Echoes of Dr. King: Breaking Silence on the Israel-Hamas Conflict.

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( Almost everybody who delivers a speech, anywhere we go, somebody seems to be quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Obviously, somebody is not hearing what he said or doesn’t understand what he meant. For starters, let’s go back to his speech on America’s war against the Vietnam War.

It was exactly 1 year before he was assassinated, he spoke about purveyors of war—something we’re facing today. He said in his Riverside Church speech in New York called “Beyond Viet Nam: A Time to Break the Silence”, he warned us about the perils of war. He tried to warn us to turn war toward social justice, and said, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

Echoes of Dr. King: Breaking Silence on the Israel-Hamas Conflict.

That time has come for me to no longer be quiet on the Israel-Hamas War. I recognize the horror of what happened to the Israeli people who died or were kidnapped last October, rather than turn away from continuous war, Israel’s leader chose to oversee the killing of more than 32,000 innocent people to pay for what Hamas did.

Today, innocent parents are paying with the lives of their children. These children had nothing to do with what happened in Israel.

Netanyahu prefers to continue murdering not only with bombs but by starvation of the people of Gaza. One wonders how a person like Netanyahu sleeps at night. What kind of man is he to not be willing to try to find peaceful solutions to be sure what happened in Israel and Palestine never happens again? He never supported a two-state solution and he never stopped blocking proposed solutions without giving them a chance to work.

Anthony Blinken tried his best to get Netanyahu to cease fire, to bring the temperature down to stop the daily bombardment, to prevent starvation and killing of babies without giving them a chance to grow up to help find a solution for Palestinians and Israelis to ever live together in peace.

My friend, Cicely Tyson used to talk about when a baby was born and the old folks would look in the baby’s eyes as they thought about what that child could one day grow up to do, and ask, “Are you the one? Are you the one Jimmy? They had hoped the child would be the one who’d solve a problem faced by the world. Well, sadly, thousands of Palestinian children will never be asked that question so they will never be able to resolve a problem to save future Palestinian and Israeli children.

Let’s be clear. This is a war by Netanyahu to save himself at the expense of innocent Palestinians. I should also mention the horror of seeing the humanitarian group of 7 who were simply delivering food to prevent more starvation of the few Palestinians left. That was murder made possible by Netanyahu.

This is no longer a war against Hamas for what they did as horrible as it was. It’s a war of Netanyahu to remain in power. He doesn’t care what the United Nations does. Though the President of the United States has stood by Israel for so many years, Netanyahu has not lived up to his promises. It’s unfortunate because President Biden is a good person and has done a lot of good for our nation. We need to elect him again to finish his job for America.

The hostage families lose hope daily that they will see their loved ones again because Netanyahu won’t agree to a ceasefire. The reality is there may no longer be hostages alive because of the continuous bombing and killing directed by Netanyahu.

It takes a lot of courage to vote at the United Nations. Our country has given Netanyahu too many passes. It’s time to pull back our support from him.

Written By Dr. E. Faye Williams

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