Americans: The Truth About Islam.

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( What I am about to tell you is a set of facts that can be independently verified. You may not like what you hear, but because Jews, Christians and Muslims are taking one side or the other, somebody needs to tell the truth straight down the middle. Today that truth is about Islam.

I am not here to persecute Muslims, nor to judge them. This article is not about pointing fingers at either side, nor any side. It is about the truth, a five letter word that people of all belief systems seem to despise. Why? Because the truth is about the truth, not about sides and points of view, what people want to think, what people want to do nor denial.

Before we get to the details about Islam, we need to take a trip back in history before Islam existed. Some of you will say Islam always existed, but Muhammad, the prophet of Islam in the 6th century AD, would say different.

The Truth About Islam.

While you read this article, many of you will want to take a position because of what is happening right now in Gaza. And because of what has been happening between the Jews and the Muslims throughout the Middle East for a long time. This article is not about explaining all of that, not that one article could do it anyway. Especially not to the satisfaction of one side or the other. You also need to know that I could write just as strong of an article about the truth regarding the Jews, because both my research and claims are based on balance, truth and facts, not bias. My agenda is truth!

In another article I will be more than happy to go through the historical timeline of animosity between the Jews and the Muslims in detail regarding 1947, 1948, 1967, World War II, 1973, 1982, the PLO, Gaza, Hamas, Netanyahu and so on. The truth is that both sides have an agenda. The truth is that both sides are wrong in some areas. The truth is that both sides twist the truth and use propaganda to shape public opinion. The truth is this battle that has gone on for so long is one between the children of Isaac and the children of Ishmael, facilitated by the principalities and powers that be for other and much larger agendas. But that is another article for another time. Just know that I have done the research and I am not a novice in these areas. That being said, let’s get to the truth about Islam.

Islam, under Muhammad, was forged and brought forth in war. Strict Islam as a way of life is a belief system based on the sword. That is a fact, whether you like it or not. And I can reference Surah after Surah, one after another after another to illustrate that. I can illustrate that further using the concepts of Jihad and Fatwah and the concepts in Islam of wiping out the “infidels” who resist conversion to Islam.

The word “terrorist” is an interesting concept, largely because it depends on what side of the fence you are looking at the opposition from. If you ask the leaders of Israel, they will say that Hamas, Isis and  Hesbollah are/were terrorists. If you ask the dedicated members of Hamas if they are terrorists, they would likely say “no”. They would say they are fighting for a cause against “Zionist oppression and occupation “.  And especially against “those who say they are Jews, but are not”.

If you ask a member of the  PLO, you might get a similar answer, but one that is more politically correct in its verbiage. If you ask Hesbollah or Iran the same question, you would probably get an answer closer to the former than the latter. If you ask the royals of Saudi Arabia or Jordan that question, honestly speaking, they don’t like Israel either, but they pretend that they do. Not very convincing. They are not Israel’s allies, the truth be told. And Israel knows this. So let’s dispense with all the pleasantries, what is politically correct and what is agenda motivated on all sides. Let’s get to the rest of the truth.

Muhammad, prophet of Islam, was a member of the Quarish tribe. After his encounter with a being that presented itself as the angel “Gabriel” (in English), Muhammad took a position very different from his tribe. His position was that there was only one God. Prior to his experience in the cave, Muhammad had for the most part accepted the belief of his tribe that there were almost 365 different “gods”. If I told you where they got that belief, you would not believe it, so I will not try. Furthermore, Muhammad could not read or write so he did not write the Quran.

Muhammad’s belief put him at odds with his own tribe. When he went to the Jews, with his belief that there was only one God, they said that was true. But they also said Allah was not that God. From the point at which the Jews rejected Muhammad, he developed a very strong animosity towards the Jews.

Originally, even though many Muslims do not want to admit this, Muhammad himself originally had Muslims to face Jerusalem. After the disagreement, in 623 he ordered that all Muslims would face Mecca during their prayers. And the siege against the “infidels” grew. Again, I am giving you a set of historical facts, not taking a position on who was right or wrong. Except for what I have spelled out at the beginning of this article.

