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William Reed; Racism in America? Eliminate It Obama…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) What good is it in having a Black president who won’t discuss eliminating the scourge of racism?  Isn’t it time Black Americans ask why the U.S. isn’t participating in the latest round of World Conferences Against Racism?

Of all the racist policies that exist in the world today, why aren’t Black Americans demanding that this nation support honest and direct dialogue on race and racism and its manifestations and consequences? 

Similar to Bush

By withdrawing from the upcoming UN Conference on Racism scheduled for September in New York, the Obama administration is mimicking Bush administrations rather than moving forward in the 21st century. The fact that “the president of change” won’t bring himself – or us – to the table for an honest discussion about race says a lot about his willingness to lead the nation on the subject.

The World Conferences Against Racism are international events organized as a force to combat racist ideologies and behaviors. Four conferences have been held so far – in 1978, 1983, 2001 and 2009.   The 1978 World Conference against Racism was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

The major focus of that conference was South Africa’s apartheid policies of racial segregation and discrimination. Curbing “apartheid” continued as the theme during the 1983 World Conference Against Racism. However, things got off track during the 2001 conference held in Durban, South Africa.  Titled, “World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance,” significant time was spent on the Israelis’ treatment of Palestinians.

Tied to Israel

Midway through the conference, Canada, the U.S. and Israel walked out over a draft resolution that criticized Israel and compared Zionism to racism.   During the 2001 conference, the European Union also refused to accept demands made by Arab states that criticized Israel for “racist practices.” Then the European bloc, led by the U.S. and Israel, decided to boycott the 2009 World Conference against Racism.

World Conferences Against Racism have yet to eradicate racism or its legacies. In the conferences, the Europeans have denied any responsibility for slavery or any role in crimes of colonialism.  

The Durban Review Conference occurred in April 2009. The tone of the conference was set on the first day when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemned Israel for being “totally racist” and accused the West of using the Holocaust as a “pretext” for aggression against Palestinians. When Ahmadinejad referred to the Holocaust as an “ambiguous and dubious question,” European Union delegates left the room.

About the politics

While the Africans and their requests for reparations go wanting, the U.S. and Israel have spent the past 10 years objecting to what, they say, equates Zionism with racism. It’s a deft political move that pleases Jewish groups.

But former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has brought widespread attention to the matter by imploring the CBC “to spearhead the participation of the U.S. in the United Nations World Conference Against Racism.” 

Question Obama

There is reason for the American Black electorate to join in questioning the administration’s commitment to racial justice and adherence to bygone administrations’ avoidance of mechanisms designed to combat racial discrimination.

Racism has been a major American issue since the colonial and slave eras and has existed for centuries. The nation’s institutional system of racism results from the social caste system that sustained – and was sustained by – slavery and social segregation.

Racism’s basic tenets still stand and result in Black Americans being confronted daily with racism. Instead of daily disregarding racism, we need to increase awareness about racism and demonstrate that it is far from being over.  It’s time that Blacks showed similar lobbying muscle as the Jewish lobby in these matters.

Written By William Reed

Mr. Reed William Reed is available for speaking/seminar projects via; BaileyGroup.org.


One Response to “William Reed; Racism in America? Eliminate It Obama…”
  1. Mr. Reed, there is certainly much to be done concerning racism in our nation and in the world. However, I must respectfully say that attacking President Obama is unfair. He is only a man and a Black Man to boot, who happens to be our first Black President. If he did nothing else, he has done a huge thing to inspire our youth with confidence and to change the perceptions that many people have concerning how high of a prostion Black People are capable of handling and achieving. Respectfully, what do we expect; for him to stand before both housed of Congress, throw his fist in the air and screem Black Power? He is not the President of Black America, but the President of all of America. The Presidency is a Political Position, more than any other elected position in America. He is the supreme servant who has nearly 400 million bosses. There is a whole segment of America waiting and salivating for him to offer the slightest appearance that he ran for office, simply to push a Black Agenda. And as soon as they get any clue of this, they will pounce on him with the full force of the media and he will not only be our first Black President, but also our last.

