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The Enigmatic World of Band Wagons – How Lefties Support What They Don’t Understand.

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( As we are approaching a month-and-a-half after the horrific events of October 7, in Israel by the terrorist organization Hamas; what we have come to learned so far among many things is that those who identify as Liberal Leftist are at a pinnacle point of their activism that they are now targets of ridicule and disdain from among their benefactors. College campuses across America’s beautiful landscape has been riddled with Pro-Palestinian / Anti-Israel protests. Major Cities around the world have featured similar events – such as Moscow, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Austin, TX, New York, New York, and Los Angles. But why?

The Enigmatic World of Band Wagons - How Lefties Support What They Don’t Understand.

Reporters have been on ground at many – if not all – locations asking Pro-Palestinian protestors about their position(s) in supporting Hamas and whether they recognize them as a terrorist group or not. Many – if not the vast majority – cannot or will not answer this simple elementary question but rather deflect to make the point that Israel is an apartheid state, and they are killing innocent Palestinians. When you actually peel back the onion on the apartheid state statement – no one seems to acknowledge that both Israel and Palestinians in the contested region have worked in-near harmony since Israel’s inception as a recognized country in 1948. Day-to-day activities flow seamless between the two nations with the one exception the radical Islamist group Hamas standing between them.

Since the 1970s and into the early 1990s US Presidents brought the two nations together in attempts to broker a peace agreement through a two-state solution. While I am not going to get into the history of all of that – you can research it on your own time, what I will point out is that in more recent history under the Trump administrations Abraham Accord peace in the middle east was almost ascertained. The Abraham Accords sought to normalize trade and commerce relations between the Israelis and other Arab nations in the region. One notable country that took exception to this is Iran, the state sponsor of terrorism to Hamas and Hezbollah. The sure-fire way to disrupt any peace between Israel and its middle eastern neighbors is to sow discord. Here comes the fun part.

The Iranians know that having peace between Muslims and Jewish communities whether it be locally or globally would spell disaster for their ultimate goal – the eradication of the Jewish State! Create conflict and make the people choose sides. This is why there are Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israel protests. The one thing that leftist is failing to realize along with many right-wingers is that one can be Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine at the same time, while denouncing terrorism. What leftists are missing in this enigmatic quandary is that they are the useful idiots on the chessboard. Groups like Queers for Palestine, Black Lives Matter, and the like are holistically antithetical to Islamic faith and on the extreme side of this they will kill you for being such. I can’t help but equate it to Cows protesting the closure of butcher shops.

The other conundrum that has been spotlighted is the fact while the United States has long been a staunch supporter of Israel, leftists view this as an opportunity to protest anything Pro-Israel – whether that was the move of the embassy to Jerusalem, the funding to replenish their defense systems a couple of years ago, the two-state solution, or even now the simple right for Israel to defend itself from terrorist attacks. Who in their right mind would say someone doesn’t have the right to defend themselves? Antisemitism isn’t on the rise in the US solely because of being Jewish or because they are Pro-Israeli of sorts, it is in large part because we have a growing population of anti-Americans who will protest anything that the United States may collectively support as a governing body. If you don’t believe me – look at how Democrats far and wide are turning against President Joe Biden as “being a supporter of the apartheid state.” Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

While mega donors to these elite universities are pulling their funding, companies are on an active mission to identify and not hire these students who are pushing antisemitic rhetoric, organizations are forming and those that are in existence targeting antisemites to be fired; remember one thing if nothing else. Know and understand what it is you are protesting for before putting your entire livelihood at risk because you want to be part of the cool kid’s club that is currently trending on TikTok.

Staff Writer; Randy Purham

This brother is a Former US Congressional Candidate for the House of Representatives for the state of Alaska At-Large. He is the CEO of Purham & Associates, LLC and Host of Purham & Associates Show on


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