Kwanzaa Day 7 – IMANI – Faith…

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( What do you believe in?

Nothing is certain. Science tells us that there is no thing at all that we can be absolutely certain is true. Nonetheless, there are things that each of us believes, to a certainty, are true. What fills that bill for you?

The belief in the Creator? The belief in the ancestors? Some believe in nothing. . . .

They milled and mingled and stomped their feet against the cold, in their thousands, in their hundreds of thousands. And the liquor flowed. They cheered to warm themselves in the cold night, as they marked the passing of the year in the place called Time. They laughed and sang. For joy, or to cast out fear?

The brilliantly shining talisman stood upon the tower in the center of Time in the greatest city in the most powerful nation on earth, and the image was multiplied, electronically, a billionfold.

Through science, a belief in science above all, they fashioned an empire that spans the globe. The gods of Math and Science and Commerce, the Trinity of the West, have measured everything, and to everything assigned a number, a digit. And now what?

And then the shining globe atop the Square at the center of Time and the world began to fall. And they prayed to the god of Number, intoning the sacred single digits backwards to the “O” that is nothing and also the infinite circle without beginning or end.

Scant minutes afterwards the sea of white dispersed, becoming lost in a city of many hues in the Empire nation that is becoming increasingly diverse. And is it not written that the meek shall inherit the earth?

Now that numbers, unleashed, have done their work, and the world is united as one, shall not the old creeds, the original faith, blossom once again? If science has proven that nothing is certain, then is not even science itself purely belief?

What do you believe in, thy Blackman, thy Blackwoman?

Will we grow apart, or cleave together as one, and reproduce ourselves again and again and again until the end of days?

This is the 7th, and final, day of Kwanzaa. Today we celebrate IMANI, faith. Today we renew our belief in the Creator, the ancestors and our people. IMANI!

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

This talented author has just published a NEW book which is entitled; AFRICA is not A COUNTRY!.