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Ron Paul for President of the United States of America: The danger!

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( A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the inimitable Ron Paul (R) Texas. The article’s theme was the dangers of Mr. Ron Paul and it focused on his comments about the Federal Emergency Management Association, FEMA, and, I believe that I touched into Paul’s social beliefs which I truly feel are based in bigotry. If the word bigotry is a bit disturbing, then supplant the word with ‘socially biased’ and ‘non-compassionate libertarian”Ron Paul:  Another Look at the Irrationally Irresponsible and Ron Paul Exposed.

A bit of detail related to assertion in the previous paragraphs about ‘the dangers’ of Mr. Ron Paul.  After writing the“Irrationally and Irresponsible”, and posting the article to a website, I received a response from a Ron Paul supporter.  The supporter connected to the website “Progressives for Ron Paul“. ( I do not have the url; do not need it ,nor want it).  Basically, the response was in the realm of why I should support Ron Paul for the GOP nomination. Why,  because he is not likely to defeat President Obama in the General Election.   Wow, I actually read that comment.

I realize that U.S. politics is wrought with mind games, subterfuge and out-right manipulation but, the comment really bothered me.  Someone was suggesting the I tone-down my comment about Ron Paul and fall-in-line to support him (Or stop writing negatively about him) for sake of paving a way for a flawed GOP candidate. You must understand that the writer was very pleasant and non-confrontational.  But, the writer (who happened to be male) asked that I go against my thoughts (and beliefs) on Paul to provide a soft candidate to run against Obama. There-in lies a set of problems that  for most people  could induce a lack of sleep.

How different is that than common GOP political trickery and subterfuge?

My paradigm was shaken because I was asked to partake in that ‘game; or I was the unwitting potential victim of Paul Campaign trickery.

Let me state unequivocally that Ron Paul is not a viable candidate for president of the United States of America.

My reason for ‘going there’?  If you read the linked article above, you probably have a sense of my concerns about Mr. Ron Paul. The  concerns go far deeper than his social issues and his penchant for irrational thought accompanied by very poor execution of oratory (for expressing his points of view).


As you know Mr. Ron Paul is a Libertarian.   If you are reading this treatise you know of libertarians and you may even subscribe to the school of political/social thought. A core principle for Libertarians is ‘small federal government’ and ‘States Rights’.  We are fortunate to live in the greatest nation on Earth.  We are 330 plus million people who are dispersed among 50 states. Despite the obvious mishandling of our nation’s budgets, finances, and the overall economy, there has to be a central body that serves as a central governing body the good of the nation.  If properly managed effectively by presidents from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush (with democrats in between) this nation would be in far better economy condition.  {details available if interested}. Now, imagine our country with a very de-centralized governing bodies trying  to  work together for the common good of the nation. It would not happen.  Imagine ‘States Rights”! One state wants to do something in one way,  and another wants it another, and then others want it with additional differences?  Oh, factor-in a weak centralized governing body at the federal level trying to mediate that mess: futility. It would not happen.  One example, imagine allowing the States to handle issues associated with dismantling Jim Crowe Laws and facilitating voting rights  for all citizens regardless of race or gender.   Teh federal government, under Lyndon B. Johnson, forced the Southern states to comply with his desire to provide fair and equitable voting rights for all.  Additionally, we currently  have a political party working to suppress voter’s rights: the GOP.  There is no way “States Right’s as a doctrine can work.  “States Rights”  is central to Libertarianism. Ron Paul is a Libertarian.

Odd Cognitive Processes

How can anyone consider themselves a viable candidate for president of the United States when they speak in the following vernacular?

* Legalize Heroin (allowing with Marijuana). While I feel that decriminalizing certain levels of ‘pot’ can help to  alleviate or courts systems, I dread the thought of complete legalization of Heroin.   The mind altering (and in one case addictive) substances are not the central issue.  The central issue is Mr. Ron Paul’s thought process that would  lead him  “go there”‘.

