dearly and who also seem to really love each other.  Given that she’s been blessed with such a strong endowment of empowered love, I consider her to be one of the luckiest kids on earth.  

We should love all of our kids with the energy as Blue Ivy Carter’s parents, and the days where the little “light-skinneded,” long-haired girl gets all the preferential treatment must come to an end.  #NoSlaveMentality2012.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins
Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. For more information, please visit


25 Responses to “Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce/Jay Z Black Features Really?”
  1. Mike Williams says:

    First of all the kid is not ugly. Secondly, if black features are so ugly, why are white people having surgery to increase their lip, butt, and other black features. The people who are talking shit on here probably look somebody beat them in the face with a hammer there damn selves and you broke as hell!!!

  2. Tristina says:

    Idk What’s wrong with people. Blue ivy looks pretty to me, what because she has her father’s features she’s ugly. What makes some one ugly? I’m tired of people acting like the only kind of person in society who is beautiful is a light skin European look. That’s not true. Black is beautiful, wide noise big luscious lips & all!

  3. Angie says:

    Well B knew that Jay-Z was rich and nobody else in the rappin game makes more money than he does, so why not give him a child too. Mo’money mo’money…is in that B’s future.

  4. sierra says:

    she should of had a baby with a white, Latino or at least mix, and her baby would have been hella pretty, who cares if jay z is rich and respected he is still ugly ass fuck. hes not the only rich man she could of had. the fucked up part is he don’t give a damn bout his son, i guess the curly hair cutie did not meet the Illuminati criteria.

  5. Meghan says:

    I am SOOO glad to see this article! I think people who don’t see themselves as ‘racist’, but don’t realize that society may be accepting a darker skin; but that European features are praised while many of the african features are still not accepted and valued. I know this mixed couple that has three beautiful girls. Two have blue eyes and european features. Their third is the prettiest of them, she has sparkling brown eyes, these picturesque large lips, the large cheeks that create these amazing lines and that beautiful stand out nose. Funny thing is mom will readily say that she feels bad she isn’t pretty like the others. Mom may not think she has a problem with black people because she has mixed kids but she puts down her own kid for looking too black. Or what about the father that praises the ones with the softer hair and opts not to help with his words the bad hair. By accepting people only if they conform or change to be more white, is society really becoming more accepting of the african culture? Is the african community supporting this movement by relaxing our kids hair at a younger and younger age? I wonder what that mother would think about her brown eyed girl if more people pointed out her gorgeous lips as much as strangers pointed out the blue eyes on the other girls?

  6. gwen says:

    nothing change the fact that she is relly not pretty but her money will make her look better, she looks like a young buck!

  7. Darlene says:

    It is so sad that people speak ill of God’s creation. For those that do so you should be aware that God gave us the look he wanted us to have. Keep speaking ill of his creations and your’s can be taken away in an instant!I don’t know either of them personally, but they seem to be two beautiful hearted people. Which is what counts. God did the easy part, it’s up to us as to how and what we do with it. Because if your inside is ugly, so is your outside!!

    I’m so thankful that they reproduced, it means they’re truly Blessed legacy will live on!! I pray God continues to Bless them and their beautiful angel.

  8. Aight y’all, let’s be real about this. We all know that in the case of Mr. S.Carter, neither race nor color is the issue. Flat out, Jay-Z is one uh-guh-ly dude, and unfortunately his baby girl looks just like him. For her sake (and his), her daddy is a massively talented and well respected hip hop artist, entertainer, entrepreneur, and millionaire, so looks aren’t really gonna matter in the social arena.

    There are a plethora of beautiful dark skinned, wide-nosed, big-lipped Black women and men in the U.S. and all over the world, Jay-Z just doesn’t happen to be one of them. This doesn’t mean that many of the comments were not racially motivated. Blacks in America have been hating themselves for centuries, and yes, even in 2012 this continues to go on. The funny part is that no one ever seems to realize that the very people who taught us to hate our perfect skin tone and bodies are the same ones who kill themselves tanning, get collagen lip injections, and do weird exercises and have plastic surgery in order to get “Black girl booties”. All this while our women over populate beauty supply stores, spending hundreds of dollars at a time on Remy Indian Hair to lengthen their newly processed silky smooth manes to just below the shoulders, and do Zoomba and diet to try and be as skinny and unshapely as the White women gain famed attention in tv and movies.

    The whole point is that Jay-Z being a dark skinned, big-lipped, wide-nosed Afrinegrofro man has nothing to do with the fact that he’s extremely unattractive to anyone who has no hopes of ever getting close enough to spend his money. It doesn’t matter because he’s rich as hell. I happen to be a pretty good looking wide-nosed, big-lipped, Black man who has to work a punk ass job 5 days a week that I hate (though it pays well). I’d trade with him in a heart beat!

  9. fatu sankoh says:

    hatemongers shit on yourselfs and get a life live bey and jay beautiful baby you all are still mad bey got pregnate the natural way and got her baby safe and sound for the hatter bey is born light skin bey have so much love her jay their is norting hatters can do about that may god continue to bless protect bey jay blue ivy c and their family for life long happy life ever lasting long happy married more success in their business when i saw blue ivy c picture i was at cloud 9 she look so beautiful i cant stope looking at her god bless protect her for life

  10. Teb says:

    Wow, I’m amazed that people really think that Beyonce and Jay give a flying hoot what anyone thinks about baby Blue. what in the f… is wrong with people? These two extremely talented God blessed and gifted people who don’t have time to take in all this shit people are saying about them or the baby.

