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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Lawrence O’Donnell, A Real Challenge To The Racists at MSNBC…

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( No one should be surprised that the media has invested all of its might to lynch Herman Cain now that has become a front-runner in the GOP presidential primary. Nearly 3 weeks ago the liberal writers at Saturday Night Live lampooned him for not having a chance. Since then, Americans have taken notice of his pragmatic approach to solving our country’s problems. The media is attempting to destroy Herman Cain because Herman Cain is a politically conservative black man in America, an unprotected minority. Although he has become a Titan in business like Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons, and Bob Johnson. Liberals have created conditions where expressing conservative belief subjects blacks to another set of standards.

The most disgusting example of the media lynching was the interview by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. O’Donnell’s questions were predictably  misleading. That’s to be expected because they cater their content to a small (and I mean small) leftist fringe. He relentlessly attempted to cast Herman Cain as a race traitor through innuendo like accusing him of not participating in civil rights demonstrations, insulting his father, and misrepresenting passages from his book. I concluded than this Ivy League elitist has ordained himself with the authority to declare who is black. Although Herman Cain gave a spirited interview, he showed the obvious restraint of a presidential candidate leaving the host visibly frustrated by his defiance. I guarantee that if this was 1840, O’Donnell would have filled Cain’s back with welts like the Democrats used to do to noncompliant blacks back then. Nonetheless, since I am not a presidential candidate, and have no restraint and can directly address his racist assumptions.
I challenge Mr. O’Donnell’s and his newfound authority to a “black contest.” As a conservative black American, your racial integrity is challenged regularly. While I believe that there is no standard “black experience,” there are experiences, conditions and traditions that tie the millions of African-Americans together that are distinctly different from other groups of Americans. Unfortunately, racist liberals like O’Donnell and self-proclaimed “black leaders” like Cornell West have given themselves the authority to decide who can call themselves black.
For years conservative African-Americans have tried to convince brethren that despite political differences, they are no different. Too often these pleas fall on deaf ears as their “black cards” are revoked for simply exercising constitutional rights. At the same time, people like Obama, whose descendents were not forced into slavery, and Bill Clinton who continues to be touted as the first “black” president.
Now’s the time for liberals to stop all of the innuendo and baseless accusations. Since they are quick to insult the racial integrity of conservative blacks, here is their chance to prove it. Mr. O’Donnell, let’s mutually agree on a measurable standard based on the experiences of descendants of enslaved Africans in America, pitting myself against President Obama. If I lose, I am willing to profess that my conservative beliefs make me a sellout to my community. If you lose, you must profess to your audience that you are indeed the biggest racist in America.
I realize the that idea of a “black contest” may be considered immature. So is having to rebut being called an Uncle Tom during an otherwise intelligent debate on policy. I am addressing absurdity in-kind. I fully expect O’Donnell to cower inside of his ivory tower at MSNBC by ignoring me. That’s why I need you help to me challenge the racists at MSNBC. Copy and paste this editorial with “Don’t Be A Coward O’Donnell, Accept The Challenge” in the title. E-mail it directly to Lawrence O’Donnell at Get all of your friends to do the same. O’Donnell acts like a tough guy when standing on the bully pulpit, time to find out if that MSNBC mascot is really a peacock or chicken.
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9 Responses to “Lawrence O’Donnell, A Real Challenge To The Racists at MSNBC…”
  1. chmst1999 says:

    First of all, you should change most of your references from “decendant” to “ancestor”.

    Second of all, anyone that suggests that conservative blacks are racist or somehow out of touch with Black America should read Walter Williams’ work at George Mason University Professor Williams is one of the national scholars in economics, and often focuses on aspects of economics as they relate to Black America. His insights should provide knowledge for all people interested in learning why the middle class is shrinking, why it is so difficult to escape poverty, etc.

    Third, not all attacks against Mr. Cain are racist. His 9-9-9 plan will hurt poor and middle class families the most because a sales tax is regressive. That means that the lower income groups will pay a greater percentage of their income than the higher income groups. Sales taxes also increase with inflation. Think of it this way…you buy an item for $1000 and pay your 9% sales tax (total cost = $1090). Then, you decide to buy another one next year and you go to the store to buy the same item again. This time, however, the price is $1100 because of inflation, and you pay the 9% tax (total cost = $1199). In this example, not only is the item more expensive due to inflation, but you pay more taxes on it because of inflation. The poor and middle classes always end up paying a greater percentage of their income in taxes in a sales tax environment.

    Finally, Mr. Cain has a flip-flopping problem. He loses credibility every time he changes a stance because he seems to be making up his policies as he goes along. His latest is his stance on abortion. Until he actually provides a consistent position, many voters will view him with the same discomfort as the do with Mitt Romney. That’s not racist, that’s voting politics.

  2. cornel williams says:

    Also, did I hear some numbskull boast about all of the Blacks Herman Cain has hired? Funny, I just see him all the time surrounded by white supremacists.
    Even the clowns running his “campaign”, and that does require quote marks, are all white. What Blacks have Herman Cain hired?
    Godfathers Pizza? Wow, bet those Blacks that worked there are really well off today. I mean, these right wing whites have no parameters when it comes to stretching the truth and deceiving people.
    Negroes like CainFish hid during the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s because they were COWARDS! Herman CainFish hides behind White Supremacist Black haters because he is a COWARD! Secretly, whites laugh at CainFish’s geechie Kingfish type voice. Holy macaron dere.
    Anyone, white or black that defends Herman CainFish is a FAKE person. They are not thinkers, and they are anti intellectual.

