Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans and White Americans: The Making of Zombie America.

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( Decades ago I wrote a long article that dealt with the dumbing down of black America using frequency. At that time I noticed that people’s intellect was dropping sharply for some reason. It was not passive activity such as entertainment and infatuation with sports causing the sharp drop. It was something else. Something that was and is being artificially induced.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans and White Americans: The Making of Zombie America.


Today things are much, much worse. people are not just preoccupied, they are walking around clueless and barely paying attention to anything beyond physical or menial tasks. During the pandemic, Elon Musk was approved to put 5G satellites all around the planet. Then suddenly mental health went on a sharp decline. It is not likely that lockdowns did this, nor the pandemic itself. Something else is going on.

There is a reason TV programming went digital. There is a reason 5G was given to you free of charge. They did not create an intense 5G signal and plan that would cost them billions of dollars just so you could get it free and watch movies or stream faster on your phone.

There is  a reason in 2023 a signal was sent to every phone and television and through every radio frequency in America on the same day at the same time. They called it a test of the emergency broadcast system so you didn’t pay much attention to what else that signal could be used for. There is a reason every cell phone in America was updated with COVID-19 tracking software, without most Americans, even being aware of it.

You need to understand that Trojan horses are just that because they appear to come with valid reasons. All the while Trojan horses always have hidden agendas. If the real reasons were obvious, instead of hitting them playing site, many people would reject them. A good example is the COVID-19 vaccines. But that’s another article with plenty of evidence for another time. Still, if you don’t know the story of the Trojan horse and the Peloponnesian war, I suggest you read it.

In my analysis, frequency from the 5G satellites to the towers to the cell phones that every person carries is being used to turn down the consciousness and intellect of America. Both academic youth and working adults seem to be experiencing a severe drop in awareness, alertness, intellect, focus, achievement, critical, thinking, and motivation. And even a slight decrease in consciousness, can make people more like a zombie or a robot than you would think.

Most of these people are not even aware. Their consciousness seems to have been reduced. In my analysis, this is not happening naturally, but is being induced artificially. People are actually following the crowd more than thinking for themselves in almost all the key areas of life. And what do zombies do? Follow the rest of the zombies. Why? Because their intellect is largely gone, and their reactions are mostly primal or those which require minimal intelligence and minimal thinking.

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. I encourage you to watch the movie “THEY LIVE” as soon as you can and analyze what you see. I further encourage you to not only share this message, but also to watch the people around you. How often they miss things. How often things have to be repeated to them or they don’t understand what was said in the first place. How they lack, alertness or awareness. How their attention spans seem to be short. How asking them to engage in critical thinking, irritates them. How they choose not to think and how they don’t even seem to be aware of these things happening.

Mind control is very real and you can even find declassified documents about mind control programs on the CIA website, The use of frequency devices to implant thoughts and tamper with the human brain is also very real. You can find that information by looking up the patented mind control devices on the United States patent and trademark office website, Though, since they revised the website, this information is harder to find. But it is still there. Something is going on, and most people are not even aware of it.

Like I said, something is going on and the majority of people in America are impacted by it. What you are seeing is the making of “zombies” in America. The 2010 CDC zombie preparedness plan was not a joke. Since when does the CDC joke about anything? The following year the Department of defense released a practice zombie preparedness plan called CONOP 8888. In both cases, nobody paid attention. Many of you think you are fully awake, but you are not. And the first step to fighting the transition into becoming a zombie is to realize that somebody is artificially trying to make you one.

The ability to think for yourself  is a right that you should never abdicate. When John D. Rockefeller said he wanted a nation of workers, not a nation of thinkers, he was not kidding. When PT Barnum said there was a sucker born every minute, he was not kidding.

Today many of your thoughts may not be your own. Many of your ideas may not be your own. Many of your actions, responses and reactions may not be your own. They are being influenced by outside sources and stimuli. Somebody taught Donald Trump how to manipulate the minds of millions of people. Somebody taught Adolf Hitler how to manipulate the minds of millions of people. Somebody taught cult leaders and pimps how to manipulate people. And the puppet masters at the top are experts in what they do.

I could go deeper down the rabbit hole regarding the over 400 active shooter cases in America in the last decade or so, but I won’t right now. I could give you dozens of examples and hard evidence as proof. But not this time because I won’t think for you. Do your homework. What I have done is give you enough information to pay attention, to notice what is going on and to do a little research. Something is happening and it is not natural. Woke is a joke when the people pulling the strings know that you are asleep.


Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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