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William Reed; Armstrong Williams Where Are You?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Back in the day, Armstrong Williams proved to be one of the most recognizable conservative voices in America. He possessed a pugnacious and provocative style, and Williams stayed on point when expressing his viewpoints. Most importantly, he provided conservatives and Christians with what they longed to hear.

In the 1990s, Williams’ colloquies regarding Black Americans received national attention by pointing out that high percentages of African-Americans actually hold conservative views. Williams also noted, “political leaders dupe Blacks and persuade high numbers of them to swap their votes for Democratic handouts.”

On the book scene

Today, after hitting some bumps along the road, Williams is back on the national scene with a new book that talks about his current attitude and perspective. Chronicling his personal journey through purgatory, the conservative African-American political commentator has written “Reawakening Virtues: Restoring What Makes America Great.”

In his new book, Armstrong Williams calls for “a renewal of basic virtues that have gone by the wayside in today’s world.” Drawing on his upbringing in South Carolina, Armstrong discusses pertinent issues such as the sanctity of life and the virtues of capitalism. In the book, Williams discusses traditional virtues from a Christian perspective and ultimately argues for a revitalization of American society, politics and culture by updating the values of our founding fathers and bringing them into the 21st century.

It was that “conservative” and “Christian” persona that got him in trouble. In 2005, Williams acknowledged that he was paid $240,000 by the Department of Education to promote its initiatives on his syndicated television program and to other African-Americans in the news media.

Not unusual

According to his subcontract with a public relations firm that had a contract with the Department of Education, Williams was required to broadcast two one-minute advertisements in which Education Secretary Rod Paige extolled the merits of Bush administration’s educational program, No Child Left Behind. That disclosure of payment set off a storm of criticism from Democrats over the Bush administration’s spending to promote its policies to the public.

Neither deal new to the way business is done in Washington. While no other contractors who participated in the deal were chastised, Armstrong bore the brunt of criticism. He said, “The liberal elite despise Black conservatives. I am a conservative who does not know his place. If I were White, they wouldn’t care.”

Lots to write about

Williams has a lot to share. A 1981 graduate of historically Black South Carolina State University, Williams is a third-generation entrepreneur and Republican who was reared on the family’s South Carolina tobacco farm with nine other siblings.

Throughout his career, Williams has had friends in high places. He served as a special assistant to current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas when Thomas was chairman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Williams started his broadcasting in 1991 at WOL, Radio One’s flagship station. By 2002 Williams rejoined Radio One hosting a monthly primetime television special on the TV One cable network.

A combination of his faith and travails, Armstrong Williams uses “Reawakening Virtues” to discuss a conservative code of conduct that illustrates his strong character.

Written By William Reed

Mr. Reed William Reed is available for speaking/seminar projects via; BaileyGroup.org.


7 Responses to “William Reed; Armstrong Williams Where Are You?”
  1. NorthernMagnolia says:

    I have wondered what had happened to Armstrong Williams… found him a refreshing voice even though I did not agree with him on everything. Thanks for the tip on the book!

  2. Marcus Vessey says:

    I was never impressed by Armstrong, but I have noticed that him and alot of well known Black conservatives have been fairly silent (Alan Keys).

  3. Ramses says:

    yeah Datruth it’s getting real out here…..people need to get it together for real

  4. DaTruth says:


    I agree with much of what you say. The main issue or problem with blacks is self hatred, which comes in various forms. Examples are lack of unity to support each other, high rates of crime, unwed single mothers everywhere, degrading other blacks for succeding by referring to them as acting white, etc. This is the continuing of slave thinking, actually it’s worse than slave thinking since most slave wanted to be free.

