Devout Christians: We Can’t Pimp God.

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( For those of us that profess to believe in God, and to be Christians, its amazing how many of us believe we can get over on God. The arrogance of man is nothing new; it can be found throughout the bible and the history books. It seems many Christians want the benefits of being a child of God, but want them without responsibility, accountability and relationship. God is a genie in a bottle to many. If we want or need something, it’s time to pray and hope God will make it happen. We are reminded of our mortality through the demise of others in our life or community it is then time to flood the church because we don’t want to be the next body in a coffin. It doesn’t matter how many rules we break, or how much we faith we lack…we demand God to move on our feelings.

Devout Christians: We Can’t Pimp God.

We may know what the Word says regarding faith, but we expect God to operate outside of his nature. We want him to respond to our fear. When these things don’t happen God doesn’t love us, is punishing us, or is no longer listening to us. If God doesn’t function the way we expect him to he has abandoned us. He just doesn’t want us to be happy because if he did, he would tend to our situation and do so in the blink of an eye. If this sounds spiritually unreasonable its because it is unreasonable, yet far too often it is the expectation.

The problem is we treat God as if we are his pimp, and that isn’t allowed. Some of us won’t crack open a bible or step in a church unless it’s a holiday, someone is getting married, or someone died. The fact that God is principled and adheres to order doesn’t matter when we create our expectation of him. If you are a Christian its time to realize God is perfect…the mistakes that are made are ours somewhere, and sometimes we are literally under attack. However, we make matters worse because too many of us don’t take the time to get to know the God we serve. Having a relationship with God that is genuine is very important in the building of faith…which is necessary if prayer is to be answered. God can’t do anything with our fear because it kills our faith. This isn’t going to change because you feel some kind of way about what you are going through. Though there are Christians that face attacks…many of us are just outright disregarding of God’s Word but we want him to run us our money, peace, joy, job promotion, opportunity…run us our wealth. God is not going to respond to this treatment and if you call him your heavenly Father why should he. That shows that we don’t love nor appreciate him.

When we get into our funk because God must want us to suffer, we tend to forget about grace and mercy. We forget every time we received the favor of God and we had acted a fool. We forget because accountability and responsibility for our actions, and ignorance is much more difficult. Far too often we don’t want to face the truth about the decisions we’ve made, and how many times we ignored the wisdom of God for what we thought was best. Who are we fooling? Did we really think we can defy our faith, and expect the best it has to offer? This is something many Christians need to consider.

Its not a judgement call, but a suggestion that could help remedy the “God left me hanging” narrative. We can’t pimp God in no way. We should never confuse the mercy of God with the blessed state, they are worlds apart. Maybe our relationship with God, or lack thereof, plays a part if the difficulty we have with others. if we would try to misuse God what more would we do to each other. Consider yourself before you blame God, and know he hears you even when you feel like he does not. However, none of us can get around relationship with him to simply get what we want.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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