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Veronica Young; 14 Characteristics – Of People One Should Not Hang With…

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( Blessings can come from the smallest of things and from some of the most overlooked places, and such was the case with “The Book of Jude” that my Pastor preached from a few weeks ago.  He spoke about the importance of relationships, and surrounding yourself within the proper circles and under the proper leadership. 

Though it would seem obvious, the Pastor was emphatic about guarding yourself from the “false doctrines” of your friends.  I guess in part, because most of us are unaware as to how impactful the role our relationships play in  our lives.  The Pastor put it simply: “People are faltering because of the  relationships they have. The people you hang with are a reflection of your values and the reason why the victory never comes.”  You need to be vigilant over your Christian walk, over the examples you put forth and over the examples placed in your life.  So below is a list on characteristics of things you need to look out for.  
1. Dreamers ( Verse 8 )
These people are not grounded in reality.  They move with wind and with the way of the world.  These people operate under their own motives, driven by their own impulses.
2. Reject authority ( Verse 8 )
Authority” could be a boss, a family member, a pastor, but of these leaders that God has placed in their lives, they do not listen to any one of them.  Rejection of this type of authority is rejection of God. 
3. Speak evil ( Verse 8 )
These people talk bad, slander, defame, lie about all those people who are deserving of respect.
4. Speak evil of what they do not know ( Verse 10 )
They also speak evil of the things they cannot understand and of the things that cannot be discerned through their own knowledge.  They criticize and toss aside whatever they don’t know, as unworthy.
5. Corrupt themselves ( Verse 10-11 )
Jude provides biblical examples of people who have corrupted themselves: Cain – murdered his brother Abel, was completely disobedient to God and did exactly as he pleased, Balaam – embodied greediness, had an excessive love of money and led others to sin, and Core (Korah) – was bitter and fiercely rejected Moses’ leadership. All, examples of corrupt, wicked men.
6. Serve only themselves ( Verse 12 )
It’s always “I, I, I” and “Me, Me, Me” and these people never offer anything substantial to aid in their brother or sister’s Christian walk.  As Christians we are supposed to move within the boundaries of our ministry.  When we start stepping out, trying to promote our own interests, is when things fall apart.  
7. Grumblers and mumblers ( Verse 16 )
These people are always angry and complain against God.  I’m sure you can readily cite examples of these type of people in your own life.  They NEVER, EVER have anything good to say about anything!  EVER!
8. Complainers ( Verse 16 )
These people are discontent with life and with themselves.  They are never satisfied.  And what’s more, everything is wrong with everybody else, and never them.
9. Walking in lust ( Verse 16 )
These individuals have no constraint – whether it be sexual or otherwise, but whatever the impulse, they readily act it out.
10. “Big Mouths” transl. Flatterers ( Verse 16 )
These people tell you what you want to hear.  What they say is not sincere and if they do have something good to say, it’s usually of their own interest.
11. Mockers ( Verse 18 )
These people are teasers and make fun of others.
12. Sensual ( Verse 19 )
These people dress and act to please the flesh.
13. Cause divisions ( Verse 19 )
These people keep conflict going all the time.  They thrive on dissension.
14. They do not have the Spirit of God ( Verse 19 )
These people have separated themselves from God and have chosen to follow their own way.  But their own way, is not a spirit-filled life.
So what steps can you take if you recognize any of these traits in yourself or in others?
1. I encourage you to first start with this text (The Book of Jude).  
2. Build yourself up daily in Doctrine and prayer for greater insight and understanding.
3. Stay in fellowship with other Christian believers.
4. Be patient with yourself and others.  We’re all susceptible to falling from an intimate relationship with God.
Adapted from Pastor John K. Jenkins of First Baptist Church of Glenarden…
Staff Writer; Veronica Young
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4 Responses to “Veronica Young; 14 Characteristics – Of People One Should Not Hang With…”
  1. This Article is Genius! sometimes were so eager to make friends that we bypass peoples faults. We ignore the characteristics of people that are bad for us. Even in getting into a relationship there are warning signs of who a person really is before we enter some people don’t see it until its too late.

    Thank You For This Veronica, it’s very informative. Love It!!!

  2. Seeking Spirit says:

    Thank you for the article…

    However, (1) to avoid dreamers is a very broad statement. Dreamers can influence and lead the way to great achievements. For example: Martin Luther King Jr’s. “I have a dream” speech is very inspiring for all people.

    Also numbers 13 & 14 seem to conflict with each other. (13) avoid people who cause division, and (14) avoid people who do not have the spirit of God. Number 14 seems to imply division.

    Why should you avoid people who do not have the spirit? Who are we to guess when the spirit will choose to be with someone? Sometimes the spirit is with someone much later in life…should we choose to avoid those individuals until s/he has the spirit?

    Thank you for the article.

  3. Mr. Time says:

    “4. Speak evil of what they do not know ( Verse 10 )
    They also speak evil of the things they cannot understand and of the things that cannot be discerned through their own knowledge. They criticize and toss aside whatever they don’t know, as unworthy.”

    Like the scientists who say that everyone and everything is made by science itself, and that there is no God. But the devil is a liar and there is no truth in him (John 8;44)

  4. Messenger says:

    Peace and thank you for this article!

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