Polls Show Conviction Unlikely to Deter Donald Trump’s Base: The Resilient Support Amidst Legal Battles.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Two polls were released immediately before and during the New York Hush Money trial of former President Donald Trump. The polls zeroed in on one question: Would you vote for Trump if convicted in the New York case?

Polls Show Conviction Unlikely to Deter Donald Trump's Base: The Resilient Support Amidst Legal Battles.

The results in both polls were revealing in just about every way one could think of. First nearly seventy percent of the respondents said it wouldn’t change anything. If they were Trump backers, they’d still vote for him. On the flip side a small percent in both polls-under ten percent-said no they wouldn’t vote for him.

Then flipping it back. The greatest drop from Trump support if convicted was from young voters. However, flipping that. Most of them voted for Biden anyway in 2020.

No matter how you interpreted the polls, it didn’t change what Democratic officials fervently hope and pray for. That’s that a Trump conviction will permanently sink his reelection bid. Biden got only a marginal bump up over Trump in the polls. The uptick which was still well within the margin of error.

The most eye-catching thing in both polls is that a small percentage said a conviction would make them more likely to vote for Trump. For months Trump has loudly and shrewdly seized on to painting himself as the supreme victim of a diabolical Democratic plot to sink his presidential bid. Trump again craftily skirted the trial judge’s gag order just before star prosecution witness Michael Cohen testified against him. “This is a Political Witch Hunt — ELECTION INTERFERENCE,” he blasted out on his social media platform.

Trump set the template for turning the tables on a possible conviction when he addressed a fawning crowd at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida in July 2022. “I didn’t have time to think about getting persecuted because I was fighting persecution. Certainly, there’s been no politician or president treated like I’ve been treated.” Trump bestowed the title of “most persecuted person ever” on himself.

This came after yet another public hearing of the congressional committee hearing on his role in whipping up the January 6, 2021, Capitol Building takeover.

In talking to the students, Trump spiced up his most persecuted ever claim with an even more self-serving martyrdom claim, “If I announced that I was

not going to run for office, the persecution of Donald Trump would immediately stop. That’s what they want me to do.”

Trump then delivered the punch line, “But you know what? There’s no chance I do that.” He got the desired effect. The audience burst into loud screams and cheers. He ended on yet another Trumpian self-serving champion of the people, defender of the realm note, “They’re coming after me because I’m standing up for you.”

In the space of one hour, Trump managed to get in another of the many tactics he used to turn the tables on any and everyone who came after him within and without the courts and the political arena. It was always just a simple matter of they were out to get him. He had the marvelous capacity to carve an image of himself in stone as the eternal victim. Then explain his victimhood as part of a plot and/or conspiracy to destroy a man who has stood up to the establishment and been the prize advocate for the people.

There was always a cold personal and political calculation in this ploy. It was always carefully and cynically designed to color, deflect, distract, and muddy the mountainous number of lawsuits against him. And most importantly, to boost his stock as a presidential candidate in 2016, the presidency, and after his loss in 2020 to Biden, used to beat back the civil and criminal cases against him. The most important part of the calculation was to position him and his campaign to take back the White House in 2024

The New York trial then is tailor-made for Trump to paint himself as the ultimate the political fall guy if convicted. The trial is “the Biden trial.” “the Biden judge,”” the Biden prosecutor.” “the Biden jury,” and since it’s held in a top-heavy Democratic run and vote city, it’s “the Biden City trial.”

Trump will play even harder on this line as the trial winds down. He’ll remind one and all that he is the target of a well-coordinated, well-financed, and well-orchestrated campaign by Democrats to eliminate him from American political life. He’ll contend that the hit job on him has backfired. He will again deftly transform the criminal and civil indictments and lawsuits into a “a badge of honor.”

This is the ultimate in table switching. It has the ring of not just victimhood but triumph. If he is the noble and honorable truly unstinting advocate for truth and righteousness that he bestows on himself with his

badge of honor, then the millions who back him can swell with pride and be even more passionate in supporting and defending him. Trump banks on this and polls show that a conviction won’t sink him.

Written By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

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