January’s “REAL” Unemployment Rate Rises to 7.2% and the Black Rate Hits 9.9% – President Joe Biden’s Spurious Political Unemployment Rate Stays at 3.7%.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Black America along with every working-class American need President Joe Biden to tell the Nation the Truth when it comes to our Unemployment rates. The Biden-Harris administration and Democrats, including the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), chaired by Rep. Steven Horsford of Nevada, are being dishonest with American workers, professional, blue collar, union, and working-class Americans, everywhere. Their economic policy of undercounting our unemployment rates, with a spurious 3.7% political Job rate, negatively impacts working-class Americans, especially African American workers, who have the highest unemployment rate of any worker group for January at 9.9%.

January’s “REAL” Unemployment Rate Rises to 7.2% and the Black Rate Hits 9.9% - President Joe Biden’s Spurious Political Unemployment Rate Stays at 3.7%.

Here is the question we present forthrightly to the Biden administration and indeed to their surrogates who promote the propaganda of this administration like Joe Scarborough and Steven Rattner of the Morning Joe Show on MSNBC, the MSNBC cable channel itself, to the New York Times and Philadelphia Tribune: If our economy is doing great, why is it necessary for the Biden-Harris administration to cheat, and lie when it comes to the Truth about our unemployment rates? Why does the success they voice so loudly require cheating and lying?

They refuse to address the irrefutable evidence that has been arrayed before you, them and all the world, they are lying about our Unemployment rates. We ask them to directly address the charge – they won’t because the Truth is not their mantra. So, “we publicly raise this issue, as we have many times in the past in our attempt to get at the Truth. We request they discontinue distorting our Job rates. They understate, and Lie about our unemployment rates, constructing their economic policy on an incomprehensive and fake Job rate.

The lie, about Job rates started during the Clinton administration, and later was continued and embraced by the Obama administration, as his administration also undercounted our Job rates during his two terms in office. Former president Obama had to know this policy hurt African American workers, more than any other worker group, as their unemployment rate has always been higher, since unemployment records have been kept. Yet, Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party persisted in this awful policy, just as Mr. Biden is doing today, with little or no regard to our economic wellbeing, and the wellbeing of our children and future American workers. The Clinton administration needed no additional authority to start this poorly thought-out scam, so President Biden needs no additional authority to “responsibly” end it.

Here is a simple way to visualize, or look at what Mr. Biden, and Democrats are doing to us. If you low-ball, or undercount laid-off workers, with a job rate lower (Biden’s January political rate of 3.7%) than the REAL rate for January (7.2%), President Biden willfully counts only 52% of unemployed, and laid-off working-class Americans, leaving 48% of American workers, including African Americans literally uncounted, and unseen by Congressional policy makers, who use the administration’s numbers to construct legislation to help  unemployed Americans. For more details, and factual evidence Biden and Democrats are doing this, undercounting our Job rates, go now to the article at the link: https://thyblackman.com/2023/10/06/president-joe-biden-and-democrats-undercount-our-job-rates-as-a-recession-looms/).

Black Leaders – Where Do They Stand When it Comes to This Issue?


Black voters saved Joe Biden’s last disastrous presidential run for office. Biden was losing the Democratic Party’s primary in 2020 and black voters stepped up and changed that narrative, making him a winner. Now, this President actively crisscrosses the nation, detrimentally understating African Americans’ unemployment rates, and the unemployment rates of all American workers, professional, blue collar, union, and working-class Americans, everywhere. So, indiscriminate Loyalty to Biden and the Democratic Party, seems out of place and irresponsible if the Truth be told. Supporting President Biden, as he willfully sets American workers backward, by lying about our Job rates as a policy, does not make a whole lot of sense. Can anyone see, how undercounting our Job rates advances, or improves your economic condition?

Just as Republican legislators across the spectrum from Senators to members of the House of Representatives are unable to find the courage to speak out against the vulgarism of former president Donald Trump, fearing repercussions, African American legislators, and Civil Rights leaders fear the power of the Biden-Harris White House, and his administration. Their silence is deafening, when it comes to the issue of undercounting the unemployment rates of American workers. They know “the first person,” who speaks out will be economically and politically severely punished.

Black American representation in legislatures and mayoral leadership are at an all-time high. There are a record 62 Black members serving in Congress, with Rep. Akeem Jeffries, of New York, serving as the Minority Leader of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives. Black mayors head the cities of Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. There is even a black Civil Rights leader in the person of Reverend Al Sharpton who regularly appears on the popular Morning Joe program on MSNBC. So, Black America is not without power to speak out, and be heard on this issue at the highest levels, leading to change. Of what use is their power, if they do not use that power, to correct the unjust policy of the Biden-Harris administration, when it comes to undercounting the Job rates of American workers, including African American workersThe Truth, about their lack of courage, when it comes to this issue is heartbreaking, and hard for many of us to digest, and understand. Yet, it is, what it is.

While Trump has been presented to American workers, as an authoritarian and that is not being questioned – yet it is the Biden-Harris administration that is “the most immediate threat” to working class Americans, because his economic policy profoundly affects our livelihoods, in a very negative way.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden continues to double down on this dreadful policy, of undercounting our unemployment rates. In a speech in Superior, Wisconsin on January 25, 2024, he doubled down by saying this: And [un]employment has been the lowest — been below 4 percent for the longest stretch in 50 years.” They will not retreat from this lie, until we voters make it clear, we are tired of hearing lies about our Unemployment Rates, from Democrats. To sum up this article in one statement; Mr. Biden’s numbers simply don’t add up when fact checked. That should matter! (You can’t lie the real economy, away). Facts are available for you to see with your own eyes, if you choose to read, those facts (https://thyblackman.com/2023/12/15/by-dealing-truly-when-it-comes-to-our-unemployment-rates-president-joe-biden-and-vice-president-kamala-harris-will-make-america-stronger-economically/).

Staff Writer; James Davis

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