Now let’s go to the Quran. And please, for many of you, don’t tell me that I have to read it in Arabic. Don’t tell me I don’t read Arabic. You don’t know what I read and you don’t know what I can translate. So let’s just stick with what we do know and what it says, letting the Quran speak for itself. Just as I would say if this conversation was with a Jewish person and we were speaking about the Torah. Though I am not saying that every part of the Quran attacks the Jew, there are parts of it that do.

The tone of the Quran expresses a hatred of the Jews. Hatred is contagious. And the Quran does not exactly want to invite the Christians over for dinner either. But when extremely committed Muslims who believe they are being loyal to Islam actually read some of the Surahs in the Quran and take them literally, you end up with groups like Hamas and Hesbollah. Therefore, a militaristic Muslim who reads that the Quran says “kill the Jew wherever you find him” may unfortunately set out to do just that. At least that is what is happening in the Middle East and what has been happening in the Middle East for a long time.

Here is another fact you need to know. There are millions of peaceful Muslims around the world. What do they do with those parts of the Quran that speak or promote violence against the Jews? Most Muslims simply ignore those Surahs. Ironically, peaceful Muslims almost never want to admit the violence that is promoted in the Quran against the Jews. And those who do admit it often want to twist the meaning of the words of violence. Or some of them want to come up with reasons why they believe the Jews deserve it. Again, I take no position. I am not a Muslim but I am just telling you the facts.

I could keep going and going and going with more proof that Islam, like its prophet Muhammad, calls for war and violence. I also need to tell you that the words of the Quran about the Jews do not mean that every Muslim believes them. Nor do those words mean every Muslim practices them. Nor do those words mean every Muslim should be discriminated against simply because he or she is a Muslim.

Personally, I would be affiliated with what most of you would call “Christian”. Even though it’s a little more complex than that label. And just so you know I have my head on straight, I realize that neither Catholics nor Christians nor Jews, nor Muslims really should be throwing rocks in a glass house. Especially when none of the above are squeaky clean.

In the United States there are laws to protect people who believe differently, and people who worship differently. To protect people who express their opinions differently. The idea is, or at least should be, to respect our differences. Not to bring the war in the Middle East into the streets and classrooms of America.

Now is a very volatile moment in history. And if you have any knowledge of prophecy at all, you know that it’s likely going to get much worse. We don’t make it any better by denying the truth. We don’t make it any better by using a war of words and propaganda and discrimination. All of that only makes it worse.

For those of you Muslims who say you are about peace, let’s see by your actions. For those of you who are Jews or Christians who say the same, let’s see by your actions. Whether in a mall, an airport, a university, synagogue, or mosque. Because if you cannot show it during the most difficult times, you don’t believe it. And if you don’t believe it, that is not what you are.

Still, the truth must be told, and all sides must learn to accept it. A big part of the problem is that all sides just can’t seem to do that. But if you want your belief system, worship and opinions to be respected, you need to make sure that you respect those which are different from yours. So here we are.

No matter what belief system you have, all of us need to realize that nobody can kill an ideology with a missile. Especially when that ideology has fueled wars for a very long time. Especially when the principalities and powers behind the scenes deliberately won’t let the conflict die. Especially when man’s pride and private agendas will neither let the dead rest in peace, nor the survivors live in peace. Especially when some things must come to pass, because that is the order of things.

War does not eliminate the enemy. That is the great deception. War only creates more enemies by fueling more hatred, no matter who is at fault, no matter who is in opposition and no matter who believes they won Even if it plants the seeds in the descendants of the deceased, new wars are waiting to happen. That is what so many people fail to realize.

War is Hell, as it should be, absolute Hell. Maybe then, if war brings enough Hell, it will keep people out of that place. I wish it were not so, but all sides in a war seem to think it is necessary.

War is also a dilemma, a paradox. The more brutal, ruthless and destructive you are to your enemy, the more your behavior becomes a recruiting tool and prophetic documentary for more of your enemies to arise in the future. War is futile, because war works against itself. Therefore, there are no winners in a war, only temporary victories until the other side can regroup. I don’t know if Muhammad ever came to understand that. I do know this. Today, our world leaders of all belief systems and political parties just don’t seem to get it.

Just remember, peace is never one-sided because it takes more than one side in order to keep the peace. So you cannot be about peace and cease fires when your side is suffering, but be about parades when the other side is suffering. That would not be peace, that would be hypocrisy. Where do you stand?

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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