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Devout Christians: The Hidden First Miracle God Performed In Israel, Part 4a of 4b.

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( In the bible, there are four miracle births. In the new testament, it was John the Baptist by Elizabeth, and Yeshua by Mary.  In the old testament, it was Isaac by Sarah, and Moses by Jochebed.  Keep in mind that Moses was very meek, and did not want to convey anything “special” about himself.  We find that out in the following scripture:

Numbers 12:3  (Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.)

Devout Christians: The Hidden First Miracle God Performed In Israel, Part 4a of 4b.

Moses chose not to explain the longevity of his mother, and her prior two marriages before she married Amram.  The lineage that fulfills the promise of Yehovah, given to Abraham, is Jacob for generation 1, Levi for generation 2, Jochebed for generation 3, Miriam, Aaron and Moses for generation 4.  Either you believe the word of Yehovah, or put down the Bible and walk away.

Yehovah was defining the tribe of divinity and priesthood.  I believe and stand on the Word of Yehovah. Either you accept and believe, or pack your bags, get out of Dodge, and stop pretending to be a student of the bible or bible teacher.  Those that don’t believe, and try to instruct others, I call them false teachers.

When Levi was put into slavery, he was 79.  There is no indication that he was married yet, because most all of the brothers had to wait for any nieces to be born and come of age before they could marry.  The exceptions were Joseph, Judah, and whoever married Dinah.  Tamar gave birth to Pharez and Zarah three years after the sojourn in Egypt began, in 2025.  Reuben may have married Bilhah and had two sons before entering Egypt for the second time.  We read that in Genesis 42:37. Simeon had one son with a Canaanite woman out of wedlock, and his other sons by one of his nieces.  When Judah temporarily left the family, he married Shuah, a Canaanite widow.

Whenever there was any sexual interaction with a Canaanite, an exception was noted, since it was frowned upon.  So only the older sons of Bilhah, Zilpah, and Rachel could marry Dinah.  Maybe Joseph later had daughters which Levi and other brothers could marry.  But still, Levi could only have married after he came to Goshen.

I am taking the position that Genesis chapter 46 includes all of the household of Israel in Egypt when Jacob died, not when he first went to Goshen.  Most of the grandchildren were not born yet.

So, Levi died in 1940 BC, being in Egypt 88 years, 58 of that in slavery.  Levi was 49 when he moved to Goshen, and yet not married.  Jochebed was born in Egypt, and there is no real way to tell when.  Since Jochebed was not mentioned in Gen Ch. 46, she was not born until after Jacob died.  Since Moses said nothing, once Jochebed reached adulthood, Yehovah may have told her that she would not age and see death until well after she gave birth to the deliverer.

I contend that she married, out lived her first husband without having a child, then married again to a younger man since she still had no children.  Then the second husband died, with her yet being childless, and by obligation, Amram married her in order to give seed to her first husband.  If Jochebed looked like an old dried-up woman, who was past the age of fertility, Amram would not be expected, or obligated to marry her and give seed.

We read about that practice in Genesis when Judah gave Tamar to his second son Onan.  So we have no idea when Levi married, who he married, and hardly know when Jochebed was born.  All we know is, that Jochebed lived until Moses was at least 4 years old, before giving the child back to Pharaoh’s daughter.  So at a minimum, Jochebed was born at least by 1940 BC, and did not die before 1674 BC, because Moses was born 80 years before the Exodus, in 1678 BC. The Exodus was in 1598 BC, so Moses was 4 years old in 1674 BC1940 – 1674 = 266 years at a minimum for the age of Jochebed when she died, being the oldest living woman, and to give birth, who was born after the flood of Noah.  This was the first miracle that Yehovah performed in Israel.  If you believe the red sea crossing, and the plagues of Egypt, why not the long life without aging for Jochebed?

Reading Genesis chapter 46, Rachel had no daughters. Leah was responsible for 31 males mentioned, so to get to 33 souls, the remaining 2 were females, one of which was Dinah. Bilhah had 7 souls mentioned, which were males, but she also had Tamar which Moses apparently tried to hide.  The text says, “she bare these unto Jacob”.  How many did she bare unto Reuben?  Of the 16 souls that Zilpah provided, 15 were boys, and one was a girl named Serah. So by the time Jacob died, there were only 4 named girls for marriage.

End of Paet 4a.

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