  5. Ramses says:

    There is equal education the problem is blacks don’t use it……and I don’t mean getting degrees either….technical schools are good as well because you can form businesses from that. The first thing the Nation of Islam addressed when dealing with black people who became apart of the organization was their behavior because how can a person be productive when they have a low moral character? Do you people realize that in places like Indonesia and Thailand you get sentenced to death for selling drugs? Are black people prepared to say men or women who do this should be sentencced to death? I think not. Even they take this behavior more seriously than blacks do because we are more willing to show sympathy to Tookie Williams, who miraculously got converted in jail to be a better person. Or course he is because the fool got locked up for killing people!!!! However, when he was free, did he value other black men’s lives? No. But black people defend the Tookie’s yet hate the Bill Cosby’s who put a flashlight on the negative behavior. When black people got the FEMA checks after Katrina they were buying Gucci and other expensive items with the money. Seriously!!!!! Black people are so ignorant that they ask the government to create job programs!!!! Hellooooo. Business owners create jobs, not the government. Governments create bureaucracies to monitor business owners to make sure their businesses are in complians with business rules and herein lies black peoples dilemma. They beg for a job, yet don’t know what it takes to create a job because they have an expectation that when they graduate with their silly degree, someone else would have created a job for them. I think that’s kind of silly if you ask me. Then say someone gave me a subprime mortgage that i couldn’t pay. You knew when you got the mortgage you couldn’t afford it yet you signed the papers anyway. I remember when a chick I dealt with stepfather lost his job just before he and her mom (his wife) were about to close the deal. She said maybe it was a sign from God saying that they didn’t need the house. Instead he got someone to lie at his old job for him to say he made a certain amount so he could still qualify. Years later, when they were desperately trying to hold onto the house, they manipulated my ex into giving them money she didn’t have and paid their mortgage while she was jobless at the time. But that type of behavior is Barack’s fault right? Barack made you stick your own daughter for the little money she had because you were to incompetent to pay your debt. And then when these people repossess your house, now the system is corrupt. Really? Let me state this one more time: governments don’t create jobs, individual people do. The government has to abide by the same rules of business that businesses do. No matter how much you march in the streets and form organizations and complaint clubs, your voices will never be heard because you’re not strong enough to make an impact. How can a single person, worth a fortune, have more influence than a group of let’s say 30 million poor people? Well if that person has millions or billions to donate to their campaign, they can exert some influence. They can’t bribe them but they can make some suggestions. That’s why. Collectively, black people are too poor to sit down at the table. The median household net worth for whites was $110,729 in 2010, versus $4,995 for blacks, according to recently released Census Bureau figures in 2012. The difference is similarly notable when it comes to Hispanics, who had a median household net worth of $7,424. Now the difference between blacks and Hispanics is that they are a collective body and vote together consistently. When Bush was in office, he got more of the Latino. Obama in office he got more. What’s the difference? The difference is that Hispanics have made themselves worth courting. They shit their mouths and get to work. Everytime you tun on the tv you got some negro on tv complaining about America like they hate it while Hispanics want a chance to make America work for them. See the difference? And they can gripe too. Aztecs were affected by wars with Caucasians from Europe. I always make the distinction between a Caucasian and a European because there would have not been what you consider “Europe’ without those dark as well as light skinned Moors who elevated the primitive and barbaric nature of the people their and that;s not racist either it’s fact. Hispanics don’t live in the past they use it as motivation while black use it to get reparations. I suggest you’ll start with Africa for real because those clowns have just as much to do with slavery as white folks do. People get on here and say Obama doesn’t care about the black lives in Chicago. Maybe the people who kill other people should value the lives of other black people in chicago. There’s a thought. Last time I checked I didn’t see Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton do a press conference in Chicago addressing the black on black crime. Oh I thought black people are holding their leaders accountable? Where is Tavis and Michael Eric Dyson? They are your leaders right? They won’t think twice about going to those areas. There are some parts that cos won’t even go in in Chicago. Dudes on the rooftops with scoped rifles that would shoot at cops for no reason. Here’s a Bible verse for you black people and your leaders:

    A serpent may bite when it is
    not charmed
    The babbler is no different.
    The words of a wise man’s
    mouth are gracious.
    But the lips of a fool shall
    swallow him up;
    The words of his mouth being
    with foolishness,
    And the end of his talk is raving

