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Friday, June 22, 2018

8 Questions People Should Answer Before Getting Back Together With Their Ex…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Here are several questions you should answer before you try to get back together with someone you love. There is a chance to salvage your relationship if both of you want give each other a chance again, so ponder on these questions before trying it all over again…

Hopefully, you thought about it long and hard. You thought about what it would be like. You want to make sure you get your ex back not because you are lonely and depressed but because you love and miss them. You want them for everything they have to offer emotionally, spiritually and  physically because you don’t want the breakup to occur once more.

If this is something you have contemplated on for some time, you might have perhaps asked yourself some serious burning questions with regards to your ex and the relationship. Some of these questions focus around you and some focus on your ex but together, you came up with your answer.

Question One – If you want to get your ex back, is it because you hate to be alone and want that familiarity in your life?

When a relationship ends, no matter which person does it, there comes a period where each feels lonely. However, if this is the reason you want to get your ex back, then it is only bound to lead you to more pain later on. It’s even probable that while you are in this relationship of the past, you can miss out on your future.

Question Two – Do you think the pain you feel will go away if you are together again?

Everyone feels pain after a break up. However, this pain does ease up over time. Yet, if you feel this pain and think that the way to get over it is to hurt the other person as bad as you hurt or make them feel guilty in some way, then you have not thought out and dealt with your pain and anger.

Question Three – Do you want them back because they are unavailable?

Sometimes your motivations of wanting your ex back deal with their ability to move pass the relationship with you. If you find them blissful in their next relationship, they may not want to give up what they have with their new beau/belle. If they aren’t and they leave them for you, they may end up resenting you because of it. Not only that but you may find yourself worrying they are cheating on you with that ex, leading this issue to become a problem in this relationship.

Question Four – Do you believe your ex should have another chance?

If you are contemplating to giving your ex a second chance, think about what caused you both to call it quits. Some people can bring out the bad qualities in each other. If your ex and you have this type of relationship, it is probably good you walked away.

Another thing you should be aware of is if your ex walked away from you for someone else. Did they cheat on you during the relationship? Often times the old adage holds true: “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” No matter how much you try to love them, you can’t change them. Should your ex be abusive in any way, it is best for you to steer clear of this person. A person like this does not change and often times gets worse.

Question Five – Do you have grounds to think things could be different?

Even though time passes on, it doesn’t mean things will be different in the relationship. Both of you need to look seriously hard at why the relationship was unsuccessful. If you are thinking about getting back, then work on those problems before you do. Timing can be a mitigating factor behind break ups. If this is the case, perhaps the both you can have another go later on.

Question Six – Did you tackle your own issues?

People always bring baggage to a relationship but how much baggage can determine how the relationship will sometimes go. Are you possessive and controlling? Do you feel you were clingy? By doing some soul searching and having some inner guidance, you can try to move past all the negativity. If you can’t deal with the baggage, the relationship is bound to not succeed again.

Question Seven – How does your family/friends feel about them?

It’s never wise to blame one side of a failed relationship for the breakup because it takes two for it to fail. If you want to get back with your ex, first talk with your family/friends for their guidance. Often times, these folks can give you an outside view of the relationship. It’s best to listen to what they say but ultimately the whole thing is up to you.

Question Eight – Is the ex available or unavailable?

As time goes on, exes sometimes lose contact with one another. If you want a second go around with your ex and this is the case, finding out any kind of information about him or her is best. If it looks good for you, then go for it. If not, then hold your love for someone else.

Any relationship has a chance to work if both persons want it. However, if you suffer a break up that was one sided or bad timing, some will just cling to the hope that they can get their ex back. People should always think clearly and rationally when it comes to relationships especially past relationships before trying it all over again.

Written By Teecee Go

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