* As previously stated via my links above  the business of dismantling FEMA is outside the scope of reality. Ron Paul has added the Environmental Proection Agency to his list of “can do withouts”.  I will ask you to again, imagine.  Imagine, a world in which companies are allowed  to pollute as they wish,  with no regard for you and me as people, no regard for our children,  no regard for our health and no regard for the environment in which we live? Do you really think that the majority of companies will do the ‘right thing’ in all cases?  I personally do not think all companies will comply with their social and environmental responsibilities.

* Regardless of how we feel about healthcare reform, we should recognize that there are people in our nation that are suffering without opportunity to seek medical care.  Opposition to healthcare goes beyond the borders of people who are against healthcare reform (and specifically the Affordable Healthcare Act), many libertarians have problems with Social Security and Medicare.

We cannot afford to have a president who has any designs on dismantling either program and we should be cautious about any elected official who wants to dismantle medicare as we know it.  The people who are making the decisions  (On entitlement programs)  are,  for the most part,  wealthy people; they do not need the benefits as they grow older.

Mental Acuity Leading to Communication

I have watched Mr. Ron Paul for many years. I have watched as Paul,  as is the case with each of us, has diminished a bit in mental sharpness.    How could it be so easy to ‘tangle’ him-up into long rambling answers to questions?  Wolf Blitzer’s question about the hypothetical 30 years who refused to purchase medical care via his job,  should have garnered a quick and decisive response.  “Would you let him die?”  Paul, “No, but…..”

Instead Ron Paul spoke for three minutes and had to be asked the question again to secure a quick perfunctory ‘no’ with an answer that pleased the GOP audience.  The “no’ did not please the crowd, but Paul’s answer surely pleased the crowed. The question related to ‘death’,  not pain and suffering, death.

As posted in the link above, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Paul about his racial slurs in a campaign newsletter. The answer given by Paul was without doubt akin to, being caught with one’s hand where it should not be  (IN THE COOKIE JAR).  He could not provide a cogent answer to a serious question. So he ends the interview with a Pre-Donald Trump remark (in 2007) about, ‘the blacks’.    (Paraphrasing)  ” …….I have had some campaign staff turnover and some of it may have been placed there…….some political trickery that might have contributed. …” why…”because I am doing well in surveys with “the ‘blacks”.  Where is the mindset of that sort of thinking and speaking.  Pre-Paul and Trump,  I recall reading about such in the old south as plantation owners looked out across their slave filled  fields.   Or, I read such as I read about how certain pioneers to the West who felt the  “got along well with the, INJUNS”.  A president of the United States of America really should be better equipped (mentally) to deal with the fact that his or her nation is not that of one race of people.  Moreover, the president should be able to use his mind to deliver language that better fits a world of ‘tolerance’. How hard would it have been to use the words, “…doing well in surveys and doing well with black people, or African – Americans’?

I have listed a few examples of why I truly feel that Ron Paul is not only not a viable presidential candidate, I think he is a danger to segments of a free society.

It is important to understand that we live if fragile times.  While many do not like to hear it, we cannot afford the same or worse mistake than those of the Bush Years.  Our current president is continuing to combat issues left from the last administration.  Data related to the economy and his efforts to turn things around will bare out my assertion.  And, it is clear that the opposition party in Washington D.C. is following a strategy of ‘ non-cooperation” for political gain.  How can we afford to turn the administration back to someone like Ron Paul who at times exhibits confusion, hidden intolerance of people and one who wants to dismantle our proven federal system of government.  That system has it problems, but turning the nation over to the States, would be a humongous mistake from which we could never return.

One last point. We have a conservative Supreme Court.  Do you think it wise to further drive the SCOTUS to another level of conservatism with a trace of Libertarian in the mix?

In fairness, I do appreciate Pauls disdain for anything militaristic.

Staff Writer; (The Pardu)

For more thought provoking articles feel free to visit; TheProgressivesInfluence.



86 Responses to “Ron Paul for President of the United States of America: The danger!”
  1. buddy green says:

    Your hypocrisy runs deep. Thyblackman getting bent out of shape over being referred to as black. What sir would you prefer to be referred to as?

