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Michelle Rodriguez shows displeasure in learning about her European roots.

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( Michelle Rodriguez has had a steady career in film with such credits as the popular television series “Lost” on her resume and the hugely successful box office smash Avatar. However, comments she recently made about her European ancestors could make an impact on her future in the industry. Considering white males currently control the vast majority of all major media in the world, they are in prime position to cut down on her future career opportunities. Let us hope that does not happen.

Michelle Rodriguez’s DNA was recently analyzed which revealed her genetic heritage is not quite what she thought. On the celebrity laden PBS television series “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.”, Michelle Rodriguez found out her European genes dominated her profile. She was hoping to explain her olive complexion and straight hair to what turned out to be a small percentage of Native American genetic material.

Michelle Rodriguez profile revealed her genetic code is 73 percent European, 21 percent black, and 6 percent Native American.

However, what is more interesting to those who pay attention to racial classification and how to deconstruct the system of White supremacy, was Michelle Rodriguez’s negative reaction to finding out that she was 73 percent European. On a side bar, most media made for the consumption of a white audience ignored or only slightly made reference to the Rodriguez’s experience with racism/white supremacy and focused mostly on the sexual practices of white Europeans, which may have caused her to form a negative view of Europeans/white people in general.

Hat tip to for printing Rodriquez’s comments in full and in context. Attorney General Eric Holder caught flack for saying Americans don’t want to talk about race, to Black people and lots of other non-white residents, American is deciphered in this context to mean White people are cowards and don’t want to talk about race, cue Salt-N-Pepa now and let’s talk about it.

Apparently, Michelle Rodriguez was disgusted to find out she was 73 percent European/white.

I’m appalled,” said Michelle. “I’m European? Ewww! I wanted to be Native American!”

Again, thus far major media has chosen to leave her low opinion of Europeans out of their articles.

Without asking Ms. Rodriguez, why she had such a negative reaction to her genetic profile, one can only look to her background and speculate where she might have began forming a negative view of white people.

Michelle Rodriguez was born in 1978 in San Antonio, Texas, a time when the FBI’s CointelPro program to destroy various political movements was allegedly still operating up to the mid eighties. There are of course questions about if it ever ended and now operating under post-911 “terror” legislation and clandestine cyber activities. 

Michelle Rodriguez’s mother is described as a dark skinned Dominican, which of course would help to account for her 21% African genes, and she lived with her mother for a short time in theDominican Republicwhere she was from. Michelle Rodriguez may have read about the political/racial oppression of Afro-Dominicans in preparation for a movie role. She took a role in a film that focused on the Mirabal sisters, Dominican revolutionaries opposed to the rule of military dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina who ordered the slaughter of up to 30,000 Haitians living on the interior borders of the two nations that share an island. President Molina was assassinated in 1960 but for most of his rule enjoyed good relations with the United States.

Michelle Rodriguez would also spend a few years as a child in Puerto Rico, which has a long history of resistance to American occupation and is still among the colonies currently being occupied by theUnited States. Her father is Puerto Rican and reportedly served in the United States Army. Again, one can only speculate as to what conversations adults were having around her and how much she was paying attention. Her father’s lineage has brought up some awkward sexual social practices rooted in white supremacy.

In tracing the recorded history of her father’s line, Gates discovered that her father’s ancestors practiced endogamy, which is inbreeding with relatives to achieve a specific genetic profile.

“They inbred in a bid to maintain the family’s lighter skin color because they believed lighter-skinned people were more high class than dark-skinned folks.”

Which brings up a moral and philosophical question, if you could change your appearance, would you choose to be white in a system based on white supremacy? Certainly, during the time Rodriguez’s paternal great-grandparents were alive, white supremacy was out in the open for everyone to see the benefits of being classified as white. Did they come together as a family and come to a conscience decision to breed with each other to achieve a dominant European genetic trait? Did the females have a choice in the matter back during a time when women were also openly oppressed by a white male dominated world-order?

Think about this in context.

The benefits of white supremacy were so desired and the evidence of the suffering of those not classified as white, pushed a family decided to engage in incest to obtain the racial classification of white for their future generations.

Was Michelle Rodriguez’s “Ewww” reaction to this practice or her European dominated genetic profile or both?

She was not clear on if she would consider a relationship with a relative.

“Even though my great-grandparents were first cousins, I don’t think I’ll ever go down that path if I ever get married.”

Just so you know, according to ….


“26 states allow first cousin marriages; most people can marry their cousin in theUS.”

Michelle Rodriguez does remember as a child her African descendant mother being mistreated by her father’s relatives because of her dark skin color.

To put this practice into context, breeding within a family is not a rare practice in European cultures and surely, the practice continued with the colonist in America.  European sexual customs are usually associated with the so-called royal bloodlines of Europe including that of the so-called “Queen Elizabeth” of Englandwho is currently celebrating her “Diamond Jubilee” reign of white supremacy and class warfare.

