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Pat Buchanan, MSNBC suspends him…

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( MSNBC has suspended conservative commentator Pat Buchanan, according to Phil Griffin, the network’s president.  The suspension resulted  from words in Pat Buchanan’s book, “Suicide of a Superpower.”  Pat Buchanan has stated that President Obama arrived to the White House as a result of Affirmative Action and that the country “has been built, basically, by white folks.”

Griffin seems concerned about two of the chapters in Buchanan’s book, one of them titled “The End of White America,” and the other called “The Death of Christian America.”

The MSNBC president is quoted in the AP as saying “Because of the content of the book, I didn’t think it should be part of the national dialogue, much less part of the dialogue on MSNBC.”

I’ve only met MSNBC President Phil Griffin one time.  He and I were on a panel together at the National Action Network Conference, hosted by Rev. Al Sharpton.  Griffin seems like a nice enough guy, and we haven’t spoken since.  But if we were to have another conversation, I’d ask him one simple question:  How in the holy hayell is a man like Pat Buchanan still on your payroll?

I remember Columbia University Professor Marc Lamont Hill being fired from Fox News after one very quick, dirty and misleading smear campaign.  I recall Rev. Jesse Jackson being fired from CNN because he had a child out of wedlock.  Yet, Pat Buchanan has spent the last 40 years speaking and acting in ways that would put David Duke to shame, and the network continues to treat him like he’s just a regular guy.

In spite of how hard  Pat Buchanan has worked to prove to MSNBC that he is a bigot in analyst’s clothing, they have continued to reward him with a high salary, limousine rides and a national platform for his racially inflammatory remarks.  This is another example of the same white privilege that allows Don Imus to continue making good money after referring to a group of black women as “nappy headed hoes.”

Not only does MSNBC need to fire Pat Buchanan, they need to ask themselves why they didn’t get rid of him long ago.  Is it because so many millions of Americans think the way he does?  Is it because they simply don’t care what he says?  Or perhaps it’s the obvious – that disrespecting black people is at the bottom of the political priority list for most major organizations.

The saddest truth in the world for black people is that even our friends have a hard time respecting us.  We end up stuck between Republicans who want to kill us and starve our kids, and Democrats who care about almost none of the issues that matter to our community. Over the last two months, when MSNBC celebrated reduced unemployment as a victory for the Obama Administration, they failed to make note of the fact that black unemployment has gone up over the same period of time.  Our agenda only matters when it happens to be their agenda; but I argue that it’s time to speak clearly about the black agenda.

While I am not entitled to tell anyone how to react to Pat Buchanan, MSNBC or anyone else, I encourage people of color to honestly ask themselves whether our friends or our enemies have very much respect for our community.  If this were the court of law and we were reviewing the evidence, I argue that the verdict would be abundantly clear.   Firing Pat Buchanan is the least this network can do and the firing should be followed by an apology to us all.   Pat Buchanan brings few redeeming qualities to MSNBC, and President Griffin knows this.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins
Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. For more information, please visit


12 Responses to “Pat Buchanan, MSNBC suspends him…”
  1. George says:

    “How is extermination of Whites through immigration and assimilation a good thing?”

    White people tell everyone to assimilate…they think it is a good thing! But, when they see the results they have a change of heart!

  2. BlackImageImprovement says:

    Anytime blacks have a thought–we are compared to Stormfront.

    Yeah..well be advised…you don’t like us..the feeling is mutual.

    Every black person is not enthralled by whites of PatPuke’s ilk.

  3. BlackImageImprovement says:

    Pat Pukechanan…Buckley is dead so…I guess he is left to spew the demonic vitriol–white people built America…*really* is that why they sailed very far to get slaves—

    I am tired and so are my friends. We are tired of every time Puke, Ginbitch and the Pale mention blacks it is in a derogatory manner discussing welfare, crime and laziness. Why don’t they discuss the millions of blacks working every day, the scientists, the lawyers, the teachers, the doctors? Nope, this does not fit into their evil agenda.

    And shame on blacks for continuing to do stupid crimes and having children not serious about education. Every time your black male screws up he makes it bad for every other black male. He makes a successful black male an exception.

    Stop giving these demons the pitchfork to kill us. Send them to the pits of hell–where their serial killing, raping, filthy arses belong—HELL!

    PatPuke: Rot in Hell!

    All you talk about are low income blacks–well all your focus is on impoverished blacks meanwhile your precious poor whites are largely ignored by mainstream society. IGNORED!

    Stop worrying about blacks—WE WILL AND HAVE ALWAYS SURVIVED!

    PatPukes obsession with black people–like all Klan members—is scary.

    Another Strom Thurm–probably has a black baby hiding in some metropolitan city.

  4. Tom says:

    The number of non-Hispanic White children in the US plummeted by a staggering 4.3 Million children from 2000 to 2010. Massive immigration and “multiculturalism” are wiping out native European ethnic groups throughout Europe. Freedom of Speech (against immigration and ethnic cleansing) is being criminalized in Europe, and increasingly restricted in the US.

