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Sheila Agnew; Our Destructive Behavior…

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( Although I did not know much about Amy Winehouse’s music, I was saddened to hear of her death. Unfortunately, my limited knowledge of Amy is the very public battle she had with drug and alcohol abuse. Without an official autopsy as of this writing, my assumption is Amy’s destructive behavior was most likely the cause of her untimely death.

Amy’s struggles were not uncommon, as drug and alcohol abuse has been the demise of far too many young people who choose to live destructive lifestyles. Amy’s celebrity status gave her addiction national attention, but what about our youth whose abusive behaviors threaten our communities. In my  hometown of Chicago, the big news story on Monday mornings is how many innocent youth were killed over the weekend as a result of someone’s poor choices. The future of many promising young men and women are forever lost due to destructive behavior brought about by savage mentalities, ignorance and lack of respect for each other.

Destructive lifestyles are not reserved for youth. We need only look within to discover things we are doing without even recognizing that we are creating a pattern of self-destruction in our own lives and the lives of others. We are plagued with health issues and diseases that often can be combatted with proper diets and exercise, yet we continue to abuse our bodies to the point of no return. Our children are far too often victims of physical and sexual abuse by authority figures ranging from parents to ministers, causing them to live in fear and mental anguish. Our leaders would rather destroy our countries for a piece of the action, rather than seek peaceful solutions for the betterment of all.

Destruction is all around us, yet we are only moved when the media brings attention to the lifestyles of people who really add little value to our everyday existence. Yes, I am sad for Amy Winehouse, her family and fans, but I can only pray that this type of international attention will help so many of us recognize our own destructive behaviors and inspire us create a better life and environment for our future existence.

Staff Writer; Sheila Agnew

For more work by this talented writer visit the following site; “Mo Better” Inspiration by Sheila.


2 Responses to “Sheila Agnew; Our Destructive Behavior…”
  1. Sheila Agnew says:

    Thanks so much for your feedback on “Our Destructive Behavior.” Your points were well taken. First, let me say it is good that you recognize how your past behavior as you described above lead you on the path to self-destruction. Most important is you have taken steps to embrace the possibilites for a better future. There are many ways we enslave ourselves including addiction, jail,debt and even other people. Whatever, our behavior patterns,God’s purpose for us is never self-destruction. You are on the right course. Continue to lean on God and believe that “you can do all things through Christ.”

  2. James says:

    Ms. Agnew:

    Right on point. I would agree that specific lifestyle choices will determine specific results/consequences of those choices.

    I can only share my experience, stregnth, & hope with this topic from firsthand experience (not from a book, lecture, or because I heard a speaker on this topic) however, based upon my self-destructive lifestyle choices with drugs & alcohol, women, money, social status, etc. etc. etc.; I can only hope that more of our black youth TODAY, will wake up and smell the roses. After over 20 years battling addiction; (using every known aspect of life as excuses to self-destruct not to mention, my 3 combat tours in Grenada, Panama, & the Persian Gulf 1991); GOD was there when I needed him most because the horrors of addiction (whether it be drugs, alcohpol, sex, money, gambling, and so on; always produce 3 major components:

    ** Loss of spiritual basis.
    ** Loss of self-respect & respect for others.
    ** Loss of desire to live.

    In a nut shell; (Jails, Institutions, Death). These 3 comprise of the inner jail these choices create (mental, emotional, spiritual turmoil).**The institutional aspect also includes (jail/prison, mental health/addictions treatment facilities,hospitials, and so on).**The death aspect is most critical because the loss of spirit (connection to GOD and mankind is gone) afterwhich; all other negative aspects eventually lead to a physical death.

    Some may disagree yet, until a person has walked in another person’s shoes; how can he/she say “I understand what you’re going through”?. Not to discredit experienced writers’ such as yourself, and/or the medical professions, etc.; I just disagree with these so called “guru” people who think they know best and it affects the black community now, more than 10 years ago. By God’s Grace and Mercy, I have over 13 years Clean & Sober “1 day at a time” and, with therapy, treatment, and aftercare, I’m able to restart my pursuit of my B.S. Psychology-Substance Abuse (no accolades or praise please); GOD gets all the credit; I only have to keep doing the footwork which now, gives me a better perspective and approach to dealing with my Fiancee’ (currently in therapy/treatment for bipolar & addiction) however, after 10 years you’d think I would’ve left her by now yet, I hold fast to Jesus’ command: “Love thy neighbor as thyself” simply put (I must learn to love me first, then my fellow man and GOD). Nobody gave up on me when I was in my active addiction and I can’t give up on her because the blessing from GOD for me; is seeing her and/or another person struggling with this issue, blossom into the human being that GOD intended her/me/another person to be.

    That’s my take on “Our Destructive Behavior”.



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