  2. Michael says:

    Ron Paul supporters are annoying, they act as if the whole world conspires against Ron Paul. They’ll make something up and say,”Ron Paul is the chosen one” or pretended that they were former Obama voters and now changed their mind to voting Ron Paul. This candidate reminds of that annoying kid in Politics class that keeps on asking,”why is the government doing this!! ” or “USA should mind their business.”

  3. davepinoy says:

    Ron paul’s logic is a bit irrational, and his grasp of what reality is truly ex-nihilo.

    Give ’em match but tell them not play with fire….wow….

    Ron paul should wake up to realities of the 21st century. We’re in the 2nd decade but paul havent finihed reading articles in the late 60’s of the 20th century. Ron paul should change his name to Rip…much like the guy who sleeped for centuries, RIP VAN WINKLE…Wake up Rip Paul, the king’s palace had just put an ad for a court jester-full time. Rip should apply for the job…he’s a crackpot and a jester.

  4. lucano says:

    this is a cheap shot at ron paul, we have seen too many. you can’t discredit ron paul because his supporters are way too strong to be overcome by your low traffic. get a better web developer. and i am sure if you even understood ron paul’s ideas you would agree. flipping his words around and implying things without understanding how the system works, especially that decisions should be returned to the states as originally intended my argument is the constitution and civil liberties, but seems you are way too far from uncovering the truth. you are a ton of history lessons and literature behind.

  5. jd says:

    HEY REDDAWG, thanks for being a voice of reason on this blog. checked out your site… RIGH ON MAN!! perhaps you should check out being an author on this site… i like reading your and authur lewin’s stuff. always right on and unbiased info to back it all up… stay strong in the struggle man

  6. Scotty says:

    Ron Paul has pledged to pardon all non-violent drug offenders and end the so-called War on Drugs which negatively impacts the Black community and destroys Black families more so than actual drug use. Obama has continued to failed policy and escalated it. Ron Paul is against the Federal Death penalty because he said science has proven that innocent people have been put on Death Row and he said that Blacks are more likely to be given the Death Penalty and its application has been racist. I hardly think he can be referred to as a bigot. Ron Paul would end American imperialism and does not think we should be subsidizing any foreign governments including Israel.

    A return to Jim Crow days of segregation is a false argument as no company would outright ban blacks for fear of reprisals. As far as housing goes, we often segregate ourselves which is not a bad thing, our schools are also segregated in most Urban areas. If blacks want a government (State) that looks after their interests then blacks need to stop sitting on their behinds during non-presidential elections and get more involved in all levels of government, local, state and federal. IMO, black people need to vote in the GOP primaries and support Ron Paul so we can have a real choice and not just another establishment candidate like Hermain Cain or any of the other clowns from the GOP.

  7. Channelboss says:

    Well,well,well. After reading this article,or whatever you want to call it I was ready to lay down a blistering assault in such a bigoted piece of misinformation. I see now however after reading the comments that I most of the work has been done for me. I can only say how shocked I am at how fearful people are of freedom. I guess such a level of fear can only be a reflection of how effective the social engineers have been at mind control. If people were truly in touch with their soul, Dr. Paul would be 40 points ahead of the nearest contender.

  8. Dave says:

    Obamney 2012 Fuck Freedom!

  9. DG says:

    Michael your premise is ridiculous.

    One of the fathers of the modern liberal movement (classical liberalism, which libertarianism is an offshoot of, not modern party liberalism) Milton Friedman made the argument that the sole purpose of the government outside of protection, is to protect the ‘citizens’ from the negative externalities of the free market.

    You assumption that things are legal or illegal is irrational and presents a false dichotomy.

    First of all the presumption of regulations is that they exist to protect against free market externalities that would allow the business, corporation, or individual to impose UNDULY on the rights of another.

    Within the margin is the fact that rights are granted in a civil society by the collective conferring rights on the people.

    So by definition then, a regulation seeks to create space between the individual, corporation or business, and other individuals, corporations, or businesses.