  5. Ser says: appears to be a black version of Stormfront

  6. PutoriumGa says:

    Been watching MSNBC and looking for Pat Buchanan during these elections for Republicans? I had not heard what happened to Pat and about what he said in his book? No, what he said is not true but just at my age of 69 having voted Republican for 50 years, but now Independent backed Obama on his health agenda as an RN, tired of the PC so many now have been let go on many programs for saying what many call racist etc? I think, we all are big enough to take in what we read or hear and decide who is right or wrong? Should get rid of internet per all the racist things I have received on my e-mail? Much is disgusting? Pat came from a certain time so did my father from W Va and both said and say things that are not part of the world as it is today My father was raised a racist. It has to be put out there and we the public listen to what we want to hear or not hear? Pat knows politics and at this time to suspend him was to me not a very good decision? Imus was not a racist yes he made a stupid comment on those girls and he tried to make it better? Now yes Sharpton is on MSNBC and I lived in NY when all that Tawana Brawley went down and Sharpton was so wrong during that time and about destroyed the man involved? Let Pat back on enough already and let him explain what he means and let other black people come on to go against what he says? Let our speech be free?

  7. dpscll says:

    Thank God. Now I don’t have to watch that hateful liberal B..tch Mika Brzezinski give him evil looks and interupt him everytime he tries to speak. I don’t think you’re that desperate for a paycheck Pat. Anyway, I’m glad you’re off that disgusting liberal show. You’re way to knowledgeable and honest for the liberal hacks on that show.

  8. thomas villa says:

    Buchanan actually has not been on MSNBC of several months at this point- this is being announced today like its something new, but in reality I only watched ‘Morning Joe’ because it had featured Buchanan,.. and it was effectively the ONLY Paleo-conservative / NON-Neocon traditional conservative on national television..

    I have not watched ‘Morning Joe’ in about a month because Buchanan has not been on anymore. The show was not really very good, and it was the same Dem propaganda that was not a lot different to the Neocon Repub propaganda on FOX..

    Now i really only have FOX to go back to or the local news.

    The cowardly part of this is, MSNBC could easily simply release Buchanan from his contract (fire him) and I wish they actually would, since they are using his contract to keep him from moving over to FOX and taking what little audience MSNBC has with him.

    This is almost all coming from Al Sharpton who is a racialist that has a laundry list of actual hate crimes in his history- and Sharpton vehemently hates Buchanan. Sharpton was actually given a show on MSNBC and its so bad that even SNL did a skit making fun of how rediculous it is.

    MSNBC is not scared to talk openly about the ‘black community’ and the interests of the black community, but their boss actively says he wants to censor any sort of talk about the common interests of the ‘white community’ as racist.
    I think both groups, as well as others should have open and fair talks about their own populations interests, and mutual common interests as well.

    What MSNBC is honestly scared of = much of its audience probably agrees with Buchanan and open discussions about white americans interests, the same way we talk about other populations communal interests, and MSNBC wants to stamp-out such discussion-

    Be brave MSNBC.. FIRE PAT NOW!.. you know as well as I do that he will sing on with FOX and take his audience to FOX with him.. and that is why MSNBC cannot decide what to do, and cannot afford to lose more of its small viewership so they are paying Pat to sit at home to prevent him from taking his viewership to his next network with him..

    THAT is the real story. I dont really like the FOX propaganda, but besides Joe Scarbourough their is nothing of interest to me on that cowardly network, and Mika Brezynski is really tedious and annoying to me.


  9. Sanjay says:

    How is genocide of Whites a good thing?

    How is extermination of Whites through immigration and assimilation a good thing?

    Interracial marriage is good, but only when Whites are having more babies.

    Whites are the minority in this world, not brown, black or asians.

    We should protect the minority…

  10. Paul Hue says:

    Republicans want to kill black people? Lots of black people are getting killed every year, very few by white people. The fraction of murdered blacks killed by whites is much, much lower than the fraction of murdered whites killed by blacks. (Not even going to comment on the few whites who murder blacks having any political affiliation.)

    As for “starving our kids”: who is failing to feed their own children? To the extent that any black children are starving today in the US, it is not because any white folks (Republican or otherwise) are depriving them of food, it is because their own parents are failing to accept and honor their own natural responsibilities.

  11. Truth Seeker says:

    “Wait…you were on a panel hosted “Rev.” Al Sharpton and you are qualified to comment on racism? Give me a break, Tawana Brawley.”

    As a victim of white supremacy, he is more than qualified to speak the subject. Now give me a break David Duke!

  12. Dave Boxley says:

    Wait…you were on a panel hosted “Rev.” Al Sharpton and you are qualified to comment on racism? Give me a break, Tawana Brawley.

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