Michelle Rodriguez who grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey and when learning about her 21 percent African genes, the actress had a notably opposite reaction and said,

I need to shoot over there (Africa) and get in touch with my roots.”

Staff Writer; Scotty Reid

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12 Responses to “Michelle Rodriguez shows displeasure in learning about her European roots.”
  1. mikael says:

    hilarious…her whole career is because of her european features…such a racist reaction…what a racist article this is…we blacks need to rise above…i would love to breed michelle rodriguez….yeh

  2. Granda says:

    Racism brings us all down. If Michelle is praised or showing her disgust at being white, then why not have the KKK rally around their genetic purity?

    Their is plenty of slavery and genocide perpetrated by blacks around the world (anyone remember Rwanda?) So let’s not blame a whole race for the actions of some.

  3. Donald says:

    I saw the episode with Henry Louis Gates and Michelle Rodriguez. I think Michelle’s reaction to her European lineage was due to the identity she was allowed to assume regarding her own personal history. I doubt seriously that her experiences in America permitted her to see herself as “white”. Had she grown up exclusively in Brazilian or some other latin American cultures (Puerto Rican and Dominican included) she may have learned to identify as white. We all know what the term mulatto means, yet its use only now seems to be reemerging in daily American conversation since slavery — from what I can tell. I attribute much of this to the influences of Hispanic cultures who use this term quite regularly. Frankly I sometimes think they overuse the term by categorizing every lighter skinned African-American as a mulatto. Traditionally there’s been a lot of stigma attached to dark skin in Hispanic cultures. Curiously I’ve encountered people from these cultures who seemingly did not realize that these attitudes would be offensive to a dark-skinned person like myself. They seemed to expect me to share their views. I’ve known lots of dark-skinned, obviously African descended people – from my mother’s generation, at least — who claimed to be Cuban or Puerto Rican or Dominican or what have you but not black — as if being black and Hispanic are somehow mutually exclusive. That has lessened a lot in later generations. Two of the people profiled with Henry Louis Gates learned of abundant endogamy in their bloodlines which I found fascinating. All of these behaviours point to the influence of deep racism in those societies.

  4. chris says:

    seriously? we are going to still have this hate in 2012? the longer we talk this trash the longer Race will be and issue.

  5. sankofa says:

    Whatever asshole. You, I, he can tpe all day and night, but truth is consistent despite opinions. My truth is that if some cat roll up on me and says shit like this:

    You display your ignorance and any notion of common sense like a bold moron. You only praise Michelle because she claims to reject European culture. This is the same Michelle who just recently insulted black actors as being trashy and low. I have seen a few interviews on television Michelle has given, and yes, she appears to be unstable. By your own statement you are probably one of those back to Africa type Negros who pretends to be all pro-black and yet raises more hell in the black community with drugs, crime and multiple baby mamas… ”

    I would personally fuck him over, no ifs or buts. But then we are on the internet so we can say all we want right tdp?

  6. tdp says:

    it seems you, sankofa,is being the keyboard gangsta here. Look at the insults you give towards Realman. Pathetic.

  7. sankofa says:

    Unrealman, keep being a keyboard gangsta, ’cause that’s all a bitch like you can be. Calling me out and acting bad is nice on this forum but I personally would love to have you say shit like that to my face. But that’s why ass holes like you get up on forums like this and defecate all over these posts.

    Any way later for you… since I can’t touch you no use wasting my time.

  8. Realman says:

    Hah! Hah! You Negros are nothing but pathetic jokes! You all are so willing to defend others, especially non-black people, when they obviously insult, degrade and humiliate black people right in their face. I’m sure you all are the same backward thinking morons who try to justify the difference between the words nigga and nigger with some stupid nonsense talk.

    As far as Michelle Rodriguez is concerned my facts are straight. After she made the comment and realized her mistake she back peddled. Just like many GOP presidential candidates did several weeks ago when making racist remarks about black people.

  9. Scotty says:

    @Realman if you are going to call someone out, you should get your facts straight.

    You: This is the same Michelle who just recently insulted black actors as being trashy and low.

    Fact is, she said the same thing many Black people say, that in order for Black actors to win an Oscar they have to take trashy roles or play trashy roles. At least that is how I interpreted her comments.

  10. Realman says:

    You display your ignorance and any notion of common sense like a bold moron. You only praise Michelle because she claims to reject European culture. This is the same Michelle who just recently insulted black actors as being trashy and low. I have seen a few interviews on television Michelle has given, and yes, she appears to be unstable. By your own statement you are probably one of those back to Africa type Negros who pretends to be all pro-black and yet raises more hell in the black community with drugs, crime and multiple baby mamas…

  11. sankofa says:

    Kudos the Michelle. Rare is the celebrity that would respond this way instead of embracing the supremacist notion that degenerative European stock and culture reigns supreme over the older cultures, who were brutalized in Europe’s Imperial and Cultural wars even today. It’s interesting that the joker below me calls her a flake, but unless he has some intimate information the rest of us does not have then we know how far up his ass his head is.

  12. Realman says:

    This chick is kind of a flake.

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