Karma: The Invasion of America.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In the 2024 election one of the biggest issues is America’s borders. What appears to be migration, immigration or as some colic, invasion through Texas, Florida, Arizona, California, etc. By land and by sea. Biden opened up the border to let almost anybody in. Why Joe? Trump took hundreds of millions of dollars from his supporters to build a wall and never completed the wall. Where is the money Donald? But what is happening did not start with Biden or Trump.

Karma: The Invasion of America.

The “invasion” of America has been happening for a long time under several presidents. Arguably, the first invasion was from those who stole this land and colonized it, the Europeans fleeing their own land. Only now has it become an election issue. Clearly America is the land of opportunity and clearly America has its nose in the business of so many other countries that they can’t help but notice America is practically wide open. And that’s not a good thing.
But unlike Trump wanted you to believe, it’s not just Hispanics flowing into America through the southern border. It’s Europeans who don’t go back when their visas expires. Canadians you never hear about in the news. It’s the Chinese, Africans, Venezuelans and even Iranians flooding into America.
I find it interesting that America has a big problem with people coming in the very same way the “founding fathers” invaded this land in the first place. There is kind of a dark hypocritical irony in what is happening.
Maybe the indigenous people of this land should have built a huge wall and had border protection agents. That certainly would have put a sock in the slave trade, hindered Columbus from discovering land that was already discovered and inhabited and the Europeans implementing an invasion that they called “colonization”.
What if the indigenous people of this land had computers back then to vet and run the names of people like George Washington, John Quincy Adams and Thomas Jefferson? But they didn’t. And that’s a shame, especially when they could not close the borders to the invading Europeans. What is the indigenous people of this land had a citizenship test? How many European colonizers would’ve passed it?
It always amazes me that elections were not about border problems and a so-called border crisis did not dominate the news until America started getting a little too brown for colonizer taste. So there you have it, America has been invaded. Yet the whole story of the truth is unpopular, unwelcome, hidden as much as possible, and discarded by those who know it.
I would be remiss if I did not say this. It is repeatedly pointed out in the news when someone comes across the border and then ends up committing a crime such as murder. Of course that is an awful thing that should not happen. But let’s compare the numbers of those cases happening to the wiping out of the indigenous people of this land and the killing of slaves, the activities of the Klan lynching’s and the awful crimes committed against American citizens by people who were born here as citizens.
Karma is a boomerang but “Uncle Sam” threw it. It just came back in his face instead of his hand. And the irony is that some of those groups that are coming over are not actually coming over, they’re coming back because for some of them, their people were here first.
So when we talk about securing the country, we need to go back to the foundations of this land’s ownership in the first place, who did what and who took what. That is a conversation we need to have, but one that most people don’t seem to want to talk about.
We can never reach real solutions if America will not have an honest discussion while looking in the mirror.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; TrevoCraw@ThyBlackMan.com.