    Now if this does not sound like Michael Eric Dyson i don’t know what does. But these are your leaders who speak for you on your behalf of your black agenda. Lol…..Bill Clinton played you black folks for your votes by appealing to your emotions throughout the 90’s. Bill Clinton laid pimp game down tight on black people especially sisters (ask Toni Morrisson). It’s funny how when a white man can be regarded as a Black Man, he is praised and loved. But when a black man is a black man, he gets crucified. This man cheated on his wife and made her look like a fool and like so many sisters who allow the same, she put up with it. Now I’m not knoxking her for stcking by her husband because he was worth something. But when your dude is worthless and you accept this, then he reflects what you are because no woman with sense would accept that. However Barack has not embarrassed Michelle in anyway and has shown a genuine affection for her throughout his time in the public limelight yet black people blast him with no regard and actually get personal in their attacks (something I know something about on here myself). I didn’t see Oprah, Maya Angelou, or any woman of prestige give any criticisms of Clinton’s behavior from a moral perspective because as long as he was making it easy to get FHA loans for houses you would lose in the future, they didn’t have a problem with it. And what made it even sweeter was the fact that he let Bush take the fall for the stuff he allowed. Now when it comes to some pimp tight game, boy that Billy is the best for real because he can be loved for the similar behavior any man can be capable of that is considered reprehensible and yet be loved for only because he has pale skin. Yo I need to write him and ask for some pointers for real on this pimp game because clearly the black man has not heeded the words of Tupac on the song “Lie To Kick It” in which he says “tricking niggas need to get up on their pimping.” He basically was saying, for the novice, that simps need to learn how to master the heart and mind of a woman. You can master the mind and heart of a woman and not do her wrong but if you don’t she will crush you. That’s what’s supposed to happen to simps: they are supposed to get crushed. Little known secret in the black community is that black people after slavery had a more Conservative Ethos than now and if Black people want to clean themselves up, they would start entertaining Conservative views as well because those Conservative were heavily influenced by Black people. After all, the Master was drinking from the black woman’s breast was he not? Stevie Wonder is one of th few blacks with money who I’ve seen move to Africa. All these black people who extol how much they love the “Motherland” never pack their bags and move there? Word of advise. In ancient times and even in times now where there are still kings and queens, when a king fathered a child with a woman who was not his wife or queen, this child was deemed illegitimate and not worthy of anything in his kingdom. Even if he had no male heir, this child was rejected by the kingdom, not just the king as not being worthy of the power of the crown. Do you’ll really think things have changed from those times? Commoners were considered “common” and they stayed in that place. How many of you all think that a raggedy black man would have the chance to be with Barack’s daughters? You think your sons will have a chance to marry them based on race? If you think so you will have some hurt feelings when you see them marry someone who doesn’t look like them and probably regard them as race traitors, if you don’t do now. But you will be missing out on a a key fact and that is upper class people do not mix themselves family wise with commoners. No matter the color of the people on the throne. There are always deviations in styles of ruling systems but basic rules still apply. United States might not have a king or queen but it still has “class” distinctions like other countries and other times in history. If you don’t believe me then see how many of your sisters or female cousins, aunts, nieces are married to any billionaires. Or millionaires. Or doctors. Wealthy lawyers or engineers. Most of these people marry someone who is “well-bred.” You have to be in the same arenas with these men to get their attention as far as marriage. Now you can get these men to have sex with you if you’re attractive. However, how many have landed that ring on their finger? Not many I’m sure and when these women find out he’s a doctor what do they normally do? Spread eagle. Why? Because they are looking for someone to save them from their poor background and are willing to use a seed to get what they want. But when you come from money, or class, or both, then your thought process is not to take from this man and get him on child support because your mother taught you how to be a quality woman and your father taught you how to value yourself as a woman and to not use your womb as a bear trap to stick an unsuspecting man for his money. Ex-wives get a whole lot more money than baby mamas do. That’s a fact. However, before you get to marriage, you must have a proper education by the women around you as a woman because men don’t mind treating you like a princess if you’re worth it. They just don’t want to treat you like a spoiled brat and have to foot the bill.

  6. I had the opportunity to know Mr. Williams when I was a Freshman at SCSU.

    He was passionate then about his political views and still is, but I wonder what has been lost from his southern background and rearing, has his
    vision about politics been distorted by his involvement with a republican administration that had an agenda against Blacks and minorities?

    It is fascinating how with age nothing has changed his views and an
    accountability to support Black youth and social programs that help
    those in poverty and struggling to gain an education. If republicans
    really want to help minorities and have intentions to reach out to
    new areas then their philosophy will have to change about poverty,
    minorities and the availability to equal education for all children
    no matter their culture, geographic location and economic background.

    Wm Jackson, M.Ed.
    SCSU ‘1985

  7. donnell underwood says:

    Mr. Reed, you can’t be serious…”reawakening of virtures” “restoring what makes America great” “renewal of basic virtues” ” sanctity of life and virtues of capitalism” these are words straight from the playbook of Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, et. al. The America of yesterday that you and Armstrong insist that we return to, does it have anything to do with discrimination, injustice, prejudice, KKK, school desegration, discrimination against women, The Tuskegee Project, etc. I yearn for this America that you and other black conservatives say we are negligent to not want to return to, come on, fella.

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