Being a Better Parent in 2012…

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( 2012 is now coming to an end.  Many of us have lined up our resolutions for the start of the New Year.  We have plans, agendas and good intentions to make positive changes.  They may consist of improving our finances, losing weight, becoming debt free, going to church, finding new jobs and a host of other things.  I know you can count me in on a few of those.

Personally I don’t like to use the word resolution because it seems so temporary and so many of us use it because we are taught that it is the thing to do.   However, I prefer to reflect on the past year and what course I will take to make the New Year a better one.

Like many others I have been thinking about how I will improve in some areas of my life as 2012 approaches.  In 2012 one of my main goals is to be a better parent.  This has been on my mind within the last week. 

You may be wondering what will that consist of and how will I make it happen.   Well to be honest I have asked myself the same question.   What actions will I take to help my son grow into a healthy and well-rounded person?  What steps will I take to assist him in becoming the best that he can be?  Well I have jotted down a few ideas of what steps I will take to improve as a parent.

1. Education will remain a priority.  I will seek ways to make his study time more enjoyable and working closely with his teachers to make his educational experience the best as possible.   I will continue to help him along  his educational journey.   Yes it may take a bit of time and extra effort, but it is worth it.

2. Cultural experiences will become a normal part of our life.   I remember in the past spending time at the park, the zoo, the library and all types of free concerts with my son.   Somehow, I have distanced myself from doing such, but this will change in 2012.  More time will be spent enjoying plays, concerts, the various cultural festivals available in my area.

3. Nurturing his talent.  Nurturing my child’s talent is also very important.  I have known for quite a while that my son is a pretty good artist, but I did not realize until this year what a truly talented artist he really is.  So this Christmas I bought art supplies to invest in his gift.  I will help him along in other areas he may have an interest in also.  I will not stifle, but allow him to experiment with whatever peeks his interests.

4. Quality time is free and costs nothing.   Yes we all talk about spending more time with our children.  I am sure that many parents spend time with their children.  However, is the time one of quality or quantity?  I have to admit that I have slacked in that area within the last year, but 2012 will be different.

5. Teach him his history.  We will learn our African and African American History together.  As we all know this is something that will never be taught to him in school.  Even at the college level he will never learn the full scope of his past.  So why not start at home. 

6. Embracing our spirituality together.  This will happen inside and outside of our home.  I have learned that this is needed to keep my child and I grounded, guarded and geared up.  I not only have to teach him, but I must also lead and be the example.

7.  Giving him the freedom to discover and find himself.  He may trip and fall along the way, but I know that it is time to let the strings loose and allow him to be independent, even if he stumbles.  I must admit that I sometimes look at him as my baby, but he is growing into a young man and it is time to let go and let him grow.

So with that being said, I know that I have some work ahead of me.  These are not just mere words thrown together to fill the pages of this column.  I will take the initiative to do better by my son in 2012 and beyond. 

Staff Writer; Eleanie Campbell

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