  3. cornel williams says:

    I have a question to ask the writer of this article: How old are you? What did your parents do for a living? Do you admire Ronald Reagan?

    Where are all of these Black Republicans coming from? And no sir, you are NOT conservative. Herman CainFish is NOT conservative. That’s because the group of whites that these Blacks affiliate themselves with, are NOT Conservatives, These are right wingers.

    A conservative is not a fringe radical. A right winger is. Right Wingers have taken over the GOP, and any Black that aligns himself/herself with these kind of whites, leave many questions to be answered.

    These white people HATED the civil rights movement. Many of these Tea Party members are 55+ and went through school desegregation, etc. It is easy to surmise what side they were on back then.

    What kind of Black person would want to be a part of something like this?

    The main drift that I get from Herman CainFish is that he’s an evil man. Look at his sinister eyes, his nefarious laugh, etc. He’s a evil Uncle Remus. He’s angry at Blacks.

    Since Herman loves to say some cruel crap before his GOP supporters, then later claim that it was just a “joke,” here’s one for Herman. “Boy, you the biggest butt kissing Negro since the days of Stephin Fetchit! Herman, is that a joke? Sure you’re laughing. You said that you were only joking when you stated before your all white audience of supporters that you would put up an electric fence to execute Hispanics coming across the border. You said that that was only a joke.

    Lawrence O’Donnell did an EXCELLENT job in exposing this incompetent ignorant evil man. I wish O’Donnell would have even been tougher in drilling this fraud, this liar, this disgrace!!!!!

    CainFish elected not to participate in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s while his daddy, a chauffeur, told him to smile, take a bite of watermelon, spit out the seeds, and go to the back of the bus.

    Then, his old Uncle Remus Daddy could drive Miss Daisey around.

    Nope, I have nothing against a Black Conservative. Sen. Edward Brooks was a Black Republican, and a damn honorable man. But noooooo Negro, you and Herman CainFish ARE NOT conservatives. You are Uncle Remust Negroes that have aligned yourself with the 21st Century version of the Whites Citizens Council, and you have tapped danced for them.

    Herman CainFish is a DAMN DISGRACE!!! This coward is too afraid to allow a tough Black journalist to question him. This disgraceful Uncle Remus Black hides behind White Supremacists and insults Blacks.

    Coward scum. How DARE you defend Herman CainFish. And your views, based upon the article you wrote, smells a rat. Notice how these Black Right Wingers like CainFish, Clarence Uncle Tom(us)and Alan Keyes, notice how dark they are. Swarthy Blacks that hate their pigmentation. Also, all of them are ugly.

  4. Sho says:

    Here’s an idea for all of you who circulate a website about skin tone…Herman Cain is popular why??? Any guess?? Half the people who want to vote for him disagree with him on almost everything except certain raw sentiments.

    He is popular because he’s COOL. He’s real. He’s funny. He’s a HUMAN being. A man. A real American. Someone we could actually hang out with, and perhaps learn something from.

    I wish he was my neighbor. His skin tone, if it has any relevance at all, is important only in that it is NOT important. Not to him. Not to me. Only to those that thing he should be a servant to his “race” which for anyone who knows anything about genetics…does not, never has…existed.

    There is no race of Africans. All men are from Africa. Our skin tone changes with environments. But we are not breeds of animals. We are heroes, or villains and everything in between, based on our choices.

    This man is a hero. And may the God that I don’t believe in, bless him, and see him to success as President of the United States of America.

    The next time someone calls someone “black”, or “african”, tell them the truth. Tell them what they really mean to say is “cool”. Try it. Because the only thing I can see black subculture in the US standing for is Coolness. And coolness speaks to that heroic, sublime spirit that made all American rebels so bloody wonderful. And continues to.

  5. Mark says:

    And, lets not forget, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir recent racist tirade when he asked if Herman Cain could spell “IRAQ”. Now, just imagine had he asked the same question about Obama?

    Herman Cain has hired more black people than Obama could every dream of.

  6. Thomas Brown says:

    This is another great article. I remember watching this interview and yelling at the television. I am not a supporter of Herman Cain do to his stance on the Federal Reserve but I do like his idea of using the 9-9-9 plan if he abolished the 16th Amendment that established the income tax I would be for it. But this system would be good if it abolished the IRS and the tax code.

  7. hausa says:

    I’m not really sure that I can take you seriously as a journalist anymore after reading your article in support of Herman Cain. Your objectivity appears to be questionable.

    SNL seems to lampoon everyone – it was recently reported that even Eddie Murphy was lampooned after he left the show. Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford and everyone in between has been clowned by them. Lawrence O’Donnells’ questions were too hard for someone who wants to be president of the U.S.? Wow !!! It would seem that if he can’t handle the questions of an average talent T.V. personality that he is not prepared to run the U.S. in my eyes.

    There are conservative Blacks who have a lot of substance – even though I disagree with their ideology; Shelby Steele for example. But Herman Cain is paper thin on substance relative to the political arena. Calling him an industry titan is like calling KSolo the greatest rapper of all time – well beyond a stretch to the 10000 degree. Perhaps you should dedicate more time to helping Cain bone up on the issues, instead of focusing on what some TV hack says to or about Cain or any of the other candidates…

    You suggested that your “contest” might be immature. Simply put, yes it is….

  8. Rick says:

    I here Andre Harper loves polishing Pat Bucchan’s boots. Even spit shines’em…

  9. Joseph says:

    Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white

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