    This President, arguably, has done more for our race than any other in the history of the United States. Although he has not promoted a Black Agenda, his policies have certaily been most beneficial to Black People. The Health Care Bill insured an additional 30 million people. Which race has the larges population of uninsured? Blacks, of-course. Cash for Clunkers. Which sectors have the most Clunkers? Not the Rich. It’s the Poor, Middle Class and Blacks. Extending Unemployment Benefits certainly benefited Blacks, who have the highest Unemployment Rate. And over 25 Tax Cuts (Ref: my blog for a list) for the Poor and Middle Class? Certainly, there are plenty of Blacks in those categories. How about getting the Black Farmers their money, finally and nominating the first Latino to the Supreme Court? The Child Nutrition Bill is certainly most beneficial to the Urban Black and Minority Neighborhoods. I could go on and on… Even bailing out the Auto Industry benefited Blacks more than anyone else, because the jobs at those Auto Plants in Detroit, Cleveland, etc. are held by huge numbers of Black People and so are the jobs at the thousands of Supplier and Vendor Companies that supply the Auto Industry.

    Now, I don’t necessarily know the details of why we pulled out of that conference, but I do not believe it is because President Obama, a Black Man, with Black Children whose future he has to be concerned about, does not care about Racism in the world. It doesn’t pass my common sense test. It is more likely that their is some political reason that is more complex than meets the eye. You see, contrary to popular belief, the President can’t just do whatever he wants. The powers of the Presidency are quite limited, actually. He has the Power of Speech, Veto, Commander and Chief, Head of State and to Promote and Introduce Policy. But he cannot pass any law and Congress has the power to Appropriate the money it takes to pay for anything. We all know that money is where the power is. Also, in our system of Checks and Balances, the Presidency has many foes. The Media, for example is the enemy of the Presidency.

    Mr. Obama did exactly what he should have done. When his approval ratings were very high, he came right out and attacked the abuses of the Fat Cat Insurance Industry, Wall Street and the Mortgage Industry who both combined to cause the second Great Depression, as I call it. He regulated the people who gamble with our 401Ks; IRAs, Annuities and other investments, as well as those who buy and sell or mortgages and who speculate. He went after the banks and their oppressive Intrest Rate Hikes and Fees, etc. He put in place some commonsense safeguards to insure that Insurance Companies can’t discrimate, he cut taxes and put tons of money into the economy, to stablize us. He saved the American Auto Industry. Note that the Health Care and Auto Industries are the two industries doing all the hiring, as well as the Education Sector, because Obama has increased Eduction Funding to the highest levels ever and our kids are insured until they are 26 years old. Note that Republicans are tryin got cut Public Education Funding, because they can afford to send their kids to Private Schools.

    Now,since he has tackled the tough issues, made the unpopular decisions that helped ordinary, every day people, instead of the rich; how do we repay him? We elect a Republican Run House who fought every single one of Obama’s Policies, that helped every day people, tooth and nail. So, we have reduced him to what is commonly called a Lame Duck. He has no power to do anything, now, until the people rally behind him again. His Poles are in the tank, because of the onslaught of negative Media Press (Enemy), manipulated by Republicans who hate the policies that have been pro everyday people and anti Fat Cat, Rich Corporations. And we, as Black People, due to our relatively poor education concerning Politics and Economics, have bought right into the negative hype and are about to help our first Black President, who has put fort policies that benefit us the most, get unelected.

    I am Founder of the ‘Let’s Change the WORLD’ Movement; Ower of D-Source Enterprises and Founder of ‘Unlimited Education’, which I’d like to discuss with you Mr. Reed. We have written a book that Unlimited Education is featuring in it’s free nationwide workshops, called Culture Shock (The American Dream of an Island Native). I’d like to get a copy in your hands. It is an important book. My number is: 336-986-1745 and you have my e-mail address. I think we have some mutual interests and that some opportunities exist.

    Thank you and everyone who has taken time to read this lengthy commentary!

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