    So with that as the base for liberalism AND libertarianism, to blanketly say ALL regulations should be done away with because either it is legal or illegal doesn’t address the fact that in many instances there are scales where an imposition doesn’t rise to an improper thwarting of another’s property or rights.

    For example, WHO OWNS AIR? There may be a level of ‘pollution’ that is insufficient to actually impose on or cause harm to another individual. This is where REGULATION comes in. To determine in a free society at what point an the individual rights of one extends to far into the individual rights of another.

    In some cases you are correct, there will be a clear case of it being illegal or legal (however that is defined). In many other cases it will have to be defined at WHAT POINT it becomes and imposition.

    DAMN I am so disappointed in you Ron Paul followers. You claim that he is the most rational, consistent, and articulate candidate, and you most of you are irrational, in articulate, and illogical.

    You can do better!

  10. Michael says:

    *Do you really think that the majority of companies will do the ‘right thing’ in all cases? I personally do not think all companies will comply with their social and environmental responsibilities.*

    This bugs me. Dr. Paul is not stating that it is an honour system, he is stating that rather than government bureaucrats writing exemptions for their friends that you have stronger property rights to protect you. That companies can’t pollute your air and your children’s air because its on your property and its their pollutants. Thus it is a crime for them to do as such (rather than needing to bribe their way to an exemption).

    Think about what happens with regulations when you have an illegal foreclosure. The bank (through robo signing) comes to foreclose on your home illegally, you call the cops but they say “it is a civil matter” and don’t get involved.

    So the company illegally forecloses and has the sheriffs show up to evict you, because it is a corporation NOW the police can be involved in stealing your legally owned property.

    Regulations are terrible. Something is either illegal (in which case you should be able to call the cops to make them stop) or it isn’t. It shouldn’t be that an average citizen needs a team of lawyers to ensure they don’t get poisoned.

  11. Brendan says:

    I’m under the impression that there is no trickery involved in Ron Paul’s campaign. He has kept a very similar platform for years. If Ron Paul is not suitable for the GOP candidacy, who then shall carry the torch?

    Mitt Romney? He bickers back and forth with Rick Perry like a child in the face of a national crisis. Plus the fact that he has not been able to maintain his own opinions, he simply bends to the will of the public to get the nomination and then follow a completely different, unknown agenda.

    Michelle Bachman? Yeah, like I want a candidate who, when questioned about anything always resorts to criticizing Obama or boasting the fact that she is a proud mother.

    Herman Cain? I do not want to support a candidate who’s website claims that, “Because we are such a free and prosperous people, we are the envy of the world. Many regimes seek to destroy us because they are threatened by our ideals, and they resent our prosperity.” Countries are threatened by our ideals because we have over 150 military bases around the world and we build nations under the pretense that we must “remove terrorism”. The reason people become “terrorists” is because of our presence in their affairs!

    I could go on and on about the others, but I will be late for class if I don’t wrap this up. The only other candidate I view as viable (other than Ron Paul) is Newt Gingrich, but he will not address our foreign policy issue.

    I was intrigued at your argument and do see some viable points (which I will address later tonight), but adding a picture of Ron Paul with the quote “Yelling randomly! Also called politics” is not making any significant progress for your argument. I look forward to reading more of your opinion, but I do urge you to keep an open mind and view not only Ron Paul, but anyone else’s beliefs without completely disregarding them. Change is possible, I believe Ron Paul will fix America.

  12. Staff says:

    All is free to voice thy opinion… If you would like to submit a Ron Paul piece, then here is our address:


  13. Nlanigan says:

    This is most likely one one the most vitriolic & disgusting excuses for journalism I have ever seen. First of all, enough with the race card bs. You take issue with being called “the blacks”. Hate to burst your bubble, but unless you get millions of people to start calling you “the browns”, it is going to stick. I refuse to call anyone of African descent “African American” unless they were born in Africa and came to America. Having gone to school with many, I can unequivocally say that true Africans of color abhor the term given to American blacks because it shames them. Don’t like that statement? Tough. I hear on a daily basis Caucasians referred to as “white”, and I don’t get all bent out of shape. Saying that Ron Paul is a racist based on the words of an employee is grasping at straws. He fired the writer of the newsletter.

