Fighting About Joe Biden Favors Greater Evil.

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( Did you watch the presidential debate? What are we fussing about when we look at Biden verses Trump? Do we believe the lies Trump blatantly told? Are we satisfied with Biden’s presentation? Was the presentation worse than the lies? Are their bigger names that can lead the Democratic Party, and be a real challenge for Trump? Should the sitting president step aside? Should Trump, a now convicted felon, step aside? These are just a few questions one could have been pondering after the debate. There are other candidates running for president…there always will be. The forerunners, however, are probably the ones who you will see secure the party nomination.

Fighting About Joe Biden Favors Greater Evil.

Once that happens you must ask yourself do the other party options actually stand a chance to win the general election, or do they just split the vote in favor of one side verse another. The latter is more than likely going to happen if we must go on precedence. We need to understand how this works to understand what our vote needs to do to secure democracy. Yes, you read that correctly…this election could very well determine the fate of democracy as we know it in America. Please understand Trump had an adoration for leaders that run a dictatorship and he wishes he could be at the head of one. There is a reason he favors N Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin. He wants what he understands them to have…absolute control.

Since we know Trump wants to lead in a way whereby what he says is law, and this stands in opposition to what we understand to be American Democracy, we must decide not to fight Biden, or whoever secures the Democratic nomination. Let’s assume, as is common practice, that the current sitting president will be the Democratic nominee. You may be a citizen that feels Biden’s administration could be doing better. You might not fully be aware of the mess Trump made of the country, but you feel Biden could be managing better. You may be one of those citizens that is anti Trump, and anti Biden for different reasons on each side. That is understandable.

However, one of them is a direct threat to AMERICAN DEMOCRACY, and the other is not. In that moment, you must make a choice not between two men…but between our democracy and dictatorship. You must decide between one candidate that is not a convicted felon…and one that is and still being tried in other court cases. Let’s not be hypocritical in this moment. We must be honest about what we say we want for our country and the actions we are willing to take to defend it. All you have to do is vote for America as you know it. Look around the world…American’s are quick to judge the governments of other nations are not being in favor of its people. Yet, here we are actually contemplating having a convicted felon for president that has a soft spot for the kind of leadership we as a nation condemn. We send our military our to defend other people from the kins of leadership we are considering running our country.

If you don’t want to call Trump evil, that is between you and your conscience, but what he represents is evil for this nation. What he represents is anti-thesis of what this country was founded upon. Fighting about the age of Biden, and calling his presidency the worst in American history [which is an absolute lie per the facts of various presidency’s] is opening the door to the ultimate ruin of America. The fall of democracy as we know it would introduce America as a whole to a nightmare that minorities know too well. The country would become dangerous for everyone that isn’t considered the one percent.

Imagine working harder than you do now for less, groceries being higher, rent more out of control, school would no longer be about education but true indoctrination, and anything left of American innovation would be killed. Understand, we are advanced…but not as advanced as a nation as we would like to believe. Education is a bench marker for how innovative we are as a nation…and it doesn’t look good. We must fight against the evil that can subjugate America as we know it. Right now, our threat is not so much foreign, because the immediate threat is right before our eyes. We really can’t afford to fight about Biden because nothing he represents is worse than his opposition. Biden may not be the best nor most vibrant American president in part because we judge him on presentation…but he is no threat to American democracy.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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