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Press Release; Lash to Lens…

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( What do you get when you combine an already successful makeup artist business with a successful photography establishment?  Lash To Lens. Lash to Lens is the brainchild of makeup artist Charlene Armstrong and photographer Kesha Lambert.

Introduced by Charlene’s husband, the ladies started working with each other when they noticed and respected one another’s work. A few years ago, while each was running her own business, Charlene and Kesha began to integrate their services. This pleased the clients because they didn’t have to hire a makeup artist or photographer separately. After a few successful projects, they decided to get a studio together, and last year, they jointly entered a business venture. And that’s when Lash to Lens was born.

We thought that the idea of combining both businesses was complimentary and would be a much better and superior experience for our clients. Our clients found it very attractive to come to one spot and get both services,” states Kesha.

Wedding and lifestyle photography is the main focus of Lash to Lens. The ladies handle makeup and photo ops—from a couple’s engagement and bridal shower, all the way to the actual wedding. They also shoot lifestyle  photography which includes birthday parties, maternity and newborn photos, sweet sixteen parties, boudoir photos, and much, much more.

We are a people-oriented type of business. People focused,” says Charlene.

Both women affirm that they are successful together because they were once separate business owners who now want to maintain a successful joint venture. Being committed to this project allows the business to grow in a positive direction.

We have our disagreements at times,” admits Charlene. “But it is a matter of communicating with each other and coming up with a solution that is the best route for the business.”

Yes, we both bring a commitment which helps us stay on the same page,” adds Kesha.

The art of makeup and photography has always been in the heart of these ladies. For nine years, Charlene worked in corporate America as a project manager. During that time, she often worked a second job as a makeup artist—usually at theMACCosmetics counter in Nordstrom.  She soon opened up a little store within a hair salon where she had her own makeup room where she could do makeovers. “I was never fulfilled doing what I was doing.  I think I was that type of person who wanted her own business, so I always did something on the side thinking it would take me to the point of having my own business,” says Charlene.

Kesha is a lawyer for the state of New York, although she hasn’t practiced for a couple of years.  During her college years, she always had an eye for photography. “It was one of those things that I was passionate about for as long as I can remember,” Kesha states. “I started shooting for hire as a side business while I was in law school. It started as a hobby, a side business—but I left it alone when I started to practice law. I too didn’t feel fulfilled in practicing law.”

Both ladies believe that if you work at what you love, it will eventually turn into a successful business. And this proved all too true when they finally were able to do what they both loved.

A typical day at Lash to Lens can run 12 to 14 hours. This is especially a challenge for Charlene, a mother of one boy, and Kesha, a mother of three boys. How do they handle it? “There is no such thing as hours of operation,” states Kesha. “It’s a matter of setting limits. The plus side of running a business is that you have some control.”

Charlene adds, “Because this is such a weekend-based business, I try to find little activities for me and my son to do together during the week so that when I’m not with him on the weekends, I don’t feel so disconnected.”

The ladies are full of advice when it comes to inspiring up-and-coming makeup artists and photographers. Kesha states, “Anything worth having requires dedication and motivation. When you are in pursuit of something, the motivation level can temper when there are disappointments and challenges. The difference between those who succeed at what they do and those who don’t is maintaining that drive.”

Charlene believes, “You can’t be afraid to take the chance and to take the risk because of fear.  Then you don’t go out and do it. You learn from your challenges and your mistakes. It’s so important to take the risk.”

Both ladies believe that a person who has a passion for something should never give up—that person should keep on going, even when it feels that something is not working at the moment.

“It won’t feel like work if it’s something you love to do. You just have to keep at it,” Charlene adds.

You can visit the Lash to Lens store at 176 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801, or view the website at

Staff Writer; Yolanda Spivey

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