    Get over it, already. A Libertarian believes in equality for ALL people. We don’t care what anyone’s skin color is, what religion they practice, what gender they are. It’s all about the individual, their character, and wanting freedom for everyone. This hit piece is full of rhetoric. I don’t know if this person knowingly lied, or is just that ignorant. Let me be very clear. Socialism is a leech. One might think that all these programs are in place to help, when in fact they are in place to suck us out of more taxes, and pave the way for even more government. It has been tried in many countries, and it fails each time..with the very same promises that have been broken. It didn’t work in Argentina, Russia, Germany, etc…and it isn’t working here. The markets will go up and down. There have been crashes, recessions, a depression-which we are in the beginnings of now. One cannot choke blood from a stone, and taxing the hell out of us to further grow the government thinking it’s for all these programs have not, and will not work. I suggest the author educate him/herself on Socialism, and it’s effects.

  14. Luke says:

    Whoever wrote this article is very confused. Ron Paul is the only one besides Gary Johnson that tells you exactly what they will do and how it will be done. Its these type of people who write these articles who vote blindly and don’t have a high enough IQ to understand the whole picture. If you want true change, then start listening to what Ron Paul has to offer. Unfortunately there isnt many other options.

  15. scott says:

    Let me state UNEQUIVOCALLY…


    I love how the author of this article hides behind the name ” staff “.

    What a wuss.

  16. EJ1984 says:

    Just because it’s Halloween time doesn’t mean it’s necessary to bring out the scary journalism. (Which by the way doesn’t frighten people who think for themselves.)
    What’s got me confused is how a damn pizza guy that dresses in certain colors because it looks so great on his “beautiful black skin” can be considered viable, yet a medical doctor with a 30 year record of credibility gets deemed “unelectable.”
    Oh yeah. Let’s go there.
    Ron Paul 2012.

  17. The author is obviously Lost. Translation obamified and stuck on the democratic plantation. Bet he doesn’t even understand Bretton Woods, Fractional banking or oddly how Dr. Paul has been proven right over the past 20 years.

  18. c-lo says:

    trash, rubbish – you need to listen a fellow “African American” by the name of KRS-ONE.

  19. k9unleashed says:

    Only when we stop seeing people through the lense of racism will we finally have a truly free society. There are only individual rights, that IS WHAT UNITES US ALL. Color, religion, sexual preference, and so on and on… are issues that only serve to divide us.

    Ron Paul is making a stand for the individual rights of EVERYONE, no matter what you look like or believe. So plz, think long and hard about being appathetic to our freedom, doing something or nothing is not without consequence. Plz look at the bigger picture, what are the consequences of not protecting our individual freedoms.

    I consider a person’s individual rights more important than ANY physical appearance, or belief system, and anyone that abuses those unalienable rights is part of the problem and not the solution.

    In conclusion, I agree with Ron Paul, the federal govn’t is there to first and foremost protect everyones individual rights from abuse by anyone else, no matter how numerous a collective may be.


  20. Tim Frost says:

    It is sad that a website that has done so much good work in the past when covering Ron Paul has agreed to publish such a puerile bit of journalism.

    Yes Ron Paul is extremely unlikely to win the nomination, and I say this as a supporter, but everyone needs to properly understand why. Often RP supporters blame the media or the government or special interests or ‘the powers that be’ for being the true barrier to Ron Paul promoting positive change in this country. There is some truth to this assertion however they fail to acknowledge that it is not just these groups that are the barrier, many average Americans are too. This may sound cynical and defeatist but this great optimism that the American people are victims of big government can only stretch so far. I’ve met innumerable Americans, ‘average joes’ so to speak, who are more than complicit in perpetuating the system and committed to seeing America flushed down the toilet. I’m sure many will say, oh but they are just the victims of state sponsored cultural marxism that’s pumped through the educational system. That justification unfortunately only stretches so far in my view. Intelligent rational people who aren’t insiders have fought me to the death in defense of a ‘great leader’ such as Obama and I feel like they are willing to die to defend these views. Just look at Occupy Wall Steet…. they hate the system however the majority just want to prescribe Socialist redistribution of wealth because they are ‘not getting their fare share’. America unfortunately is bankrupt literally, morally and intellectually. People like Ron Paul and others will continue to fight the good fight but unfortunately it will make no great difference to America’s path during the next 10 years. The majority of individuals that make up the American collective have spoken; they want deception and greed.