    Blue Ivy Carter is incredibly beautiful and she is already blessed with good health and two people who love her more then words, so for the rest of you haters disafuckingpear off the earth you are not needed here to make people miserable.

    To Beyonce and Jay Z if you ever get this…. I just want to say thank you for sharing your talent and giving us another prospective on things and music. Beyonce I don’t care what they say, you are one blessed women to have such a fine man walk with you, Jay is not only handsome he is beautiful, Smart and intelligent, he has taken hip hop places it has never been. Jay Z was not just an added addition to the game he changed the game for himself and his haters. Oh yea let’s not forget the wardrobe and nothing tops the swag this bother has I hope he will do movies at some point before or after becoming a billionaire. Last but not least you are one of the most beautiful people in the world Beyonce inside and out and we love you too please keep your body in good condition you look so good to be a mom.

  11. Drea says:

    Blue Ivy Carter is healthy and loved by her parents and noone pssaing judgement on her is taking care of her. I think it is sad that people are cruel but to be cruel to a baby make tou look stupid. She will probably laugh at yoou cause she doesn’t even understant what you are saying. Jay Z appears to have become a much calmer and nicer guy I really like him now. I admired Sean Carter the businessman for how he made it but Jay Z was kinda mean and nasty but the media can make you the way also by being in your face all the the time. But I am happy for the Knowles-Carter family and I pray they can last and raise their baby girl til she is grown and they grow old together and to hell with the nay sayers. I think she is a beautiful little girl who looks like her mom and dad. Beyonce’ loves her man and she knew what her husband looked like and she loves what she see so what the rest of the world think is irrelevant. I think people are so mean those that are calling him ugly really probably need to start passing the mirrors themselves cause they look like S**T

  12. BlackBeauty says:

    This type of article is simply foolish.

    With all the issues that should be up for discussion this type of ignorance is what we waste precious time with.

    PLEASE stop writing/saying that Beyonce lightened her skin!

    Beyonce is a light skinned woman. Why would she have to lightenher skin?

    Stop the foolishness, and focus on more important issues.

  13. Michelle says:

    You haters out there need to look in a mirror to see who is truly ugly.

  14. bayareachick says:

    Not to mention that at however many months old she is still wealthier than all the haters put together..BOOM!

  15. Anne says:

    She’s absolutely precious! She has her own beauty! She looks like both parents! Beyonce is absolutely beautiful like her mother Tina and Jay-Z is a clean cut African American man. I also think it’s commendable Jay & Beyonce did things in the right order–fall in love, marry, and then reproduce. This just isn’t seen enough any more, especially among famous people. Morals are never old fashioned!

  16. Aaliyah says:

    Beyonce it’s a very good mother, for the very first time in her life. Her baby nd jay, don’t have time to hear this crap! Let the baby girl grow into a young lady with out tha drama

  17. TheTruthNow says:

    This article and the many comments about it is a good example demonstrating the lack of interest black folks have regarding far more important issues that face the community.

  18. Edith akinyi says:

    Thank u so much! U can say all the negative about jay but he stil has th hotest chick in the game wearing his chain! Hovy baby n blue z nt evn close 2 ugly! Haters get a life!! Rock nation 4 life!!!!

  19. irene says:

    Beyonce did not lighten her skin , stop hating on her and get a life

  20. vi says:

    Blue Ivy looks like a very cute and pretty baby. When the first pictures of her were released she looked more like Jay-Z, but nature does that so the father knows it is his offsp ring and therefore bonds with them. Now she is 6 months old and looks like both her parents. These rude and prejudice remarks show people have a bad idea about beauty and white features are not more beautiful. Many people want full lips and give the little girl time to develop. So what if she has more of what people say are African features. She is an adorable baby with full baby cheeks I have seen on many babies. Beyonce’s lighter skin is no more beautiful than her friend Kelly’s for example. These words are truly shameful that people are writing about saying one ethnic groups is prettier than another and speaking of a baby who is a little child and the most important thing is that a child is loved, happy and healthy and little Blue Ivy looks like that. I am white and think Euripean features being held up as a standard of beauty is horrific. I am not American either and I don’t know if this is more of an American thing, but there was is a UK singer called Jamelia who is black and beautiful.

  21. lol says:

    I don’t understand what you are talking about, the baby is not ugly at all. I am an African. you know our definition of ‘ugly’ is different from yours. ‘Ugly’ in our sense is the one with spotted skin, who smells like chicken and for girls who look like guys (no curves). and these features correspond to WHITES and you know that hahahahahaha……….chicken smell uhhhhhhh

  22. nyawira says:

    u know fuck u guys for hating on jay z he is good man and just becouse ur jealous that he somewhere ur not live him the fuck alone he doesn’t need ur useless comments u dn’t wori even ppl find haters uglyer then ever

  23. ARONA says:

    and her hair is not NAPPY …

  24. ARONA says:

    i meant ugly…..

  25. ARONA says:

    baby blue is so beautiful she will definitely be a daddy’s girl,she has both features from the both of them.. People need to stop saying ygly things about jay-z at least he does not have to pay to get his lips pumped up……probably the ones talking pay to get theirs bigger…leave them alone and their lil innocent daughter……

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