Democrats Accuse Republicans of Their Own Actions: Hypocrisy and Fear of Donald Trump’s Return.

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( Democrats always accuse Republicans of what they are doing themselves. “Those evil Republicans are Nazis who are trying to divide the nation” is not only a common sentiment to hear from these people, it’s also wildly divisive. But they operate in a world where no one is going to call them out, or even question them in any way, so there is no downside to being a wild hypocrite. Nor is there for being a fraud, or a liar. Now they’re worried, with the possible return of Donald Trump to the White House, that they may get a treated themselves the way they’ve been treating us.

Democrats Accuse Republicans of Their Own Actions: Hypocrisy and Fear of Donald Trump's Return.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

The prospect has leftists worried – they do not want to be treated that way, and I don’t blame them. I also don’t care. Don’t want none, don’t start none. They are Hamas terrorists complaining about how mean Israel is to them when all they had to do was not attack Israel on October the 7th and all their friends would still be alive.

In this case in particular, I’m talking about Joy Behar and Rachel Maddow. Joy asked, “So you said recently that you thought that you as an outspoken critic, could be a target yourself. Some people think that sounds overdramatic, but I’m right there with you. I think that he is so vindictive that he will go after — however he has to, through the IRS maybe or even, you know, through sponsors to get us off the air maybe or you. How seriously should we be taking that?”

Keep in mind, these are people who’ve cheered the targeting of Donald Trump for a “crime” no other human being has even been charged with, that didn’t exist until the prosecutor created it, and I promise you neither of these women could explain if their lives depended on. At best, it’s a “crime” without a victim, and they’ve both advocated for the former President to be sent to prison over it.

To say they’ve evil is to understate the concept by a factor of infinite, which is why they’re so concerned about getting a dose of that themselves.

Maddow’s reply was, “Well, so, I was asked, ‘Am I worried about me?’ And my answer was I’m worried about all of us. I’m no worried about me than I am worried about everybody in the country. I think it’s bad to have somebody saying give me as much power as you can in this country so I can use it to go after other Americans, so I can use it to go after these subhuman internal enemies and I will destroy them. That’s just not a good system for anybody and I don’t think anybody is safe if that’s the sort of basis on which he wants to get more power.”

Notice the lack of anything Donald Trump ever actually said, just the projection.

Joy, demonstrating the deep understanding of politics she’s become a laughingstock over, retorted, “Well remember when Nixon had an enemy’s list, that was a proud moment when they were on the enemies list. That was a proud moment for a lot of people if they made it onto the enemies list. Maybe we have to turn it around like that.”

I would note that while Nixon did talk about his desire to use the IRS to go after his opponents, he never did it or even tried. Barack Obama did, yet none of the leftists care about that.

“I mean I don’t – if he decides to go after you or me or anybody who is well-known, you know, we have resources, we will likely be fine, but I think there’s a pattern where he picks out individual people and effectively terrorizes them,” Maddow continued. “I mean, there’s Stormy Daniels wearing a bulletproof vest to get into the courthouse.”

A porn star pulling a publicity stunt is not evidence of anything other than the attention she wants. If she were really fearful for her life she could have entered the building in private. She did not. But facts are inconvenient things…

The fact is Republicans have no interest in silencing the left – the fascists at Media Matters do not have a correlating group on the right trying to get sponsors to bail on MSNBC (though maybe we should). All we do is show the world what these people say, in their own words. That the idea of a larger percentage of the public hearing them, either through Trump pointing it out or just social media magnification, terrifies them should tell you everything you need to know about them.

Written by Derek Hunter

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