    Yes America will get the country it deserves, because for the last hundred years the custodians and peoples of the nation have decided to rob it of its dignity and morality.

    The question is who will we look to when everything has crumbled? Who will provide the guidance? This could give Ron Paul supporters (and free market austrian economists that believe in a strictly limited constitutional government) hope that their advice will be sought after being proved undoubtedly correct with their warnings…………. alas I am again very skeptical that this will be the case. Should I end my life now? Hell no, I see the world for what it is and I find happiness because I choose not to be a victim. The American Republic was founded with greatness and bravery, and it will end with arrogance and cowardice.

  21. Edwin says:

    The fellow writing this article obvously has an OPINION. Unfortunatly, so does everyone else. Opinions, however are not facts. Before expressing ones opinion perhaps a bit of fact finding would be appropriate. Albiet, it is much less difficult to slander someone if you are ignorant of the facts.

  22. Diabian says:

    First of all, I am not American, but I felt like saying this: I hope that Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination… You Know why?? Just so your country continues failing and screwing up their own economy and country. Ron Paul seems to have the answer to cutting down spending, and saving Americans from getting killed in useless and pointless wars, and its for people like the author of this article is why America has been going down the toilet in the last 20 years to a degree where you had to borrow from your enemy, China and Saudi Arabia, to pay for your stupid food stamps that actually benefit big food companies rather than the actually people who get those food stamps, and yet call your bankrupt country “the greatest country in the world”! Arrogant and ignorant nation is that what Americans are, and remind me of the french in the 2nd war when they were in denial about Hitler’s intentions to invade their country until one day they woke up and saw the Nazi army dancing in Shanzelize St!
    When you defend the federal government for taking over your life, and controling everything in the country in an unconstituional way, and spend trillions of dollars in over 900 useless military bases and go into wars that are not for the US to worry about while there are millions and millions of Americans who go to bed hungry everynight, and take your country to the verge of bankruptcy… Clearly whats been practiced by the federal government has not worked. Then why do you still arrogantly insist on defending it?!! 17 trillion dollars in debt?? 6000 people killed in a war thats based on a lie in Iraq!! 30 million people go to bed hungry every night!! 30 million unemployed people!!! Yet, you are still defending THAT?!
    Honest to God, i really pray to him that Ron Paul loses just so you face what the soviet union went through which is loss, failure and bankruptcy.

  23. Who cares?

    The United States voting population is a bunch of ignorant, stupid morons, that have allowed a war in Iraq to go on for a decade over weapons of mass destruction that don’t exist.

    The American population is going to get exactly the government they deserve. A very corrupt one.

    Don’t worry about it, there isn’t any chance Paul will be elected. Just another lying two faced scumbag MIGHT get elected or our current lying two faced scumbag will get re-elected. Nothing is going to change.

  24. bruno says:

    Your one disgusting individual sir you remind me of the crying wolf who yells and insults people.

    Shouldnt this website be closed down for been Racist?

  25. Amin says:

    Very poor logic.

  26. Tom says:

    Nice how you leave the main platform that he is running on and that you agree with to the last line in your article!

    Man I think status quo is Cain and Romney and Obama. They are all puppets of the big banks.

    Look who is funding their campaigns…

  27. chmst1999 says:

    This is an odd post, and I disagree with it’s entire premise. I don’t want to discuss Dr. Paul here, but rather your fundamental assumption that we need a strong national government and weak state governments.

