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Mr. Romney-The Son, Not Like Mr. Romney-The Father.

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( One can certainly give Mr. Romney credit for attending the NAACP convention, but his hidden agenda cancelled out every point of consideration of sincerity. Did he really come to speak to the issues of African Americans, or did he attend to communicate to his constitutes that he can stand-up to the oldest African American organization without any fear.

It was interesting how Mr. Romney laid out the wonderful civil rights record of his father. However, he neglected to provide his examples of his own record in advancing the civil rights of minorities. Why? Could it be that he does not  have any to cite?  He is certainly not like his father who he shared walked with civil rights activists, championed causes of the less fortunate, etc… His silence about his own civil rights accomplishments spoke volumes.

Mr. Romney listed all of his top priorities. However, he did not address the pressing issues of African Americans in a manner that displayed any connection or concern about our communities. If indeed he felt some connection or concern about the minority community, then he would have provided some details about the following pressing issues facing our communities:

  1. The affect of new voter suppression laws on minorities.
  2. Strategies to strengthen public schools rather than abandoning them.
  3. Ideas for creating more Public Sector jobs in our communities.
  4. Detailed plans about his alternative to the Affordable Health Care Act. 
  5. Strategies to make Higher Education more affordable for minority students.

Rather, Mr. Romney rolled out his routine stomp speech with no regard to the audience he was addressing.

In addition, Mr. Romney really showed his true character when he blatantly used “Obamacare” in his reference to the Affordable Health Care Act. This choice of words when addressing an audience of all African Americans, demonstrated his own deep seeded disrespect for President Obama. This is why he received such a strong rebuke from the audience. African Americans will always be able to identify with subtle and abrupt displays of dislike and disrespect simply because of a person’s skin color. It is a way of life for us.

If any persons had any doubt that there is a deep disrespect for President Obama and African Americans, Mr. Romney has cleared all doubt. His actions today is liken unto a stranger coming into another person’s house and literally disrespect them intentionally and leave without any sense of remorse for people who opened their doors to him in good faith. In our community, we call that a lack of home training. Mr. Mitt Romney is nothing like his father.

Staff Writer; Kevin M. Jackson

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One Response to “Mr. Romney-The Son, Not Like Mr. Romney-The Father.”
  1. EricTx says:

    Once again, more misguided thoughts. First off, drop the ‘what is the govt/candidate going to do for us’ rhetoric. We need to do for ourselves instead of relying on DC. Democrats have been telling us for years what they want to do for us and nothing has gotten any better. Things have only gotten worse. Areas of this country that are predominately black have been run by democrat politicians for decades and get millions of govt money every year, but our communities get no better. Crime is up, poverty is up and education is down. Romney is supposed to give a generalized speech, because he is trying to be the president for all people, not just one group. He’s not supposed to have a message for blacks, Jews, whites, gays, Catholics, Muslims, etc.

    As a president his job is the security of the country, enforce the laws passed by congress, uphold the constitution, create an environment where business can flourish in order to spur employment, and foreign policies. Our daily lives are usually governed by lower govt, such as city, county and state. The author talks about voter suppression. That’s silly. We need identification to drive, cash checks, buy alcohol and cigarettes. I guess that means the govt is involved in transportation, banking, and vice suppression? Think of all the the things that we need to show an id for. do you feel suppressed in those occasions?

    It also begs the question, why did people have to show id to get into the speeches at the NAACP in Houston? I guess they felt suppressed. The big reason for id when it comes to voting is to make sure illegals don’t vote, it ensures that no one else can vote for you, which has happened to many people. It ensures that kids who go to school out of state can’t vote in the state that they are going to school in. That way, they can’t influence local elections, which would be unfair to the people that live in the city and also makes sure that they can’t vote twice in natl elections (in their school city, home of record city). Before anyone says this “disenfranchises” the poor, i can guarantee that we all know poor people that have flat screen tv, brand named clothing and whatever.

    Also I believe in the last 3 years, the govt began giving cell phones to people on welfare and also gave HDTV converter boxes to the poor also. I guess they felt that it wasn’t important to give id to the poor. And speaking of welfare, if it hasnt changed since my mom got off of it, don’t welfare recipients have to show id to get their benefits? As far as public sector jobs. This country is in s recession and inner cities are the hardest affected by it. Where is the money coming from. Public sector money doesn’t grow on trees. It comes from the people who are out here working hard in the private sector, paying taxes.

    There’s an old saying that goes ‘The bad thing about socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money.’ Us tax payers are sick of politicians over spending on pet projects and expecting the hard working taxpayer to give more money, only to watch them keep spending and not cutting back. The education issue. Our education system is broke. Kids are coming out of school less educated, because the kids are taught how to take standardized tests. I guess that’s the how a teacher’s performance is gauged now. Every year we give more and more money to the education system for subpar performance from our kids. Since when does 1+1 cost more now, than 30-40 years ago?

    I’m all for home schooling and giving vouchers to the inner city parents who want to send their children to charter schools It has been noted that those kids test higher than public school kids. I believe Wash DC has a program like that, that is very successful. Ooops… I forgot. Obama stopped funding that program, sending those kids back to the failing schools they came from, while sending his own kids to private schools. And before anyone says all politicians do it. I found that George W. sent his kids to public school in Tx.

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