    Please take some time and read about the story of Joshua Glover, an escaped slave who had traveled to Wisconsin. The beginning of the article linked below says, “Slavery had been prohibited in Wisconsin under the 1787 Northwest Ordinance, according to which our state and territory were formed. However in 1850 the Federal Government passed the Fugitive Slave Act which forced citizens to return any captured slaves to their owners. This caused a great stir within the growing abolitionist movement who felt they were being forced to comply with a law to which they were morally opposed.” Please read the rest to learn about this important historical event.

    Your assumption is that the federal government must be stronger than the state governments. Have you ever wondered why the Underground Railroad had to go all the way to Canada if black people were free in the North? The reason is that they weren’t free, and the Federal Fugitive Slave Laws said that slaves were “property” that had to be returned to their “owners”. Should the residents of Wisconsin have resisted this and stood up against the federal government to protect Joshua Glover? Should Wisconsin’s state supreme court have violated the federal mandates and refused to hold those Wisconsin citizens who acted on Mr. Glover’s behalf?

    Wisconsin has a proud history of standing up to an out-of-control federal government. Somehow, you fail to realize this, even though it had profound ramifications on slavery. I would expect more from Learn your history, and then revisit your interpretation of states’ rights. I bet the only candidate that knows about this history is Ron Paul. He has at least read the history, and his positions align with those Wisconsin residents in the 1850’s who proudly stood up to defend Joshua Glover and the citizens who protected him.

    For a book on the subject, see ISBN-13: 978-0821418130.

  28. Bryan says:

    This just supports the comment I earlier posted which was the second of the entire (bad) article. RON PAUL 2012. This is just a pathetic, and racist, attempt at discrediting Dr. Ron Paul for his efforts to actually fix America.

  29. Chris says:


    There I said it. ‘The BLACKS’

    What an idiot.

    If your BLACK and so concerned about being called African American, then change who you write for THY AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN.


  30. will says:

    U dont no shit. stopped reading this garbage so fast.

  31. Andrew says:

    You’re a truly disgusting individual. You discredit Ron Paul and call him a bigot yet don’t even attempt to refute his positions. You’re a despicable human being.

  32. Dallas says:

    Your a classic case of crying wolf. People will discredit anything intelligent you have to say because of your narrow vision. Grow up.

  33. Jay says:

    “You’re saying Ron Paul isn’t electable because you were told he isn’t electable. You were told this by people you feel you should trust, people who purport to be expert and objective. But the fact is, self-professed expertise is neither expert nor objective.

    “The MSM make up a very interested party, and should be seen as nothing more than an extremely visible special interest. You can’t trust the words or actions of Fox, MSNBC, or CNN any more than you could trust the objectivity of a lobbyist from the oil, military, or pharmaceutical industries.” (Author: A.M. Craig)

  34. Chris says:

    wow… where to start with this one…
    I had to laugh at this guy griping about the term ‘the blacks’ – what’s Paul supposed to say? Look at your own website name ffs!

  35. Jon says:

    I find it funny how you call Ron Paul a bigot. We have a half black president, That continues to incarcerate minorities, For non violent drug offenses. Ron Paul does not want to out right legalize drugs. He wants to end the federal war on drugs. There would still be state laws in place. Ever since the passing of federal mandatory minimum sentencing in the late 80s, Black males have been the victims of harsh sentencing. 5 grams of crack will get you 5 years. Most of these people do not need to be in prison, They need to be in rehab. People act like it will be the end of the world when Ron Paul is president. Its only 4 years. It cant get much worse. Speaking as a white man, Our last great president was JFK. Everyone of them after JFK, including Obama are trash.

  36. thinker says:

    the main thing that bothers me about this piece of shit article is that the cocksucker who wrote it doesnt really understand what ron paul wants to do..he does not want to legalize heroin, he wants to allow the state to decide the drug policies for themselves,( so if california want canabis legal it would be put up to a vote, this guy who wrote this knows that talking shit about ron paul would be the only way to get people to his wack ass website, im glad that most commentors (who are black) can see through this bulshit propaganda.

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